Comments translated to English and putting a spell on you

Mariko Akitaya (2015 - RIP)

Mariko Akitaya (2015 – RIP)

Spent a couple of hours going through some of the comments left by Japanese on different boards who have been continuing to comment on the murder of Mariko Akitaya which are worth publishing here translated to English. It gives a pretty good indication as to what Japanese are thinking about this case. The first comment I came across was sort of comical – no offense Mariko, in fact, you would have enjoyed the humor – stating that “the American who threw the body into the cove exceeded the Yakuza.” The following were all comments deposited on several boards and have tried to translate as accurately as I could:

This comment sounds poetic: “The attached weight is the weight of foreigners living in Japan.”

This comment confirmed the previous comment but added that: “The weight was only submerged but not discarded.”

Closer to the brutal reality of a murder: “I can’t believe the body was discarded like garbage.”

Is there a river that flows into the cove where the body was discovered? “It was discovered in the river.”

Person in disbelief: “She was discarded alive?”

A smart ass: “It was hit by a train.”

Take on the translation of “Gumo”: “He was a spider.”

This is sober: “Americans fooling Americans while in Asia.”

An insight? “Did you chat with Gumo?”

A little bravado: “It’s a monkey sucking Yankee dick.”

A bit of reality: “I cannot believe all this violent crime kept hidden.”

A bit brutal: “Please remember me if Gumo takes me.”

There you go readers, just a short rundown on the commentary on this murder to give you a sampling of what Japanese are thinking as they watch news reports of this crime on their television sets. And to give you a little focus here, some music. And the irony is, there were many links to porn and other bizarre advertising on the threads left by Japanese promoters and marketers. May as well capitalize on a “good” thing right?

Gregory Gumo putting a spell on women (because I know)…

Bryan Ferry – I Put A Spell On You


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  1. Most of the comments are very racist. Making bad generalizations on foreigners.
    That Japanese women who dates foreigners are fools. Etc…
    If I had a dime everytime I read 日本人馬鹿女, I’d be rich.

    Your blog link was posted too. Was that you? Haha

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