My Number and Taro Aso’s connections – new sign above train stations: “Arbeit macht frei”

Haven’t posted anything in awhile because I was digging out information trying to learn where this My Number system originated from within the Japanese government.  I have narrowed it down to Taro Aso (Tarou Asou), who is presently the deputy prime minister under Shinzo Abe and currently Japan’s minister of finance. The underlying reason why Japan is introducing their My Number system is for economic efficiency, despite all the other reasons given that this My Number system will be advantageous to the Japanese people and foreign residents. It’s about economic and financial efficiency to increase the government of Japan’s tax base and provide a streamlining of social welfare obligations and pensions. Any periphery benefits like “faster service at the city hall” are only corollary. It should be made known that Taro Aso (fascist, whoops, sorry) insulted millions of Japanese when he suggested that “the elderly are an unnecessary drain on the country’s finances.” In a corporate run quiet fascism like Japan, that comment makes perfect sense, especially since millions of Japanese workers (producers) didn’t create these giant corporations in Japan.



Aso also referred to elderly people no longer able to feed themselves as “tube people.” According to assho, sorry, I mean Aso, if you’re a “tube person”, by having a My Number the Japanese government can better determine your condition to potentially have your feeding tube (social welfare) disconnected because the government is paying your pension and benefits. When the economic efficiency of the “tube person” outlives its economic value being bed ridden feeding off a tube for months, by having that My Number the Japanese government can more efficiently monitor your status. Taro Aso being the minister of finance and a powerful leader of the LDP (Liberal Democratic Party), wields a tremendous amount of influence in the Japanese government. Whenever I see Aso returning from abroad in one of his expensive suits with his hat and scarf on, I can’t help but have the impression he is more of a gangster than anything else.

The yakuza are inextricably linked to the LDP party. And what’s with this “party” thing? Are we invited to some kind of a party? These aren’t isolated incidents either of the LDP being connected to Japan’s underworld. As the former prime minister, Taro Aso peppered his speeches with yakuza terminology. He referred to the act of “earning money” as shinogi — a term almost exclusively used by yakuza to describe their (illegal) methods of money making. Not only the actual connections between yakuza and politicians, “but the way they speak and think also make it seem like they are two sides to the same coin.”

Shinzo Abe recently “reshuffled” his cabinet probably largely due to criticism, but Taro Aso remained as Japan’s minister of finance. What would be worth noting is to learn where Taro Aso and his LDP insider cronies decided to further advance the My Number system from as a continued economic and financial policy change? Taro Abe while attending the G20 Summit in Germany in June 2015, discussed with other central bank representatives, Japan’s financial condition and Japan’s enormous debt obligations on social welfare. Explains why Taro Aso made the comments he did about Japan’s elderly and what he referred to as “tube people.” Hurry up and die so that pensions and social welfare payments don’t have to be paid. What precisely is Taro Aso advocating when this statement was made about him: “In 2001, he [Aso] said he wanted Japan to become the kind of successful country in which ‘the richest Jews would want to live.'” What is that supposed to mean? One has to wonder too who Japan’s dynastic elite really work for when it is considered Taro Aso was trained at the London School of Economics (LSE), and Japan’s current governor of the Bank of Japan, Haruhiko Kuroda, was educated at Oxford.

Then he goes on to make other comments suggesting that “Japan should imitate Nazi Germany tactics?” You can’t have it both ways, Mr. Aso. Using “Nazi Germany tactics” while at the same time making Japan a place where “rich Jews would like to live?” What, are you nuts? Especially since Japan has some of the strictest immigration laws of almost any other country? The real reason why Aso made this comment about making Japan a place where “rich Jews would want to live,” is because he is known for admiring Nazi political strategy and wanted to mask this fact. Taro Aso’s family has been extremely well connected throughout the past 100 years or so, having connections to Japan’s royal family. That leads me to think Taro Aso has access to information on how the LDP party has been maintained in power as a consequence of everything that has transpired over all these intervening years since 1945 related to Japan’s Operation Golden Lily?

Taro Aso’s family has an interesting history. Papers that were compiled in 1946 by Aso Mining, documented that “101 British prisoners, 197 Australians and two Dutch were put to work digging coal for Japan’s war effort in 1945.” And that  “an estimated 10,000 Korean slave labourers were also put to work in the company’s mines during the war.” Aso Mining has since become Aso Cement and was headed by Taro Aso himself during the 1970s. Taro Aso’s father, Takakichi Aso, was the chairman of the Aso Cement Company and a close associate of Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka. Taro Aso’s grand father, Takichi Aso, founded Aso Concrete in about 1933. The Aso wealth derived from concrete. A dynastic Japanese family formed in concrete. Taro Aso’s younger brother, Yutaka Aso, is now chairman of Aso Concrete and Iwao Aso is the vice president. No compulsions here about him not speaking out against slave labor is there? Which he never did after much was published on this history.

More efficiency so let’s get that My Number online as soon as possible despite a television news broadcast this morning heavily criticizing the My Number system. To not think for a moment that Taro Aso isn’t an elitist Nazi-admiring bureaucrat learning his economic policies from elitist power structures in other countries is to miss what is going on here. Of all things too, Taro Aso claims to be a devout Catholic (confirmed as Francisco). That sends all kinds of red flags up for me considering the Nazi “rat lines” out of Germany run by the Catholic Church and its historical connections to fascism. The Aso family motto: “Moderation is a virtue, idleness is a sin.” Sin? What’s wrong with a little idleness? The Japanese people have been tied to work and their corporations in a dysfunctional pattern.

Here is a clip of Taro Aso meeting with Chuck in Britain. Chuck’s family are Prussian, not “British” in case folks do not realize this fact. And if anyone thinks Chuck isn’t a depopulation-promoting elitist oligarch think again.

Prince Charles meets Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso

During all the previous debate about whether or not Japan should reform its pacifist constitution to allow for the re-militarization of Japan, and to allow Japan’s military to deploy outside of Japan, Taro Aso stated that “Japan could learn the technique Nazi Germany used to change the Weimar constitution.” Taro Aso stated clearly: “Why don’t we learn from their [Nazi Germany] tactics.” What other “tactics” do you have in mind Mr. Aso? That’s interesting since it was the Nazi technique to have numbers tattooed on concentration camp slave labourer’s forearms. The next thing we will see are signs hanging from train station entrances in Japan only in Japanese “Arbeit macht frei.” Back then IBM developed the punch card. Today its computer software capability.