It isn’t all as pleasant as Youは何しに日本へ

Two masks

Masked couple

As I have stated repeatedly, these blog postings on the murder of Mariko Akitaya in which Gregory Gumo has been arrested for this crime are about discovery because these cases always peek interest in Japan. It isn’t like in the U.S. where some distraught white guy in New York kills his girlfriend making local news and the next day everyone has already forgotten about it. This doesn’t mean every post on this case is all inclusive, so that means draw your own opinions based on your experiences and not mine about what is right or wrong, about racism, about whites having certain “charmed lives” in Japan. It’s your world, you see it differently than I do with your own intuitions. It was intended all along to post blogs on this case for several reasons, many of which I have already elucidated. Everything isn’t as nice as you see it like the television program on in Japan on Monday nights called “Youは何しに日本へ“, a television program where foreigners are interviewed when they arrive at Narita International Airport about why they came to Japan.

Over the years, I have had one Japanese women after another come to me for help when their foreign boyfriends or husbands went criminal on them. This isn’t an exaggeration when I say this. And it isn’t just one Japanese woman I knew who sought help from me, there have been many similar cases like this one. The last Japanese woman who had similar experiences who came to me was brought back from attempting suicide after she was hit by a car from behind destroying her face when she was slammed to the pavement. She was distraught over what her criminal foreign husband did to her and didn’t see the car coming when she was hit. While she was in the hospital having surgery to reconstruct her face for three months, her husband made off with her credit card and his 17 year younger Japanese sex doll he seduced coercing her to pay his expenses as well, leaving his wife with a ¥4 million debt to pay off. And on-and-on it goes. All of these cases inevitably came down to abuse; sex; deception; money; pregnancies; you name it. This isn’t to suggest this doesn’t go on everywhere, but what it does suggest is that these border line crimes are being committed by foreigners in Japan against Japanese women with impunity in which they would never be able to get away with in their own countries.

Cove where Mariko Akitaya was found

Cove where Mariko Akitaya was found

This blog is receiving a lot of views/reads for many reasons which I knew it inevitably would when you capture a topic such as this and focus on it with dogged persistence. What has resulted is that I am being fed reliable information from many sources including from the U.S. who wish to remain anonymous obviously. Every thing that I have analyzed about this case from the very first post on Gregory Gumo, which is all open source public information anyone can obtain, have turned out to be correct with very few exceptions. Now what the intent will be is to find reasons why this happened, his background and how it led to this so we can make people aware of what happens when people like Gumo go off the rails. This case needs resolution and closure at some point. In a year from now nothing more will be said or heard of this case but those involved will live on in pain and suffering. What we are looking to understand here is a very troubled man, not the color of his skin related to this murder.

At this point, Gregory Gumo’s family in the U.S. are going through a lot of emotional anguish and self-doubt, including shock as anyone could well imagine. I am not here to intentionally hurt people, destroy lives, make it hard for people, trying to attract attention to myself, or being a sensationalist, and this one takes the cake: “muckraking.” And another thing, I don’t claim any moral high ground here, having all the answers, or being on a “high horse” as I have been criticized for. So shove that one in your pocket. I have solid reliable information now to make informed well thought out posts on this case which was the intent all along. So do not comment on anything you think you know about on the specifics of this case, like for example: “I know him and he’s not like that at all.” Or exaggerate what you do not know. I have spent years studying crime and what leads to it especially exposing pedophile networks. One more thing, I don’t need permission or approval from anyone to blog this. We’re seeking answers here – one post at a time. These are my views, my experiences, my interpretation of events based on my intuition and inferences.  And I have all the empathy and sorrow for what Gumo’s Japanese wife has had to endure the last five or more years let alone his children. His family in the U.S. are also seeking answers.