Japan is nothing more than a satrap (総督) of Anglo-America

Japan's rapid move towards military rearmament

Japan’s rapid move towards military rearmament

Today we have a bit of a distraction from blogging the murder of Mariko Akitaya and the subsequent arrest of the suspect, Gregory Gumo, because this news on Japan’s rearmament has people concerned. This is profoundly disturbing watching Japan go through this rapid militarization indicating clearly that Japan is nothing more than a satrap (総督) of the Anglo-American finance-banking cartel based out of London and New York. The other day news was released that Japan is constructing an aircraft carrier officially called a “helicopter landing ship”, but that name could change quickly because this same ship can be converted to handling fighter aircraft. We certainly applaud those diet members who object to this militarization of Japan as well as the Japanese people who also object. Here is also a good article with further insights for anyone who might be concerned about Japan’s rearmament at the Peace and Freedom blog. Many people do not realize just how large Japan’s military has grown with its military spending now ranked sixth in the world. Japan’s military currently ranks as the 10th largest military in the world.

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Japan’s defense ministry requests largest ever military budget

Japan’s Defense Ministry has asked for the country’s largest ever military budget as Tokyo seeks to boost its armed forces amid persisting territorial conflicts with China and Russia as well as concerns over Beijing’s expanding naval power.

The defense ministry on Monday requested an annual budget of 5.09 trillion yen (USD 42.38 billion) for the next fiscal year, reflecting Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s efforts to build a stronger and more active military that mainly focuses on a potential intensification of tensions with China.

The key objective of Tokyo’s military build-up is said to enhance the protection of a series of southern islands that stretch from Japan’s mainland to waters near Taiwan.

If approved, the new budget would be the fourth straight hike in the nation’s annual defense budget, marking a 2.2 percent increase compared to the budget for the current fiscal year, which ends in March 2016.

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