The Yokohama online flim-flam man lookin’ for love

Gregory Gumo - The Yokohama online flim-flam man

Gregory Gumo – The Yokohama online flim-flam man

Gregory Gumo claimed he was an IT professional on various social networking sites including LinkedIn in which he described himself as an “IT consultant“, “technovangelist” and “internet entrepreneur“. Here is a good one that I would certainly like to understand. Prior to coming to Japan, he was ostensibly a manager for two clubs in New York, the Limelight and Tunnel. These clubs are associated with all kinds of unsavory people, drugs, brain-deadening techno trance music and sex. The hard core ingredients for any successful private rage parties and events in New York. Then Gumo leaves New York in late 2002, and after arriving in Japan, he starts to work for a company in Yokohama called “Yamagata” as a “translation specialist.” So, he goes from a party guy promoter in the New York club scene to a “translation specialist” without even a high school education? What were his qualifications to work as a “translation specialist” for Yamagata? Probably no qualifications at all outside of being a blond-haired blue-eyed gaijin. He probably got a job at Yamagata doing rudimentary English editing on documents that were already translated from Japanese to English and then he goes on to be a “technical language consultant” for Fujistu while at Yamagata?

What Gumo was probably doing while working doing some kind of rudimentary editing of technical documents and web sites from already translated material for these Japanese companies, was learning his rudimentary computer skills on the dime of these companies. It seems as though while he was in Singapore working for Yamagata based out of Yokohama with offices all over the world including in Singapore, he was moonlighting on the side getting involved in entertainment, night life and event promotion.

Using his newly acquired “IT skills”, over the course of the next couple of years, Gumo went to work setting up domain names of which there are twelve domain names registered by him including the dating website he set up he called “Luvfindr.” What seems odd is that if he claimed he was an “IT specialist” with the skills he provided in his bio, why wasn’t he working at an IT job in Yokohama or Tokyo employed so he could support himself and his family? The point is, he wasn’t the “IT specialist” he claimed, and he had no particularly advanced IT skills either. Furthermore, if he had the IT skills he claimed he had, why would he set up the online dating site Luvfindr with no plan to develop an income stream off this website, or any of the other domain names he set up? Here are the domain names Gumo registered at the IP address of which is in Yokohama. Twelve website domain names set up by Gregory Gumo using this ip address:

Here is an example of Gumo’s proficiency at IT posted on October 12, 2014. This isn’t programming by the way which Gumo claimed he could perform. This is simply setting up an online website for user interaction like on a dating website:

Last night I built the core of the user system from the ground up without using any preexisting scripts. Join, Login, Logout, verify your email all are working. user levels are working (verified, non-verified so far). I also built a threaded comment system for the site from scratch which includes sandboxing of comments, a non-verified user will be able to see their own comments but until they either become a verified member OR their comment gets approved it will not be visible publicly. I have a lot more to finish on this site and commenting alone is huge new can of worms i just opened. I need to make an admin panel for reviewing all newly posted commends to approve or remove, review flagged comments (I need to make a flagging function that after a threshold of X number if flags re-sandboxes the comment…), I need to add BB code functions for allowing limited embedding of html in comments, I need to add #hashtagging and @username functions… I need to add social sharing functions. Also I need to improve the markup for “quoted” comments. I also need to enable the like and dislike functions for the comments, may be make comments that are unpopular collapse? I will probably also use the comment script as the core to create a forum section for this site as they function very similarly. I also will add some antispam / anti hack functions like lock and key for authenticating on the back end. Anyhow I got the basic core done and its on par with practically any other comment system that exists.

The following is the registry information for the domain name Luvfindr under Gumo’s company he named Simply Made Limited, a dating website set up by an “IT specialist” rather than using his skills in a real IT job? Then in a blog post discovered, he mentioned in a sarcastic and seemingly bored way, he was up late at night “working”on an IT project which was this Luvfindr website. Whois Information:

Create Time: 4/2/2012 12:00:00 AM

Update Time: 3/3/2014 12:00:00 AM (date on Gumo’s blog entry commenting about him working on this site; blog entry title: “bored in Yokohama“; see music below)

Expired Time: 4/2/2016 12:00:00 AM

domain name:
registry domain id: 1710756639_domain_com-vrsn
registrar url:
updated date: 2013-03-01t23:27:07.00z
creation date: 2012-04-02t17:11:00.00z
registrar registration expiration date: 2016-04-02t16:11:25.00z
registrar: enom, inc.
registrar iana id: 48
registry registrant id:
registrant name: gregory gumo
registrant organization: simply made limited (name of the company Gumo set up for Luvfindr)
registrant street: [redacted]
registrant street: hodogaya
registrant city: yokohama
registrant state/province: kanagawa
registrant postal code: 240-0011
registrant country: jp
registrant phone: +81 [redacted]
registrant phone ext:
registrant fax: +81 [redacted]
registrant fax ext:
registrant email:
registry admin id:
admin name: gregory gumo
admin organization: simply made limited
admin street: [redcated]
admin street: hodogaya
admin city: yokohama
admin state/province: kanagawa
admin postal code: 240-0011
admin country: jp
admin phone: +81 [redacted]
admin phone ext:
admin fax: +81 [redacted]
admin fax ext:
admin email:
registry tech id:
tech name: gregory gumo
tech organization: simply made limited
tech street: [redacted]
tech street: hodogaya
tech city: yokohama
tech state/province: kanagawa
tech postal code: 240-0011
tech country: jp
tech phone: +81 [redacted]
tech phone ext:
tech email:
name server:
name server:
dnssec: unsigned
consent from us.
version 6.3 4/3/2002

Somebody help me find my baby…I’m lookin’ for love…


5 thoughts on “The Yokohama online flim-flam man lookin’ for love

  1. First of all, you are doing great work, consistently and persistently on this tragic story, thank you. Your updates have improved in quality, perspective and sincerity. I have followed and read every word you have written about the murder of Mariko Akitaya. I remember reading the first new’s report about the finding of a woman’s body tied down by a concrete block in the cove. Usually, it ends there in the English reading community. However, since the accused murderer is an American, there seems to be more follow up by the Japanese media. Your updates have provided a rare insight into this particular murder in Japan, even bordering on obsession. Your commitment to the life of Mariko Akitaya is appreciated. A great thanks to your passionate spirit in reporting the tragic story of the woman found tied to a concrete block in a cove in Japan on July 29, 2015.

    • Thank you, I appreciate that very much. As I’ve stated in past posts the more I learn and uncover it makes it easier to report this case and the events that led up to it. Hopefully, with every post it will outline a really tragic human story here. I have been criticized for being obsessive about this, but it is actually quite easy considering the work I do and my background. For some it may seem as on “obsession”, be that as it may, for me it’s a forensic study that provides excellent practice – and a book!!!! Proceeds as I have stated go to his wife and family. Gumo can eat rice and miso soup with an occasional chunk of fish in his broth for the next ten years in prison.

      This is like a socioeconomic anatomy here of some very unlikely circumstances: a 23 year-old Japanese girl meeting this guy nine years older than she is with his background. And so I guess what should be apparent is that I am more interested in the dysfunctional lives these people lived especially Gumo. This weird concoction of a self-loathing obviously deeply disturbed human being unleashing his criminal behavior in Japan rather than in the country he was from being America. Not accusing him of murder either, at least not yet, we will let the Japanese police present their evidence first.

      The Japanese will forget about this woman. In a year, no one will know of her, who she was, what she did and how she spent her 42 years of existence. I am not judging character or the personality of her knowing Japanese like I do, just observing the value of a human life. And I am really curious as to how the Japanese police and judicial system will view Gumo’s psychological aberration.

      The other point I want to make too, is that people need to protect their online privacy better. I am using him as an example of how easy it is to digitally dissect people like Gumo. This should be fairly obvious, however, realizing at the same time this guy is an anomaly and a seriously distraught compromised human being. The guy loved fishing and kayaking, he should of built himself a small little niche business there in Miura instead.

      • I would like to share with you some of my thoughts about some of the missing pieces in this tragedy. Of course, it’s only speculation until the facts are known.
        1. Gregory Gumo: Total loser, scam artist, flim flam man, psychopath, liar, no IT skills and murderer. Gumo destroyed everything he touched.
        2. The body of Mariko Akitaya was found on July 29th, yet Gumo was arrested at Haneda Airport on the same day, July 29th. There has to be an outside intervention here, it’s just to close of a time frame for regular police investigation. Possibly, Gumo’s wife, Ayumi Jomori, contacted the police when she heard about a woman’s body being found in the cove at Koajiro Bay.
        3. Gumo targeted Mariko Akitaya for a money loan, not just for the sex only. The money was needed for business reasons as the excuse. He promised marriage after finalizing a divorce with his wife. Mariko was lead to believe that he was in the process of getting a divorce. I don’t believe Mariko was pregnant, however, she may have used this excuse to push the play forward, along with the repayment of her loan.
        4. Mariko possibly ingested the initial sleeping medication herself, along with alcohol by Gumo’s persuasion and insistence. On July 28th, Mariko was an emotional wreck, exhausted and confused, yet still hoping that things would be right when she woke up.

      • Yes, that is important: speculation. However, we can infer a lot here by everything that has been publicly stated in the news. Also, I have an advantage: people are providing me anonymous insights. This was sort of the reason for this blog. It is pretty much a given people would be interested in this case and so forward insights I can further extrapolate from. Good investigative journalism.

        Gumo not only “destroyed everything he touched”, he apparently completely destroyed Mariko Akitaya’s life. Knowing her personality type that is not the kind of Japanese woman you would want to piss off. That is very clear. My feelings are Gumo is not actually a psychopath based on years of studying them. The MO doesn’t really fit him. There are reasons I know this and again, they are from anonymous sources. Although his inveterate lying indicates a sociopath at some level.

        Have gone over in several posts how the police were so quick to locate Gumo who they picked up in the waiting lounge at Haneda on the evening of the 29th. They were frantic trying to get a definite ID on him from the video surveillance cameras that had recorded them together. The surveillance camera also picked up the license number on the car of Gumo’s wife, so they could move quickly to Gumo’s house to locate him. My bet is the police just as soon as they were contacted about the body being discovered, went immediately to the video camera source recording traffic in the area around Miura, and maybe in the area of the cove. There couldn’t have been that much traffic going to the cove, so all they had to do was go through the surveillance video to locate Gumo’s car in the video and then get an address that corresponded to the car’s registry. If the system was automated/computerized and recorded license numbers, they might have been able to find him that way. His wife wasn’t home so they had to locate her first. So there might have been something going on here between the Gumo’s as to them discussing he would leave Japan on the 29th.

        If this murdered Japanese woman was pregnant the autopsy hasn’t been released and if it was I wouldn’t know how to obtain it. It is certain Gumo targeted Akitaya for money. The evidence all points in this direction; Gumo really pissed her off and she was there at the Gumo home on the night of the 27th it is alleged. I suspect she was there at their home to confront the Gumo’s by getting his wife to reign that jerk in. And probably to get her dignity back – and her money. Was she invited to the home? Did she show up unexpectedly? If she was invited and Gumo planned on killing her, why in the hell would he invite her to his home with his wife there? Neighbors said they heard two women quarreling in the house on the night of the 27th. Akitaya probably told him to his face what an abject degenerate loser he was. That is probably something not to say directly to somebody like Gumo based on his background. What I am trying to figure out is why Gumo decided to tell Akitaya to get lost and at what point? He could have said almost anything to her wanting three things from her: money; gratuitous sex; maintain VISA status. It is really creepy to think he might have been running any number of Japanese girls looking for the right opportunity.

        I think Gumo knew she had her sleeping medication with her in her purse and he might have even encouraged her to take a tablet or two to calm her down on their way back to Yokohama from Atami. This wasn’t premeditated, not unless it was premeditated on the way back from Atami, with a stop at his house maybe to pick up the sheet and rope she was wrapped in. My bet is he picked a concrete block up out in that parking lot next to where he lived with his distraught wife and three children. The same medication was found at her apartment as was found in her in the autopsy, might mean he encouraged her to take the medication, and then at some point pulled further tablets out of her purse. Then unknown to her somehow slipped them to her in a drink or something she ate. They were on surveillance video seen in a restaurant and a convenience store on the evening of the 28th of July. I want to know how he slipped her the medication and if he encouraged her to drink at that restaurant.

        I’ve checked by making a few phone calls and it is possible to obtain a seat on a flight in the morning for an afternoon flight. He must have really lucked out on that one. What if no seats were available?

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