There is no secret we can’t steal

This post has been deleted upon request.


6 thoughts on “There is no secret we can’t steal

  1. Man you are making just too many assumptions for me. Every post is full of your speculations. Sure you may be correct, but sheesh, all of this conjecture is just that. Sure the guy may be a complete scumbag, but . . .

    • What I find out about most people online is they don’t read, or can’t read or refuse to read. As I explained this is discovery. It’s like taking a kayak out into Koajiro Bay to discover all the neat little inlets and coves for the very first time.

    • As someone who actually knew this man, pretty much every single one of these blog posts are inaccurate and full of completely made up things. The person writing this blog literally knows nothing about this man, yet he has made multiply posts about all of this “information” he has found out about him searching online. He thinks he is a detective, but in reality he is just another person who won’t leave Gregs poor wife and kids alone. Did you know that the wife and kids all lost their modeling contracts because of this? Did you know that they had to move out of their house because people won’t leave them alone? THE KIDS AND WIFE HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH IT, THEIR MARRIAGE FELL APART 5 YEARS AGO. LEAVE THEM THE FUCK ALONE!!!!!

      • Thanks Yup.
        Bd doen’t know anything about me or kids or my family.
        Pls leave us alone. And hope Bd takes my image down and don’t use my last name on here as well.
        Nothing you know right about me.

      • Thank you for responding. Yes, you are correct. I don’t want to know anything about you or your children. I haven’t posted any images other than this image and a few others, and now that you have asked me, I will take them down out of respect.

        This blog isn’t about you, AG, and the public has the right to know about a predator taking advantage of women through sex to get what he wants. If it was my daughter he preyed on I would kill him.

        You have my sympathy, really, and the police have taken down other sites because they were quite bad.

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