YouTube videos made on the murder of Mariko Akitaya

Strange circumstances out here on the internet where the blogger occasionally comes into question rather than the content of the blog. It is actually interesting to read the commentary which in some comments has turned into scrutiny of who I am and my faults. Here’s an interesting take on me: I am a “jilted homosexual lover setting him [Gumo] up.” Whatever the case may be here, it is usually based on one blog post rather than on the series of posts I have blogged trying to improve the quality of content and news with each post.  I have explained this repeatedly. The murder of Mariko Akitaya has intrigued me, is there something particularly egregious about that? I am intrigued by this case and so therefore the inference is I am a “jilted homosexual lover setting him up?” In the mind of this commentator it seems apparent that is where his level of thinking is. These blog posts are receiving between 300 and 400 reads/views per day depending on how much news I can locate on Akitaya’s murder. There has been no news whatsoever in either Japanese or English released on this case within the past roughly ten days. On August 20, 2015, this blog received roughly 800 views/reads of people wanting to know more about this case.

This blog is on the murder of Mariko Akitaya based on my opinions of how this murder was possibly committed and the circumstances that led up to it. It is duplicitous of commentators to criticize me, my opinions and how I think this murder happened, and then not offer insight how they think Gumo might have murdered this woman. At least the Japanese who are blogging this case will engage in a discussion about how they think this murder was committed.

These videos of basically the same content, were made on August 6, 2015 and are being used as blog content with Japanese bloggers. Might want to try and get around the melodramatic music being used in the videos. So, why not go over there and read what Japanese bloggers are saying because this is the only blog I am aware of where this story is being given any attention in English? And I certainly appreciate the favorable email and commendatory I have been receiving. Thank you, and again, it is to keep this murdered woman’s name alive and that she did exist and won’t be forgotten.


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  1. BD, I for one do not think you are a jilted homosexual. Anyway, since you asked for other peoples made-up theories for how the murder went down, I will tell you mine. I think it happened pretty much as you have written in 20 or 30 blog posts. We might be wrong, because it was a crime involving a man with a speckled past, sex and a jilted middle-aged Japanese woman. We cannot assume logical and rational behavior in these situations, as you and I both know. But I basically agree with you that the murder was probably not planned in advance as the initial news reports indicated it was.

    Like all of Gumo’s business dealings, he didn’t have a good plan to deal with Akitaya, he showed very bad judgement, and he was mentally and morally weak in dealing with events as they unfolded. Specifically, I don’t think Gumo hatched a plan and bought the rope and sheet for the purpose of disposing of the body before they went to Atami as the news reports implied. I think he bought the rope and sheet for other purposes and had them in his house, his car or his driveway. Maybe he bought the rope and sheet to cover his kayak for the winter. We don’t know. I think he and Akitaya went to Atami together and Akitaya laid into him for all of the reasons that we know of: lies, promises made, money etc. He agreed to take her because she had either threatened him or pleaded with him to take her. He was trying to brush her off but she wouldn’t go away. Once together, I think she pleaded with him and then threatened him in every way she could think of including killing herself. This situation had probably been simmering for some days or weeks and it had now come to a boiling point. She was hysterical, desperate and out of control. I think she took too many pills and maybe drank alcohol too. She was angry, desperate, and hysterical to the point where she was suicidal, but I don’t think she would have actually killed herself over this situation. Many people attempt suicide for romantic reasons but few actually succeed. It is usually characterized as a cry for attention. I think she eventually lost consciousness. He might have checked her pulse, not been able to find it, and mistakenly thought she was dead. I think Gumo, in a state of near insanity, made a very stupid judgement and then a very immoral decision. Thinking he would be accused of the murder, he panicked and tried to hide the body. Instead of taking her to the hospital, he took her to the cove (maybe after picking up the sheet and rope). But in a state of panic he didn’t think to use enough weight or maybe his knots were poorly tied in haste.

    When caught, he first denied involvement. But now he is changing his story and saying she committed suicide. This is closer to the truth, but not completely accurate. Inconvenient for him, water found in her lungs indicates that she was alive when she was dumped. So even if he thought she killed herself and he thought she was dead before he dumped her in the water, and even if she would have died from the drugs if he had just left her in the car, evidence points to the fact that he drowned her. This cannot be denied.

    This is how I imagine it happened, BD. I might be completely wrong, or mostly wrong, or mostly right. Who knows? It is my made-up theory, which if I am correct, mostly coincides with yours. This kind of unplanned, panic-driven homicide described above is very common compared to the premeditated murder implied in the initial press reports.

    I still wonder how the police got up to speed so quickly on the whole thing. That one is a mystery to me. Any insights?

    If it did happen as I described, it will be interesting to learn the verdict and sentence. Will they call it premeditated murder? Or will it be something like negligent homicide? If he can effectively claim that she drove him to a state of near insanity and/or he thought she already was dead, then he might get off with the Japanese equivalent of negligent homicide/3rd degree murder. I think he will get the Japanese equivalent of 2nd degree murder which is not premeditated but requires violence with intent to kill.

    That’s it BD! What do you think? What am I missing?

    • Okay, thank you. That’s the way I think it happened and agree it wasn’t “premeditated.” It all happened within a period of I would say five to six hours when they returned from Atami. I am still holding out on if she either took the medication herself, or Gumo possibly slipped more of the medication into her by way of something she ate or drank. They were picked up on surveillance camera at a convenience store and at a restaurant on the night of the 28th. The time isn’t certain. This was the night of the 28th they were seen together, so that only left perhaps 5 to 6 hours for all that to have happened. I attribute Akitaya’s stubborn character (Japanese females will cling to males sometimes like a female preying mantis) to not wanting to leave Gumo until he made a decision. Either he goes with her or he returns the money she gave him based on some felonious reason or empty promise he gave her for getting her to provide him the money in the first place. Wonder what the amount was? It was large enough that Akitaya was telling her friends she was out of money and had a hard time with expenses. She also told her friend that Gumo had told her to “be patient about marriage” which indicates Gumo and promised her something he wasn’t prepared to fulfill. In that sense he was never good on his word.

      He had to get her out of the house to defuse an escalating fight between his wife and Akitaya. I think she was there to tell Gumo’s wife to get her husband under control. He was able to get her out of the house to calm her down and they left for Atami the night of the 27th I think, and then returned during the afternoon on the 28th. What would be good to know is how she got in the house in the first place? Neighbors heard Gumo’s wife and Akitaya arguing. Was Akitaya invited to the house? Did she suddenly appear? If she suddenly appeared that eliminates a planned murder. Gumo had a decision to make and Akitaya was making him extremely uncomfortable. If she refused to leave him what would he do with her? Take her to the train station and say “good bye?” Not a very likely event, especially as you suggested she was hysterical at times and extremely angry. She might have also realized what a loser she got involved with and wanted her dignity and money back from this guy.

      She might have been inebriated to the point she didn’t know how much of the medication she taking and Gumo might not have been aware either, probably didn’t care. He might have even encouraged her to take more although I find it hard to believe he tried getting more medication in her but that’s always a possibility. If he did that will be difficult to prove. Point is she’s dead. She was tossed into the cove in an ill conceived and incredibly dumb act of panic and fear and she drown. It’s just like everything else he did up until that point: screwed up then tried to leave as soon as possible.

      I’ve explained why her body rose to the surface, another mistake Gumo made. Especially in the heat within twelve hours or less, a body will rise to the surface depending on the weight attached when gases build up from bacteria in the body. If he planned to murder her he screwed that up as well. She’s next to him in the car and he does nothing to revive her or check to see her condition? It’s a sign of incompetence. He was too proud and arrogant to take her to a hospital or get help. They are driving all night and he’s exhausted with this agitated upset woman in the car with him….he does something incredibly stupid driving to Miura with her unconscious in the back seat of his wife’s car…he stops to pick up the tarp and rope at his house (wonder if his wife heard him pull up then leave?)…out pops her body and she is discovered at 10:00AM on the 29th.

      My bet is he will get 5 to 7 years and then the Japanese will kick him out. He will be required to pay indemnity to Japanese society for killing a Japanese citizen. No reason to keep him fed, bathed, boarded and a roof over his head any longer than that at Japan’s expense.

      • Right there with you BD on the way it went down (above). Great blog…stick to the hard facts (despite min. at the moment) and keep it up. Ditto with the one comment on how the cops were onto him so fast and stopped him at Hanada and then just watched him – and a few other mystery angles ( her life online and a bizarre FB ). Once the report on the women arguing was/is a big game changer for the case. I also wonder if he did swindle a few guys back in 2007 for a 100K U.S. in Roppongi as reported and burned the cash but had the stones to keep clubbing where he met the duped- regardless the dude is a dirtbag conman. He was hooked on the club life for sure ( chasing J skirts at 40 still ) and that takes big bucks to fuel in Tokyo. He’ll (her too) have his day in court for sure and again with you on the above especially the last paragraph…

      • That comment cracked me up: “Takes big bucks to fuel in Tokyo.” Yeah, these two are a real compendium of two very dysfunctional people, and that is what is intriguing: the absurdity of the simplest of common denominators between them. It’s the idea they could make life so cheap and shallow. Akitaya chasing some bizarre image-driven life of a jet setter (minus the income); the provocative bikini pose; the fashion interests; Hollywood sunglasses and poses. Like chasing life’s absurdities and then end up getting killed.

        And Gumo, a total failure in life screaming for attention to appear important, when basically he was a pretty ineffectual human being. This couple was like “Tarzan meets Jane” in some primitive desire and craving for attention swinging through life.

        Geezuz, in the overall context of life I actually feel sorry for them.

  2. Simple question: Did Gumo care about or did he even possibly love Akitaya-san at any point? I think maybe he did. And how did this fact drive his actions in the last days/ hours?

    • Gumo “loved” all the women he met and had sex with. No telling how many either. Hey, I’m not against that “big rising tent” idea either, but this guy was carrying around some serious psychological baggage I am privy to. For a very short period of time, he expressed to her his capability and ability in life, that he was important and successful, a man who was a professional in entertainment management and had money. She actually thought that a possibility and she had struck payday. His wife knew he was a loser. He craved for ego satisfaction. The energy (love) in that context flows like Niagara Falls.

      If he “loved” her that might explain why he acted the way he did not wanting to physically harm her re: sleeping medication; slips her into the water in the cove. Gumo wasn’t a psycho, he actually had a heart for women. Many women do not realize what extremes men will go to to appear to women as that invincible highly competent man. What a let down that must have been for Akitaya.

      Once his cover was blown and Akitaya-san saw through the veneer, she went into apocalyptic rage. Imagine you are a woman and you’ve been screwed by this guy as he is whispering in your ear he loves you while his brain goes to his dick? Anything is love at that point. Poor Akitaya, she allowed her emotions and intensity of the orgasmic moment to distract her from reality of life. And I bet anything they were in Ohide in Fukui Prefecture on the coast of the Sea of Japan at that hotel together.

  3. I am sorry. I thought I asked a simple question. Am I to interpret your answer to mean that you think he never loved her or any other women? That is what it sounds like. That would indicate some level of psychopathy, which you had ruled our earlier. I am also privy to info I know you do not have. So what? I would not have mentioned it if you had not, and I dont know why you did. I thought you were trying to understand Gumo and his crime and write about it, not brag and tease about what information you are “privy” to. So, did he love her or was he just using her? Simple question.

    • I have kept my word and so am prevented form commenting out of respect to his “family”. Perhaps “privy” is a bad choice of words. In other words, I am restrained. I have promised not to go beyond what I already have. I would say probably misplaced and distorted love. But how would you define love? More like lust, seeking the improbable, desperation to get out of their mutual circumstances. Met her off a dating site. That’s love developed in less than a year? Gumo seeking a life of perpetual self-gratifying love.

  4. Right. But I think there is a very basic unanswered question here. I don’t know about you, but many men have casual relationships with women and are not serious about them. They have fun, have sex, play and nothing is serious. Did it start and end this way, or at some point, did he actually think about leaving his wife for her? This is very important, in my opinion, to understand what happened in the last days as hours.

    • That is why I remarked about Akitaya forcing Gumo to make a decision. I think his wife wanted him out and he couldn’t make a decision between leaving the comfort and “security” of his wife’s home – and visa – or continuing his dysfunctional relationship with his wife. Akitaya forced him to face his reality – and failures. That scared the crap out of him based on his character which is actually very weak. Gumo wanted to play the part of a solid dependable person but when it came down to the reality of his facing his character he wasn’t capable of meeting Akitaya’s expectations. Going with her meant facing the reality of work. That was something Gumo wasn’t prepared to do. Japanese are extremely demanding that way. Something unique to the Japanese culture. I don’t think Gumo could live up to Akitaya’s expectations. He therefore failed. I even think she was sort of like a “mother figure” for him forcing him to face the consequences of what he did.

  5. I now doubt the veracity of all reports indicating that Akitaya was actually in the Gumo residence. Can anyone point to a reliable source?

  6. There is no Japanese news source. Only blogs and chats. The whole story makes much more sense if Gumo’s wife didn’t know about Akitaya until the very end.

    • His wife was distraught. Ten years younger than him with three children she was responsible for. She started blogging about her children in 2010 as a proud mother and then suddenly stopped which corresponded to their non-existent marriage going back five years. Gumo claimed his family was being “stalked” but only claimed that to distract from him deceiving Akitaya starting one year ago. Gumo’s wife apparently placed an ad on a dating website looking for a partner to move in with her and her children. Some have suggested she didn’t place the ad. I think she did. She was desperate to get this guy out. His wife would comment on their LINE connection when girls commented about Gumo’s looks. The commentary was condescending towards Gumo. The wife knew he was banging chicks but wasn’t much she could do about it. Akitaya I think was at the residence to tell Gumo’s wife to rein in her “husband” and to get her money and dignity back from this guy. His wife knew something was going on. She was probably disgusted with his behavior but wasn’t much she could do.

  7. Yes. I agree with all the facts as they have all been reports by reliable news sources who have been talking to the police. That, or there is a trail of direct evidence on the web some of which looks authentic.b That Akitaya was at the Gumo home is a made-up theory. That Gumo’s wife knew specifically of Akitaya is also a made-up theory.

    • No such thing as a “made-up theory.” Reports in the media reported in Japanese from different media sources. Yes, both assertions need confirmation, so unless this is proven otherwise it remains as inference.

  8. There are in fact made-up theories. All theories are made up. I agree though that the phrase is bad because it is redundant ie. all theories are by definition made-up, so we dont need to include “made-up”.

    I dont think Mrs. Gumo knew about Akitaya until the end. We may never know what really happened. You might be right.

  9. Why don’t you guys stop guessing what took,place, let the facts speaks for the dead, reserve your judgments is not too much to ask!?!?!?

    • “Judge?” Call it discovery. Call it public interest. Call it murder. Call it abuse. Call it theft. And we as the public aren’t entitled to our making sense of the senseless?

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