The Yokohama flim-flam man lays down a trail of digital online links

Gregory Gumo self-portrait for LinkedIn page

Gregory Gumo self-portrait for LinkedIn page

This is pretty astonishing going back through Gregory Gumo’s digital  foot print pulling out all the social networking connections he is associated with, or has been registered at over the years. Here’s a basic run down on all the online social networking sites he has been found at. Looking through all these links we’re sort of wondering if he didn’t perhaps go back to delete information prior to Mariko Akitaya‘s death? There is really nothing substantial to read just registrations, a few lines of bio and nothing more than that. For an IT specialist, there isn’t any record of him having developed anything even substantial worth claiming success on including In addition to all these sites Gumo registered at, or used at one point or another, he also registered nine websites for some unspecified reason. With all this online activity, how in the hell does a person find the time to “manage” all these social networking sites while finding time to work? IT work? Hardly. The guy didn’t have any money. Gumo was one busy IT kind of a guy. Here’s the initial rundown on sites Gumo is linked to:

Facebook (deleted)
tumblr (Gumo logged into this site from Fukui Prefecture in the City of Ohide on the coast of the Sea of Japan from his hotel room)
LinkedIn (a lot of self-flattery and narcissism present here; claimed university educated studying law and his grammar is atrocious)
Wikipedia (deleted)
twitter (two accounts)
couchsurfing (this site really cracked me up if nothing more for its name)
Google+ (nothing particularity revealing here, pretty bland actually except his entries on his steps to stetting up an interactive website)
YouTube (brief video of Gumo’s cat playing with the water faucet; kind of cute actually)
blog (a serious forensic abundance of information here; the police will definitely get this blog entry professionally translated of they haven’t already) (this is interesting: “Greg is lost?”; same as above; good intel here on this guy) (article of the music festival that was cancelled in which Gumo was involved) (self-promoting bio on Gumo) (American news media picked up the case and ran several stories)

With all this online activity and reading through these links and social networking sites Gumo participated in, there is absolutely no evidence he actually accomplished anything at all according to what he described as his business accomplishments. I damn near went hysterical when an article discussing a cancelled music festival in Singapore in which Gumo was involved, described Gumo as a “veteran professional night life manager.” Managing what exactly?

I was reading comments others left on Gumo’s background from sources in the U.S. that picked up news of Gumo’s relationship to clubs in New York and this comment about him is a real gem:

Uh-oh, a blonde American dude with waifu and and kids has drowned his girlfriend on the side in the ocean. Which one of you fuckers is gonna get inspired/blamed/harrassed about this?

Now I am sort of thinking that if Gumo gets jail time for the murder of Mariko Akitaya if convicted, and if he plays his cards right, he could get a book deal, have his own column, and get paid for TV appearances. Knowing his self-promoting past what else could we possibly expect from this guy?