A drive to Atami to calm down and think – and then…

Mariko Akitaya in Bali

Mariko Akitaya in Bali

It must have been a very tense night when Mariko Akitaya showed up at the residence of the Gumo’s Monday night on the 27th of July, 2015 to confront Gregory Gumo and his wife. Did Gregory Gumo invite Mariko Akitaya to the house in Yokohama to confront each other in the presence of Gumo’s wife? Did Mariko Akitaya suddenly show up unexpectedly? If Gumo invited her this would provide further evidence he had planned on murdering her. It is also possible Gumo’s wife might have asked Mariko Akitaya to come to their house to confront her and her husband Gregory Gumo as to their plans? Gumo’s wife had apparently placed an ad on a dating website looking for a partner to live with her and her children possibly including marriage. From this it seemed she wanted Gumo out of the house if in fact she placed this ad.

Gregory Gumo met Mariko Akitaya on an online dating website it is guessed in April, 2014, although it was probably April, 2015. One month earlier, Gregory Gumo from his blog entry I was able to track down, indicated he had set up a dating website of his own he called “Luvfindr“, suggesting the website was where people could “find real love.” It is suspected he used other dating sites to vector people into his Luvfindr site to possibly look for someone he could prey on. Possibly for sex, for money, it could have been anything. It is speculation at this point, but it is possible the website called “Luvfindr” Gumo set up is where Gumo met Mariko Akitaya in April, 2015. Again, this date needs confirmation which I am trying to determine. It was April of either 2014 or 2015. I also suspect this dating website was set up shortly after he returned from Singapore. It might also be that Mariko Akitaya was in Singapore with Gumo based on images Akitaya had on her Facebook page which has subsequently been taken down.  I was able to capture everything on her Facebook page before it was removed.

When you’re on a website dedicated to finding partners, you’re usually there looking for good fortune, well, at least most Japanese single women are from what I’ve seen. Pretty common knowledge most people meet online these days. When Mariko Akitaya who spoke English, met Gregory Gumo for the first time online, and if Akitaya asked Gumo if he was married or not, would anyone care to speculate as to how Gumo answered Akitaya’s question? If Gumo responded to Akitaya’s inquiry as being single, that was the start of Gumo’s deception. It seemed Gumo deceived Akitaya into thinking she found everything she was looking for: sex; travel; excitement; meeting a foreign big time music and party promoter; tech geek into setting up promotional companies; single with money; romance. Payday! Mariko struck gold. For being a “techtronist” and a tech geek as Gumo boastfully claimed, he left a forensic digital trail all the way from New York, to Tokyo, to Singapore to Thailand and back to Tokyo.

Gregory Gumo’s relationship with his Japanese wife was probably destroyed which has been suggested and confirmed by a comment left on this blog even though it seems she kept track of him. Why wouldn’t she? She held the key to his maintaining his Spouse VISA, they were his children as well, and it was her name and the modeling career of her and her children at stake. How shattered their marriage was is anyone’s guess and what a lot of people are wondering is, why would they remain together for five years in such unhealthy circumstances like they obviously were with three children around? Usually, with individuals like Gumo, they will invariable blame others for “stalking” them like he seemed to have blamed Mariko, for criminal behavior, or any other fault they can think of to protect their nefarious behavior. Gumo was no exception. The biggest reason for Gregory Gumo not leaving his wife’s residence to change their circumstances, has been attributed to Gregory Gumo living off his wife’s modelling income, having a house to live in, the problem with staying in Japan under a Spouse’s VISA if he divorced and left his wife, and the probability he was wanted by law enforcement in the U.S. Under such unhealthy conditions how much longer could these obviously stressful almost intolerable conditions go on between Gumo and his wife?

In a LINE text to Mariko Akitaya from her friend given to the media by the police, the subject of marriage was mentioned. How much more incriminating information was on Mariko’s phone the police aren’t releasing? In response, Mariko Akitaya responded in the same LINE texting that Gregory Gumo had told Mariko Akitaya to “be patient about getting married.” This is an inference that the idea of marriage came up between Mariko Akitaya and Gregory Gumo. If they did discuss marriage, did Mariko Akitaya at that time realize Gregory Gumo was married and was living with his wife and three children? Was Mariko Akitaya fully knowledgeable about Gregory Gumo not being employed? Did she know anything at all about his personal life, his criminal past in New York, his spending time in bars and clubs in Yokohama and Tokyo, and now what we know about his scamming ¥10 million out of a foreign resident working in Tokyo after Gumo arrived in Japan, while staying up late nights loitering on dating websites?

Gumo's wife and Mariko Akitaya quarreling?

Gumo’s wife and Mariko Akitaya quarreling?

Neighbors of the Gumo’s had heard two females quarreling the night before the incident happened which would have been the 27th of July. Were these female voices heard quarreling by neighbors the voices of Mariko Akitaya and Gregory Gumo’s wife? If they were, what were they quarreling about? Promises Gregory Gumo might have made to Mariko Akitaya about marriage? About returning money that was apparently lent to Gregory Gumo that has now been included in the investigation? If money was provided to Gregory Gumo from Mariko Akitaya, under what conditions was the money provided to Gumo and what was the amount? If Akitaya showed up at the Gumo house unexpectedly, or for whatever reasons, imagine if this was the first time Gumo’s wife heard that her husband owed money to Akitaya. Maybe Akitaya was extremely angry being a woman as to why Gumo’s Japanese wife couldn’t control her foreign husband? Allegations of stalking and threats to the family have been made but not known how far back, how often and to what extent. In all likelihood, Gumo blamed Akitaya for stalking him and his family to redirect blame on Mariko for his own questionable and what looks like criminal behavior.

It is likely Gumo said they were being “stalked” to protect and hide the fact that Mariko Akitaya wanted her money returned to her and for Gumo to come clean on his criminal behavior, using Mariko Akitaya for sex and making promises of marriage which was all deception. In a LINE message she told her friend she was having a hard time with living expenses. Was Mariko Akitaya “stalking” Gregory Gumo and his family to force Gregory Gumo to fulfill any promises he might have made to her? Was she stalking and harassing Gregory Gumo to have her money returned to her? If Gumo’s wife and Akitaya were heard quarreling the night before the incident, and it was in fact them, it meant that emotions and anger were on edge. Mariko Akitaya was probably demanding restitution, or for Gregory Gumo to make a decision about leaving his wife and marrying her and Akitaya was not going to back down.

By this time tensions and stress must have been very high between them and the only way to brake the tension and avoid the heated argument from escalating, was for Gregory Gumo to convince Mariko Akitaya to take a drive deciding to drive to Atami late Monday night of the 27th. This explains why the police knew they had been in the car driving from Atami stopping in Yokohama for dinner the night of the 28th. If they drove the previous night to Atami, they were both probably very tired and they were seen stopping at a convenience store in Odawara. Did Mariko Akitaya have her sleeping medication with her in her handbag or purse all the time she was with Gumo? Did Mariko Akitaya take this medication in front of Gumo? Is this why they stopped at the convenience store? To get something to drink to swallow the sleeping pills?

Sleeping medication in tablet form

Sleeping medication in tablet form

Some people using for example Ambien, a powerful sleeping medication,  who engage in activity such as driving, eating, walking, making phone calls, or having sex later have no memory of the activity. Ambien is used to treat insomnia. The immediate-release tablet is used to help you fall asleep when you first go to bed. The extended-release form, Ambien CR, has a first layer that dissolves quickly to help you fall asleep, and a second layer that dissolves slowly to help you stay asleep. Key words: “help you fall asleep” and “help you stay asleep.” Another sleeping medication like Lorazepam when taken too much of will knock a person clean out. Was Mariko helped to stay asleep? Sleeping medications depending on the type are also very addictive.

Did Mariko Akitaya tell Gregory Gumo she was tired and stressed out and wanted to take her sleeping medication she had with her to help her relax?  The police have now confirmed through the autopsy, that it was the same type of sleeping medication they found in her body as they found at her apartment in Meguro the police investigated? If they drove to Atami that night staying in the car and then returned on Tuesday evening the 28th, did Mariko Akitaya take this medication then? If Mariko Akitaya had her medication used for sleeping with her and Gregory Gumo knew she took it while driving to help her with the stress, is it possible Gregory Gumo was able to obtain the sleeping medication out of Akitaya’s purse or hand bag at some point, and then slip it into something Mariko Akitaya drank or ate in an amount sufficient to completely sedate Mariko Akitaya unconscious?

This might explain why the same medication showed up in her autopsy report as being the same medication found in her apartment. How much of the medication did she have in her? The medication in conjunction with possibly not sleeping while driving all night and the next day to Atami and back, along with possible alcohol consumption, might have attributed to her complete unconsciousness. That unconsciousness was apparently so deep she was never aware of being wrapped in a brown vinyl sheet tied with nylon rope then loaded onto a boat where she was taken out in the cove between 10:00pm and 11:00pm and tossed into the water Tuesday night the 28th of July. Surveillance video cameras revealed Gumo alone in the car driving in the Miura area which at this point is unconfirmed either driving north from Koajiro Bay towards Yokohama, or south towards Koajiro Bay to the cove.

Yokohama to Miura

Yokohama to Miura

If Gumo was seen driving alone south from Yokohama, it probably meant Mariko Akitaya was in the back of the car wrapped in the brown vinyl sheet with nylon rope tied around her to keep the sheet in place, or unconscious heading to an obscure place to wrap her body in the sheet. It could have been too that once Gumo arrived at the cove, he wrapped Mariko’s body in the sheet and tied her up with the nylon rope then pulled the body out of the car dragging it to the boat that he had located. He was seen at Koajiro Bay by residence living in the area and so he probably knew boats were available. Every part of the interior of that car was littered with potential forensic evidence of murder. The car was a crime scene and the police have gone through every square centimeter of the car. If they find even a tiny strand of the same nylon rope or a strand of Mariko Akitaya’s dyed hair in the back seat the evidence significantly increases against Gumo.

The question now becomes at what point did Gumo pick up the brown vinyl sheet, black and yellow nylon rope and the concrete block to take with him to Miura? Did he drive to his house first while Mariko was unconscious in the back of the car to pick up the vinyl sheet and rope he purchased a month prior? Gumo’s purchasing the brown vinyl sheet and nylon rope a month earlier is not indicative of murder being planned in this case. Gumo loved fishing and kayaking and these items were probably available that he used for some reason while kayaking as he thought about how to dispose of Mariko’s body while driving to and back from Atami.




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    • Not really sure but can surmise. Courts in cases like these are lenient if the accused shows guilt and remorse. I also think money was involved. Could have been to pay for a good lawyer and returning the money to the family he was apparently able to get out of Mariko Akitaya. Anyone’s guess with this guy but I know he didn’t intend to murder Akitaya. Wasn’t in his character.

      Really, two “adults” f–king around involving money, promises of marriage and dishonesty on his part each with completely different questionable motives? Damn tv drama episode.

      He was convicted and sentenced: 1 year and 6 months, but then if the past ten months are included sitting in a jail cell, he will serve just under three years.

      Meanwhile, an obscure unknown and forgotten dead woman. Totally bizarre case.

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