An internet sojourner leaves his digital trail for investigating

Murder suspect Gregory Joseph Gumo

Murder suspect Gregory Joseph Gumo

As we continue our internet sojourn into tracing Gregory Gumo’s digital footprint, we come to the city of Ohida located in Fukui Prefecture on the coast of the Sea of Japan where Gregory Gumo stayed at a hotel. The date of the stay cannot be confirmed but suggests Gregory Gumo might have been at this hotel. Was he with Mariko Akitaya, or another woman perhaps? This hotel was located on the coast so maybe he was fishing? Would anyone care to imagine knowing Gregory Gumo’s background why he would travel all the way to Fukui Prefecture from Yokohama to stay at a hotel by himself? For some reason that would make no sense to me at all unless he was fishing.

The entry he made indicated his age: “41 year-old.” This would mean the entry was made within the past ten months I would think. I can imagine him on his iPad or portable computer at the hotel in the room making this entry into another social networking site called “Wayn.” Why even make the entry on just one more social networking site with only eight connections there? Why all the social networking registrations and entries? I’ve stopped counting the number of social networking sites he has registered at. Boredom? Alone? Trolling?

Wayn social networking site Gregory Gumo logged into and left a comment.

Wayn social networking site where Gregory Gumo logged in and left a comment.

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Hi, my name is Gregory Gumo. I’m 41 year-old American male, currently in Ohida, Japan. I have 8 friends around the world.