Gregory Gumo spends time at the Womb in Shibuya

Gregory Gumo - Self-promoter extraordinaire

Gregory Gumo – failed self-promoter extraordinaire

Gregory Gumo came out of the night club culture in New York first ending up in New York when he was 14 years-old years before he arrived in Japan in late 2002. While in New York he worked at the Avalon/Limelight, Tunnel, Palladium and Club USA, all night clubs in New York known for rage parties where almost anything goes. Here is a revealing quote from a news article referring to Gregory Gumo’s associates involved in private parties in New York’s nightlife scene involved in a scam from a news article I dug out illustrating the type characters associated with these clubs:

“Judging character in clubland is like comparing two criminals. It’s impossible. There are only lesser liars, lesser scam artists, and lesser bastards. But in a reversal of roles, two promoters got screwed.”

We’re going to try to discover what attracted Gregory Gumo to Tokyo in future posts but for now, we know he was attracted to night club culture (Tokyo is a mecca for night clubs), Japanese girls (related to fashion), money and ego satisfaction. And let’s not forget from a previous post that Gregory Gumo was married for a year to a Japanese woman in New York before that relationship ended in divorce. The club Womb in Shibuya is a pretty crazy place and Shibuya is considered to be a major fashion mecca of the world. The Womb ranks as one of the top 10 in night clubs in the world. Interesting commentary at this blog on the Womb.

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 10.01.37 PMOn December 27, 2009, Gregory Gumo headed over to Shibuya from where he lived in Yokohama to listen to a “DJ named Darren spin at the Womb” that night. Was he alone? With his wife or did his wife and small children stay home that night? If anyone is familiar with the club scene it is one of the best ways imaginable to get connected for almost anything you can imagine. Gregory Gumo who was a seriously flawed aberrant person in many ways we will soon discover was seeking fame, fortune and stardom with the associated money.  The night club scene was where he was trying to find it while satisfying his hyper ego-driven desires.

Night club scene - after the show

Night club scene – after the show

Gumo returned from Singapore to Japan in 2009, but then went back to Singapore. He was working as a “consultant” for a Japanese corporation (name withheld) in Singapore from February 2009 to February 2010. He went to Singapore to work for this Japanese company and while he was in Singapore as a “consultant” for this company, he was involved in music promotion and promoting the party culture. He was also involved with startup companies including Fuel Festival (promoted as being “hugely successful“), Makeforce Pte Ltd, Crystal Pavilion Marina Productions Pte Ltd, Pixel Digital Pte Ltd and Pixel Entertainment, all based ostensibly in Singapore. Gumo returned to Japan in 2013 and then became involved a company in Hong Kong called Linkfire. None of these companies went on to achieve anything even remotely close to conducting any kind of business at all.

Gumo claimed he was working for this Japanese company (name withheld) while in Singapore to “grow, expand and modernize.” Not quite, this company was helping itself to grow, expand and modernize, Gumo was around doing some English work for them and probably working on English for their documents and online work.

Womb night club in Shibuya

Womb night club in Shibuya

Has anyone seen the movie Babel? Do you remember the scene where the deaf schoolgirl takes an Ecstasy pill and goes to a club? That club was Womb. After coming out of the club scene in New York is it any wonder Gumo finds himself attracted to the Womb in Tokyo, one of the top 10 clubs in the world. One of the parties they had here was called the “Tokyo Decadence Party”, if I read the review correctly. Anyone for some decadence?

And now, the Womb where Gumo was at on December 27, 2009: