Hastily thought out plan on the way to Atami and back

MarikoGoing over the boards today translating some of the commentary from Japanese to English on the murder of Mariko Akitaya left by Japanese who continue commenting. The commentary is actually pretty instructive as we look for more insights and clues. Gregory Gumo was arrested at Haneda International Airport as the suspect in the murder of Mariko Akitaya. Looking for confirmation on whether or not it is possible to book a flight on the same day of the planned departure that Gumo intended on leaving Japan. This is a big indicator on whether or not this murder was planned. I am now beginning to think this murder was not planned and was instead hastily thought out on a drive to Atami and back with the implements that were available already on hand including sleeping drugs (did they find her hand bag? I bet anything the sleeping medication was in the hand bag), a vehicle to transport the body, brown vinyl sheet, yellow and black nylon rope, a concrete block picked up from somewhere (check that concrete wall next to the house around the parking lot; one block Greg? Geeezuz, you should have loaded the entire f#cking wall into the car), an available boat at the cove and a rudimentary plan. Gregory Gumo himself with a history of failure is starting to draw my sympathy for some odd perverse reason.

I have personally never attempted booking a flight on the same morning of a departure later in the day.  And during the summer season, Gregoy Gumo must have struck it lucky to have been able to pick up a ticket that morning for a flight out of Haneda later in the afternoon on the same day Mariko Akitaya’s body was discovered in the morning in a cove in Koajiro Bay in Miura, Japan.  I can just image Gumo’s wife on that morning of the 29th of July if Gumo was frantically on the phone or online trying to book a flight that day. The guy must have been an absolute nervous wreck by now. Can anyone just imagine what must have been going through his mind as he was sitting in the departure lounge at Haneda waiting for his flight? I am seeing this and interpreting this murder as a train wreck (somebody planted that thought in my mind although not very original) between two clashing personalities neither of which expected to cross paths until that fateful online dating website night as they were surfing for the possible, the erotica, a way out of their individual circumstances and life’s unfair rules each carrying their own emotional and psychological baggage through life.

Here is a selection of comments that have been left over the last couple of days from a board where this murder is still being discussed. These comments are intended to get more insights on what Japanese are thinking, possible motive, outcome and reasons:

“It hurts knowing that stupid woman was foraging on the internet.”

“This person is a foolish woman.”

“Just as I thought she didn’t have experience with the deceptive foreigner and now she is a victim.”

“People who have met Gumo are in attrition.”

“Imagine starting to think you are getting married and you get killed?”

“I think she was dating on pure feelings with that Gumo suspect.”

“Perhaps she lent him money.”

“Did he use a pseudonym when he met her?”

“She was another victim because she spoke English.”

“In Roppongi it is hard to know if you are being deceived in English.”

“It would have been easy for Gumo to escape without killing her.”

“Why do these victims seem to be in upward mobility?”

“She thought she was going on a date in the car.”

“Look at the news; who would not be shocked about this?”

“These people have dirty genes. It’s like a like a life of prostitution.”

“This guy should be given the death penalty.”

Mariko Akitaya and Gregory Gumo were going down their tracks in life without the brakes being applied and when they collided it ended up in a tragic disaster for everyone involved.


2 thoughts on “Hastily thought out plan on the way to Atami and back

  1. You seem to be slyly planting ideas and inferences that would support Gumo’s defence and sympathy.

    You are beginning to think it was not premeditated? You feel sorry for him? Are you a friend by any chance? If you really wanted to do research, pick up the phone and call any airline and ask if it is possible to book a flight to New York for this evening. Just sitting there typing off the top of your head isn’t producing results and it’s just another flavour of Gumospeak.

    • “Slyly”? But I would add that “slyly” aspect is probably based on your own understanding, expectations, and insights into this murder. “Premeditated”? Based on the evidence I have tried to collect and read, no, I don’t think it was premeditated, not unless you want to say it was “premeditated” on a drive to and back from Atami?

      If it was premeditated he would have known he should have used concrete blocks of sufficient weight to counteract the buildup of gases from bacteria in the decaying body that forces the body back to the surface within a surprisingly short period of time after death from drowning. That’s premeditated. That was the critical juncture of the crime if in fact he snuffed her. If I planned on whacking a chick I would have done even rudimentary research. The mafia in New York have known that for years: 50 gallon drums with concrete.

      “Friend?” Are you kidding? Being sly? Being coy, or just not really paying attention?

      Research: Yes, when I called and asked around depending on flights, time and availability, last minute flight arrangements are possible. Know of any airline company that would say “no, we don’t want your ¥120,000 one way ticket business”?

      Just siting here helps me think. Better if I sit taking a shit. Apparently it helps with concentration.

      The flavour (British English) of Gumospeak (double speak) is like an experiment in sociological-economic conditions ending in a cove.

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