A few thoughts on the “Yokohama flim-flam man” and blog posts

Gregory Gumo being transferred to prison cell

Gregory Gumo being transferred to prison cell

Not really sure what is going on with Gumo’s case, but it seems the “Yokohama flim-flam man” is apparently not saying anything to the police about how exactly Akitaya “medicated herself to death,” and it isn’t likely Gumo will cooperate. The police release a brief statement or two then the public is expected to draw inferences. Early on when I started blogging about this case, I clearly made it known that the public has the right to know when a predator like this is arrested as a suspect in a murder case under some really bizarre circumstances. Especially if he gets tossed in a prison in Japan for any length of time the Japanese tax payer will pick up the tab to feed, cloth and house him for the duration of his prison term. He has been publicly accused at this blog of being involved in manipulating women into sex to get access to their money. This isn’t just one or two cases, his history indicates there are more women he has done this to including in the US. And there is no way of telling how many children this guy has fathered.

Stated from the beginning that if anything I posted was wrong or incorrect, I would delete the material or correct it, but so far, I have been almost entirely correct in assessing Gumo. I now have a public responsibility to get the facts correct because there are on average 240 or more views/reads daily on these posts about Gumo. Many are coming from Singapore. Early on, I posted a screen shot of what I thought was an entry made to a dating website thought to be made by Gumo’s wife, and put it up as evidence of the digital forensic trail made by people involved. I was then told Gumo’s wife did not make this post to this dating website. It wasn’t my concern whether she made the entry herself or not. It was evidence and publicly available. I even think Akitaya might have made the entry. The reason I put it up in the first place is because it is “evidence” and discovery, the same thing the police would do when they collect evidence. When I started blogging about this weird case, I dug up all kinds of strange connections. This post has been subsequently deleted on request and out of respect for Gumo’s wife. I was also told “I know nothing about the Gumo family.” That is a bit pretentious because in all seriousness, I don’t want to know anything about the “Gumo family”; this blog is about Gumo himself.  I am not concerned about Mrs. Gumo or her children other than perhaps hoping they make it through this mess and find peace.

I have also warned people if you don’t want to have your life revealed when you become involved in questionable or criminal activity, or in this case the death of a Japanese woman (Gumo assisted suicide), then remove your digital information. I have not posted half of what I know about the “Yokohama flim-flam man” being sent to me from people who know him. I was then asked to “leave the Gumo family alone.” I have not deliberately posted anything about the Gumo family outside of briefly mentioning his wife and children, and then only to wish them well under what must be very stressful circumstances. The Japanese police have taken down a blog in which Gumo’s family back in the US had their images posted. I have not done this and will not post images of anyone related to Gumo only to further the pain the family must be experiencing, not to mention the enormous embarrassment. I have not been contacted by anyone demanding I remove this material about Gumo.

Then I get some flake on this blog telling me he is going to contact the “Kanagawa police and report my blog.” Then demanding he stop receiving email updates to this blog. If you don’t want email updates then “unsubscribe?” Or better yet, don’t even comment. Has it ever occurred to anyone the police might already be looking at this blog? Are people that stupid or what? I can understand people wanting to protect the Gumo family, that is only natural, but when some profoundly dysfunctional psychologically screwed up individual like Gumo cuts loose on society, then it is time for people to open up a public discussion on this character. I started posting on this blog not because I enjoy it, but rather the day I heard of Akitaya’s  death and the strange circumstances surrounding this death in the news, I knew by intuition the “Yokohama flim-flam man” was a really “sleazy” type of predator advertising and promoting himself as an “entertainment professional.” When I first read that off Gumo’s LinkedIn bio, the only thing I could respond with was wtf? This moron is telling people he attended law school at New York University? I’ve dug out a huge amount of information on Gumo’s online life for the police, so have at it.

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2 thoughts on “A few thoughts on the “Yokohama flim-flam man” and blog posts

  1. When do you think he will he go to trial? They obviously want to try him for the most serious offense then can make stick, but at some point, if they can’t make murder stcik, they will have to settle for abandoning a body. They can’t hold him forever without a trial.

    • Not exactly sure on a trial date. I don’t think anyone really knows including the police and court/legal system. The Japanese police can hold him indefinitely until they officially declare their investigation is over. There is no bail in the Japanese legal system which makes this all the more difficult. What do the Japanese police do? Let him go and then call him back for a trial? It is really hard knowing what kind of evidence has been collected against Gumo.

      It appears to me the police are trying to determine the precise connection of the medication Akitaya took and Gumo’s part. I call it an “assisted suicide.”

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