From New York to Yokohama was Maiko Nakamura actually Gregory Gumo’s wife?

Gregory Jospeh Gumo hard at work creating Luvfindr

Gregory Jospeh Gumo hard at work creating Luvfindr

This is a brief portion out of Gregory Gumo’s bio captured off the internet after a search looking for information on his past for connections that led him to Yokohama, Japan where he first arrived in late 2002. Why Japan? Why Yokohama? While in New York, Gumo was working in and connected to night clubs in New York like the Tunnel and Limelight. I am thinking that at some point he met a Japanese or some Japanese in these night clubs who might have been from Yokohama and perhaps at some point invited him to Yokohama. Gumo claimed that he was a co-founder of a boutique in New York where fashion merchandise was sold including Japanese fashion merchandise which I have posted on previously. Before I continue let’s take a look at Gumo’s bio with connections to Japan:

Early life

Born in the suburbs of Washington DC, Gregory [Gumo] spent his youth split between Ormond Beach, Florida and Malverne, New York. As a rebellious teen he naturally gravitated to New York City where he soon started producing underground dance music events. He [Gumo] was briefly married to his longtime partner Maiko Naka[m]ura of the ultra-hip Parisian fashion/art collective Some/things before moving to Japan in late 2001 where he met and married Ayumi Jomori whom he has three children with.

After reading this bio I was able to find so far only one link to Maiko Nakamura who was allegedly married to Gregory Gumo in New York. Was he actually married to her? Knowing Gumo, would he go through all the immigration requirements in the U.S. to marry a woman from Japan? My bet is he wasn’t married and they were perhaps living together. This is how I think Gumo was involved in the boutique he claimed he was a co-founder of before coming to Japan. This Maiko Nakamura from this short bio below, was involved with retail stores (fashion as art”) working between Tokyo, New York and Paris. Gumo probably met her at one of the clubs he worked at in New York and this is how they might have connected as “partners” at this boutique where Japanese fashion merchandise was sold.

Whether or not they were in fact married, or if they just lived together, is hard to ascertain, but now I am wondering if their claimed “divorce”, or separation, was due to the problems Gumo encountered at this boutique which I’ve discussed in this blog post? By this time, it appears he was interested in Japan, certainly Japanese fashion merchandise and now probably the potential for making money in Japan at any one of the many party clubs and night scene in Tokyo and Yokohama? If he met the Japanese woman, Maiko Nakamura, could he have met other Japanese in New York at one of these night clubs who he discussed coming to Japan with?

Here is the bio on Gumo’s alleged ex-wife who it is claimed they were divorced in 2001 before Gumo came to Japan. His arrival date in Japan seems to not be clarified yet. I keep coming to the year of 2002 for him arriving in Yokohama. Maiko, did you know Gregory Gumo is in prison in Yokohama on murder charges?

Gregory Gumo's purported ex-wife, Maiko Nakamura

Gregory Gumo’s purported ex-wife, Maiko Nakamura

Maiko Nakamura


Maiko Nakamura at Palais de Tokyo & MAM, Paris © 2012 Lucie & Simon for Label Dalbin

International Development Director

For the last twelve years, Maiko Nakamura has been working in Tokyo, New York, Berlin and Paris, mostly for creative companies (records label, music streaming site, production of software tools for artists and designers, retail store «fashion as art»…) A great facilitator, she has been marketing manager, creative director, head of PR and, in most cases, has handled external communications for these companies.


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  1. Hi. I actually knew Gumo in NY while we were in high school. If you’d like to share information please email me. I would love to hear from you.

    • Hi. Can you say which high school that was? If not, can you at least say if this was a boarding school or a private school? Would like to verify what I know of him.

      • I am not sure what the name of the high school was. I suppose if I did some looking around I could come up with the name of the school. Not sure if it was a private or public school. I am assuming public school.

      • Okay, great. Thank you. Not sure it’s relevant to his alleged crime/s in Tokyo but at least it confirms his background. And with a simple search we find that yes, that’s where he went to school.

      • I had known Greg from the 90’s back in New York. We somehow both left the States but kept in touch via Facebook email system. I had seen his posts on the FB on his family, bountiful vegetable garden and also bountiful fishing trips. We were briefly romantically engaged eons ago, but we remained as friends for a very long time. I don’t have anything against Greg: he is my friend.

        Just a few days ago, when my attempt to connect him failed, I found all these incredible, unbelievable news about him. I am stunned. Is Greg, who I thought he was? For all these years???

        The reason for asking about his high school, was because of what Greg had told me. He told me that he dropped out of this very prestigious boarding school in Long Island, that facilitated a full golf course on the promise. Because he comes from a wealthy family in the South, that he rejected. He said that he was adopted. He said many little things about himself. I wanted to verify what he had told me. Seems like, he may not have told me the truth about himself.

        What does that tell me about who I am? A gullible, naive fool? Can I trust myself now?

        Nevertheless. I do care for him, as a person from my past. What I am so dying to know (wrong expression here?) is that what happened to his trial back in November? What happened to him? I cannot find anything, anywhere on the web in English???

        Please let me know.

      • Incredible and unbelievable as it seems, yes, Gregory Gumo is sitting in a jail cell probably in Yokosuka, Japan with him probably right about now telling the police investigators everything they want to know about his involvement in the death of Mariko Akitaya. I have pretty much given up keeping track of his status but because I started blogging, guess I owe those who are concerned about him such as yourself to try and find out his current status.

        People who knew him and some who also had a relationship with him, have contacted me providing details about his life, which in most cases describe Gregory Gumo in some rather unsavory ways. What you described about Gumo confirms what others have provided to me but as of yet haven’t blogged about these personal matters to protect privacy. I have images of his adopted parents and that part is correct. I think everything after that is a fabrication on Gumo’s part to make himself out to be somebody he wasn’t. I nick named Gumo the “Yokohama flim-flam man.”

        His bio stated he graduated from New York University with a degree in law. That is a complete fabrication. In the digital age, character means nothing and Gumo certainly demonstrated that. He lured women into relationships and it has been told to me that he is the father of an unknown number of children. That pattern of deceit apparently, culminated in the death of Mariko Akitaya. My thinking is that because he was adopted, which means basically his real mother ditched him at birth, Gumo for some psychotic reason only he can know, had these unknown number of fathered children to suffer what he did by being adopted at birth. Sounds concocted by me but I never underestimate the negative and often destructive influence of the subconscious mind to drive people to almost impossible limits of anger and in many cases self-destruction.

        The trial back in November was a preliminary hearing/court probably for discovery to determine how much Gumo and his appointed lawyer would discuss. It went no where and he was sent back to prison. In Japan, he can be held forever because there is no system of bond release in Japan. The downside is I guess, suspects like in Gumo’s case will usually buckle because of the depression and loneliness which leads to vulnerability with the suspect usually confessing. Not sure how far along in that emotional and mental breakdown Gumo is at this point since I haven’t looked for any recent news.

        Gumo has a lot to atone for in his life. Maybe the prison sentence/rehabliatation will reform him?

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