The promotional value of imagery and media false impressions

Here is another example of what I was discussing in other posts on Gregory Gumo involved in promoting himself, music and party events. I have discussed these events as being failures in New York, Singapore and Thailand where he was connected to accusations of “embezzlement”, “hyper promoting” and “fraud”,  accusations which have been leveled at Gumo and perhaps people he was working with. Whether or not Gumo was directly responsible for these accusations, or if someone used Gumo to set up these frauds, isn’t exactly clear yet.

However, when these events failed in New York, Singapore and Thailand, Gumo left immediately after these accusations were made first leaving New York for Japan where he arrived in Japan in 2002 according to his bio on LinkedIn. If readers go to a page set up on Gregory Gumo done by some Japanese, the headline in Japanese asserts that “Gregory Gumo is wealthy” all because Gumo was in a picture with the famous Richard Branson, who is an English businessman, investor and business owner. Branson is best known as the founder of Virgin Group, which comprises more than 400 companies.

After reading this page in Japanese at the linked site I gave, Japanese people are now assuming Gumo himself is very wealthy. Nice promotional image, no? Does Richard Branson know this image exists and was being used by Gregory Gumo to promote himself on his splash page for his business? That is just an unsavory way to do business if Richard Bronson doesn’t know this page exists. Does anyone who now looks at this image realize Richard Branson is in an image with a suspect who has been arrested for murder? Readers are invited to go to this web site page and read the commentary in Japanese to get an idea of what Japanese are saying about this case. Here is the headline and the image?


Gregory Gumo in a promotional image with

Gregory Gumo in a promotional image with Richard Branson