Looking for a way out but no where to turn

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  1. They are between 5 and 8 years-old from the images I have reviewed. Their “father” is more than likely a murderer and they are Japanese-American. They are going to grow up in anguish unless his wife gets them out of Japan. I am thinking now too that Gumo and his wife met online. More coming…

  2. Dude, you better hope that so-alle dad you say his wife posted is real. There is such a thing as libel. Slander when spoken. If that is the only proof you have, I would suggest to take it down. Sounds totally insane to me. But I guess anything is possible.

    • Libel? With all open source, no hacking involved? Hell, there are people who know more than me and have posted url links and names all over the place. Go check the boards in Japanese on this. Its a field day for “get shorty”, I mean, get gaijin.

      • Not sure. She seemed desperate and anything is possible at that point. Damn, he might have even placed that ad. And thanks for The Japan Times ad, I posted it because it is important and confirms most of what I have discovered.

      • I didn’t post it. Someone else did post it pretending me. Why do I have to post it? I am happy with my kids. I don’t need anything else. Pls leave me and kids alone.
        Also do you think why that post still exist? If it’s me then I wold took it down already. I have no access into that page at all.

  3. Interesting info. Something about that dating ad is strange though…who puts their real full name on an ad like that…and their location? Maybe just be an internet troll?

    • Exactly. Could have been an outraged mistress or a sick husband looking for some kind of thrill or set up. The ad is no longer there too.

    • Exactly. Could have been an outraged mistress or a sick husband looking for some kind of thrill or set up.

  4. By the way..I think I found some evidence that the Gumo family have two homes that are close together, maybe side by side. It is possible that they lived apart.

    • Yes they do, but in this case when you have a devious mind who is very good at it that is hard to overcome, especially Akitaya who herself was looking for something more pizazz in her life. She was radiating “look at me, I’m available, I’m beautiful, take me.”

  5. It is hard to protect oneself against sociopaths, which is what Gumo apparently is. I am hopeful the police check other countries and maybe other incidents in Japan for missing females. Folks like this guy rarely stop at one victim.

    • Not so sure he was a “sociopath” after spending years studying them. This character went off the rails and I am at a bit of an advantage because people are sharing information about him with me. He is an aberration worth exploring. They don’t have to check for missing females, here is what they need to be checking: a lot of fatherless children.

  6. Warned me? Take a hike. It’s little yap dogs like you who can’t read. I told people on this blog I was speculating and presenting evidence, so why not run along before you hurt yourself.

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