Mariko Akitaya slips into the warm cove water

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Gregory Gumo

Gregory Gumo

While looking at this image of Gregory Gumo being escorted by Japanese police and from the news media coverage, consider the following of what it must have been like to be in his state of mind holding his hands over his face either in complete embarrassment or abject failure, or both. The epitome of a life of torment, that point where a person arrives at total self-annihilation. The body language revealing angst, frustration, desperation, despair, anger and fear. The subconscious relief of being discovered for the inner predatory beast he knows he is spawned from a history of dysfunction as the moment of final resolution comes crashing down on him when he realizes he has no where to go and no where to hide in the shadows of the deep web, the party is over, Greg, now the rage in the party part is only beginning.

This is a textbook case for the police. When the police discover where the unconscious-inducing drugs came from, that will seal your fate faster than Mariko’s fate was sealed with that first shallow breath just after she slipped into the warm water of the cove from the boat. When a human drowns and remains submerged it will usually resurface within several hours depending on different factors. A body will resurface, Greg, because bacteria growth causes gas to rapidly build up within a surprisingly short period of time.  Mariko Akitaya was in the warm cove water between ten and twelve hours. The buildup of gas will occur faster when the water is warm, and in the middle of Tokyo’s summer heat, the water was a bit warm that night. Greg, you didn’t compensate with enough concrete blocks. That is a huge glaring mistake.

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 2.00.12 PMMariko Akitaya before going into a drug-induced unconscious state, faded in and out sitting in the passenger seat of the car allegedly owned by Gregory Gumo’s wife. When Mariko Akitaya finally went unconscious she would never awaken again. She was taken out of the car and rolled into a brown plastic vinyl sheet in a one piece dress with the vinyl sheet secured around her now fully unconscious body with a black and yellow nylon rope. As far as Mariko Akitaya was concerned, she was sleeping – permanently. As she slipped over the side of the boat with a concrete block tied around her legs, she sank to the depth of the shallow cove. With the first breath within a second of sinking below the surface while unconscious, she took a first “shallow breath.” That first shallow breath was all it took to inhale enough salt water to cause an instant uncontrolled immediate instinctive reaction.  It is only possible to go a few seconds when drowning before organ damage occurs. Being sedated with a drug-induced unconsciousness the time is even less.

Since Mariko Akitaya was unconscious, she didn’t experience panic which is what is first experienced in drowning, so she didn’t expend any energy consuming less oxygen, and even if she could, she was wrapped in a vinyl sheet secured with a nylon rope restricting her movement under water. Her body began to immediately accumulate carbon dioxide but since she was unconscious, she wasn’t stimulated by the terrifying urgency to breath. At this point, she involuntarily drew in breath.  When the salt water reached her airway she instinctively started to cough which only caused her to swallow more water resulting in ever more amounts of water being ingested. When her throat started to spasm trying instinctively to seal off the pathway to her lungs and with no where else to go, the water went into her stomach. Since Mario Akitaya was already unconscious, she never experienced the associated terrifying panic when the ability to breath was physically impossible because she was relaxed being unconscious.


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  1. According to the reports, the drug/substance that was found in the victims body was also found in her apartment. Forensics also said that the dosage found was not an unusual.
    So I think the drug was mixed with alcohol to strengthen the effect. Maybe they drank some alcohol somewhere in Atami or they may have stopped at a hotel where Gumo slipped the drug into her drink. It just does not make sense for Akitaya-san to sedate herself in the middle of the trip.

  2. I guess we each have our own definition of what a “techie” is. To me, a techie means someone always in-the-know of the latest web/computer technology. The fact that he can make a web page already qualifies him as a techie on my books.

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