Gregory Gumo’s “over-hyped” method of facilitating failure

Gregory Gumo from his LinkedIn bio was in Singapore apparently with his Japanese wife arriving in 2007, where Gumo started up a company as a co-founder called “Soundpedia Pte Ltd.” Doing a Google search comes up with 647 hits for Soundpedia Pte Ltd. If each link were a dollar amount the guy would be wealthy beyond his now fast approaching nightmare.  Not clear if this company was set up with another co-founder in Singapore with Gumo still in Japan or not, because the company is alleged by Gumo to be in existence from August 2006 to December 2007. After a search on the internet for “Soundpedia Pte Ltd”, the only information that appears are url links that confirm this company was set up. There is nothing else on the internet to suggest or confirm this company performed as it was intended to by Gregory Gumo who gave the company description: “Created one of the most advanced music indexing and streaming platforms of all time.” With a description like that, I’m wondering if I shouldn’t head over to Wikipedia to edit the entry for him on his company Soundpedia Pte Ltd., one of the most “advanced music indexing and streaming platforms of all time?” 647 Google hits for Soundpedia Pte Ltd. and absolutely nothing even remotely close to what this company has been “over-hyped” to facilitate. Can anyone in Singapore give me an indicator I am wrong?

Soundpedia Pte Ltd
August 2006 – December 2007 (1 year 5 months)

Created one of the most advanced music indexing and streaming platforms of all time.

After reading this and knowing what we know now about Gumo, this is a bit of an exaggeration, no? Nothing like a little self-promotion and exaggerated claims. That would be perfectly acceptable if this company actually facilitated whatever it was Gumo intended for it to facilitate. Before we continue, here is a YouTube clip I was able to pull out with Soundpedia Pte Ltd. in the title. Check the date: December, 2007. Check the number of views: 114. That’s some “advanced music indexing” isn’t it? I guess this was a group of musicians in Singapore Gumo thought he would be promoting through one of the most “advanced music indexing and streaming platforms of all time.” Appears Gumo didn’t stick around Singapore long enough to make Soundpedia Pte Ltd. what the company description described his company as capable of performing. Wonder if he met with these musicians and made them promises he couldn’t keep?

Soundpedia (Paskuhan in Singapore) – part 1

Noticing we’re picking up some readers of this blog from Singapore who have probably heard of this murder case through music and entertainment contacts and are showing up for a run down on Gumo. Welcome friends from Singapore. If any of you in Singapore have some good low down to share please forward. We’ll edit into our murder investigation going on here in Tokyo. Maybe we can make a good thing out of this in the end by writing and performing some music from Singapore for Gregory Gumo’s wife, after all, she was in Singapore doing some modelling.

Can anyone just imagine by now how the people who knew Gumo at the Japanese company Gumo was apparently employed with while in Singapore must be thinking right about now? Gumo looks to have been working for this Japanese company in Singapore while working on his party and entertainment business with his wife modelling on the side. I am not going to mention the company name so as to not embarrass them, but now I am wondering what kind of people they had at this Japanese company who hired Gumo? I expect Gumo was doing English teaching, maybe some editing for English documentation and a bit of IT work for this company when English was required.

PhuketThis image is of Gregory Gumo when he was in Thailand, perhaps promoting for a Phuket beach party deal that had “gone wrong.” Check the lower left caption in the image. Apparently, investigations were underway as to whether there was any wrongdoing involved in the “Singapore fiasco” Gumo was involved with, including accusations of embezzlement. Links have been made as I have pointed out in a previous post, to Gregory Gumo who was a 1 World Music Festival staff member in Singapore in 2013 who was allegedly also involved in the same Phuket “beach party that had gone wrong”. Accusations were made the event was over-hyped as well in Phuket. I guess over-hyping like his company Soundpedia Pte Ltd. was over-hyped, is somehow supposed to lead to long term profitability in the entertainment and party industry? Gumo goes from a suspect in bamboozling people in New York, perhaps unknown to him but still, he was in the rage party circle jerk on that one, then he makes for Japan arriving here in 2003, then heads off for Singapore where he was involved in a questionable music festival that was described as an “over-hyping scam”, and then to Thailand where a beach party ends up with people having trouble. That’s a stellar record by any business standards. Is this also a stellar record “hyper promoting” himself with Japanese girls probably including Mariko Akitaya? Wait! I know people are asking themselves, as I am asking myself: what in the f#cking hell did his Japanese wife see in this guy?

Then finally, we come to this gem of a quote, a recommendation for Greg Gumo from somebody who must have known him at some point in the U.S. who either worked with him or did some work for them:


“Greg is a real entrepreneur. It’s pleasure to work with him! Greg is a very talented and gifted person with a great business mind. He’s helped me out no end of times and always given me that little something more that I’ve either missed or not thought about. If you want someone to bounce ideas off who can play devils advocate, then Greg is one of the best.”

If Gumo loved his work at Limelight in New York as he mentioned on LinkedIn so much, and if Gumo was such a “talented and gifted person with a great business mind”, why did he leave New York and wash up on the shores of Japan in 2003?