Story changes to “it was a lie and Mariko Akitaya killed herself”

Gregory Gumo being transferred to prison cell

Gregory Gumo being transferred to prison cell

Looking for news reports on Mr. Gregory Gumo today and discovered a brief 40 second video clip including a news article on this case. Gumo has apparently now claimed that he was “lying to the police”, and that what had happened when they were together the night of the 28th of July, was that “Mariko Akitaya had killed herself.” Suicide?! How did that work out? What did he ask Mariko Akitaya while they were driving to Miura?  Did he consult with Mariko about where she would like to have her body dropped off? “So, Mariko, after you kill yourself as we’re driving in the car all night and day, where would you like for me to dump your body?”

Did he sit next to her in the car driving to and from Atami and then over to Miura while watching her drop one sleeping tablet after another without trying to stop her? “Yeah Mariko, look, you’re upset, just take some of your sleeping medication to relax. Here, take another one, here’s one more, and here is a drink to wash them down”. Seems Gumo is changing his explanations as to how this woman died and the police are revealing the absurdity of his reasons with evidence to counter him. The police are in evidence-alibi reductionist mode on this guy. His entire life is an abject failure and he even failed at this murder as his final promotional event. The irony is preventing me from being objective here. I want to figure out how he got the sleeping medication in her. If you go to the news site this was taken from be sure to view the news video clip.

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16 thoughts on “Story changes to “it was a lie and Mariko Akitaya killed herself”

  1. Your blog has very interesting information. Thank you for sharing so that we may be more informed. Keep up the great work!

    • Thank you. This case as I’ve indicated else where is more of a detached study in socioeconomic circumstances we find ourselves and Gumo is the lab rat. Studied from that perspective I think ads meaning and healing.

    • Thanks for the critique. Its been time consuming going back editing posts for grammar and spelling. Theories or not this blog has captured 300-400 reads/views per day. Anything else I can help you with today, or do you pretty much have everything figured out? Enjoy the blog.

    • I agree. At first I was interested in Gumo. But now BD-1 himself is more interesting to me. He is the Barney Fife of bloggers.

      • ” If you ride with your mouth open in the wind and put your tongue against the roof of your mouth, its impossible to pronounce a word that begins with the letter ‘s’. ” – Barney Fife

  2. I like the way he tries to use fancy words and write complex sentences but screws it all up so bad that sometimes you can’t even understand what he is trying to say. One thing though, if Gumo somehow gets off the hook on a technicality, I hope BD hasn’t left any clues to his identity. Gumo would likely want to give him a good ass whipping for all the trash talk.

    • And I like the way simpletons interpret my interpretation, which I’ve explained often enough in other posts as they developed. No such thing as “getting off on a technicality” in the Japanese legal system, something you apparently as a simpleton are not too familiar with. Unlikely chance of an ass whipping, but just to be fair, I will give him the opportunity when the police escort him to Narita after his prison term with an expired VISA and likely expired passport. I’ll be at the gate wishing him a farewell with a big placard of Mariko Akitaya’s face on it. Need anything else today or do you pretty much have everything under control?

  3. All I am saying is when phrases or clauses are misplaced in a sentence, such that they don’t agree with the subject, unclear meanings and images will result. For example, your sentence:

    And I like the way simpletons interpret my interpretation, which I’ve explained often enough in other posts as they developed.

    What exactly do you mean? What does “they” refer to? Does it refer to your “interpretation” or to your “posts”? We really can’t tell so we do not have a clear idea of what you are saying. Sorry. That is the way language works. Or doesn’t.

    For someone who seems to have so much to say, I think you should take the time to learn to say it with clarity and accuracy. Once you learn to write with clarity and accuracy, your ideas will be much better understood. That would make you happy, right?

    That is a good point you bring up about his VISA. No doubt his credit card will have expired by the time he is released. I think his visa and passport will also have expired. See what I mean? VISA does not equal visa. A little bit more care and maybe people will take you and your ideas more seriously. That is all I am saying.

    • Let me guess, an English teacher in Japan, no? Apparently, you would prefer to turn this into something about me, my interpretations and my correct or incorrect use of grammar correct? Is this one of those episodes where a blog comment section is turned into a gratuitous mud slinging contest about who is correct and who is wrong? A redirection of attention away from the content of the blog and placed on the blogger?

      No, you are incorrect, the condescending statement about “my having so much to say”, omits what I have stated before in these posts. That they are being edited as I get news and information including edit corrections as I notice them. In fact, now that I think about it, I don’t have a clue what it is you are attempting to convey to me. Honestly, I don’t.

      His VISA will expire, and considering VISA is used incorrectly for the correct word visa, does not distract from the meaning here. It means very little to me how people take this “interpretation” of the ideas and opinions expressed. It wasn’t done for you or anyone else, it was done to remember a murdered woman. Get it? Her visa card will expire just like her, or would that be VISA card?

      And on that note, considering all the email received and between 300 and 500 views/reads per day, I figure your contribution is miniscule.

      Again, the condescension doesn’t register with me: “Make me happy?”

      • I just think your writing is funny because it is full of misfires – like Barney Fife and his gun. I am not the only one who has commented on this so you can’t ignore it. I also get a kick out of how scandalized you are with Gumo and the life he led before his arrest. It is interesting to me that you spend so much time trolling the web for information, then you come up with a load of strange assumptions, and then you grind out your tortured sentences. It is funny to me. Yes he went to clubs! Maybe he did drugs! He cheated on his wife! He was a scammer! Aldous Huxley! Techno music! I love it, BD. Have you ever taken drugs, BD? Have you ever danced in a club? Had an affair? Oh my! .

      • Yet you find the time to hang around here, comment, find my interest and observations “funny” and wish to continue a “tit-for-tat” go at it? Perhaps you would be better at using yourself as an example of being “funny”, no?

        And you are not up to speed on what “trolling” on the internet actually means, so as far as your making note of my grammar mistakes and “funny sentences”, may I suggest you determine what “trolling” actually means? In your case, suggesting I am “trolling Gumo” is an error. If the police are tracking his digital trail on the internet in their forensic investigation, which they are, would that be trolling? And as I have explained previously, it has taken very little time at all to dig his digital footprint put. People have spent more time on the toilet.

        What he did in his personal life makes little difference to me, that he was fucking babes on the side makes little difference to me either, that’s their personal lives, but the big difference here is he likely killed this woman. Apparently, that makes little difference to you and my idiosyncrasies instead seem as entertainment to you? Then pay me for every post. May I suggest you are a cheerleader for yourself with every comment? Well done….

        It ceases to amaze me people actually think they can judge and evaluate me as if I should meet some standard here? Or to pretend they know what motivates me as to why I post this news and my opinions on this murder. Here is a suggestion: Go back to teaching English grammar, please.

  4. My usage of the word “troll” is correct and exactly as I intended. Your mistake is that you strangely think that since I said “trolling the internet”, I used it in the recently coined meaning of a person who baits people on internet forums. That usage comes from the concept of a troll under a bridge. My usage comes from the concept of trolling for fish. Look it up. I bet my usage is the first definition under the word. Read my sentence again and learn from your mistake. I am not an English teacher, but if I were you would get a D, and I would also have a word with your father about your bad attitude. Actually, your most recent post has fewer mistakes than usual. It would get a C-. I am happy to see my comments are having a positive effect. You are proofreading. Do you mind if I call you Barney?

    • “Barney?” Yeah, that’ll work. Mind if I refer to you as “troll”, or what about “English teacher?” Anything else you would like to add today while I am “trolling” for news on Gumo? In the meantime, enjoy the blog.

  5. Nice paragraph. Clearly written and it was thankfully short. I am also glad to see that you are using some restraint in not talking about Gumo’s family in the U.S. even though relevant info has recently come to light. As we have all agreed earlier, the families are the victims too and should be kept out of it.

    • Remember, I don’t write for you so no self-flattery, please. I have been able to trace down family members in the US and have agreed to not write or reveal anything about them. I have located an image as well of family members, but the thing is, you underestimate me. A weakness. It is you who have now brought the subject up. There is no intent and never was to mention anything whatsoever about them.

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