Mariko Akitaya may have provided money to Gregory Gumo

Gregory Gumo taken into custody

Gregory Gumo taken into custody

The moment I heard this murder case that took place in which Gregory Gumo was taken into custody on July 29, 2015 on suspicion of murdering Mariko Akitaya, money had to be a part of their sordid circumstances. I have finally been able to locate a news source that suggested Mariko Akitaya more than likely lent money to Gregory Gumo. The amount of money provided to Gumo by Akitaya is not known at this point, and neither are the conditions under which the money was provided to Gumo. I am starting to think it was probably a large amount of money and was based on some type of condition under which Mariko Akitaya provided the money to Gumo. The prospect that Gumo had made some type of promise to Mariko Akitaya including marriage is probably in all likelihood the reason Akitaya provided the money to Gumo.  This coincides with my earlier post about Mariko Akitaya’s friend inquiring of Akitaya about marriage to Gumo.

This then opens up the possibility Akitaya demanded her money back from Gumo when she realized Gumo was in no position to marry her. If this is the case, which I think it is, this also would then mean Mariko Akitaya was incessant about him returning her money to her which might have possibly led to Mariko Akitaya contacting someone she might have known to possibly harass or even stalk Gumo to force him to return her money. Even if we say the amount was between ¥2 and ¥3 million, that is no amount of money to be trifling around with. What is clearly known now is that Gumo met Akitaya on an online forum or dating site. Some really sordid shit goes on there as well, anything from requests for rape; threesome; private parties; anal sex; kinky sex; fetishes; photo sessions; one night sexual orgies; body oils with sex; you fucking name it you can find it online.

Here is the news clip which ran on the 8th of August which suggests money was involved between Gumo and Akitaya:

アメリカ人のグモ容疑者、被害女性から金借りていたか 2015 08 08

There is more evidence this murder involved money because a LINE message which was probably released by the Japanese police to the media, suggests Mariko Akitaya depleted her own budget when she provided money to Gumo. All the more reason she was after Gumo to return her money. The news reports stated that “Gumo had borrowed money from Akitaya.” If this is the case then this would mean Gumo was obligated to return Akitaya’s money. The screen shot below of a LINE message is not the same LINE message translated below. The LINE message referred to in the news broadcast is translated into English here:

LINE message by Mariko Akitaya

LINE message by Mariko Akitaya


English translation:

“His income is not enough. I ran out of a budget and my income is insufficient for myself when I helped him [with money?].”

As soon as I obtain information on the amount of money provided to Gumo from Akitaya I will have a post up on this. It might not have been just a promise of marriage alone, it could have been any number of circumstances Gumo might have promised Akitaya if she in fact lent money to him. He might have even told her he had some “big business deals” coming up which Gumo made reference to on some of the locations where he was online and could return her money to her. If this is what transpired it only confirms again more of Gumo’s exaggerations (hyper promotion) and continued lies and deception.