Visiting the virtual grave of Mariko Akitaya’s Facebook page

The only image remaining on Mariko Akitaya's Facebook page (virtual cemetery)

The only image remaining on Mariko Akitaya’s Facebook page (virtual grave)

I would be remiss to focus strictly on the alleged murderer in this case in which the victim, Mariko Akitaya, is forgotten and all the attention is placed on Gregory Gumo as the prime suspect. With that in mind and thanks to a commentator for bringing this to my attention, this post is dedicated to Mariko Akitaya whose life has been snuffed and most of the world with the probable exception of her grieving family have already forgotten about her life.

MarikoAfter going to Mariko Akitaya’s Facebook page, I took a screen shot of her only image that has been left at Facebook for her. It’s sort of like going to a virtual grave in many ways. The image if I am not mistaken, is of Bali [Edited: a commentator has corrected me. This appears to be Hanauma Bay in Hawaii.] where she may have visited within the past year. This is for Mariko Akitaya who we hope will not be forgotten and that she is resting in peace.

Mariko Akitaya's vintage Hamilton watch

Mariko Akitaya’s vintage Hamilton watch

Mariko Akitaya studied fashion in London for several years and understand she picked up an old vintage Hamilton watch that she had been apparently looking for. She had an image of it I took from her Facebook page before it was taken down.

Mariko Akitaya's nails

Mariko Akitaya’s nails

Then in April, 2015, she had her nails done. I guess being fashion conscious she was eager to show them off on her Facebook page. I keep wondering if Mariko Akitaya had any friends and what they know of her?

Mariko Akitaya (1973-2015)

Mariko Akitaya (1973-2015)

This post is for you Mariko, it is tragic this all had to end this way. And I have left a blues song for you Mariko, something to sooth your angered soul. Mariko, you were his nemesis calling himself the “rainmaker” on one of his social networking sites, and so I thought I would put this song up to counter his arrogance. Enjoy this song, Mariko…


4 thoughts on “Visiting the virtual grave of Mariko Akitaya’s Facebook page

  1. Alright, Mariko Akitaya’s virtual Facebook page in her memory. Her Facebook page was closed by the time I checked it and never saw or read it. Were there more photos and stories? If so, is there any way you could include the photos and stories to recreate the essence of her page before it was closed?

    • Well, sort of actually. I went to her Facebook page and took everything I felt would be needed. There were a lot of images I couldn’t really tell where they were or what they were. There was commentary in Japanese and didn’t take any of that. I could probably go back from memory and build a brief bio on her.

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