Leopard print fashion and fading characters in relation to constant messaging

Leopard skin fashion

Leopard skin fashion

As the weeks turn into months there is still no news being released on the status of Gregory Gumo, who is still apparently incarcerated in a prison cell probably in Yokosuka. He might have even been released from jail for all we know? Started thinking more about Mariko Akitaya, the woman who got mixed up in Gregory Gumo’s dysfunctional life who ended up in a rather undignified way of getting dropped out of a boat into a cove where it is alleged she drown. The other day in a coffee shop while out riding the bd-1, happened to notice a large poster hanging on the wall above the table, and so took this image because it reminded me of the pose Mariko Akitaya had taken of herself in a similar leopard pattern bikini. Mariko Akitaya spent time going to school in the UK studying fashion.



The "jetsetting" Mariko Akitaya in a provocative pose in the Infinity Pool in Singapore

The “jet setting” Mariko Akitaya in a provocative pose in the Infinity Pool in Singapore

Then started thinking that girls really have no original thoughts of their own being instructed what to wear and how to act by the fashion industry. Based on experience with Japanese girls having worked a good part of my life in Japan, came to the conclusion they may be polite and very charming, but most of their opinions and conclusions are not really their own. Their opinions usually come from movies, television drama and from their friends. The clothes and shoes they wear are predicted by the industry and was probably no different with Mariko Akitaya. For this reason there has been interest on my part in even conversing with most women in Japan over the years. They prefer iPhones and incessant messaging non-stop throughout the entire day. Not judging any of these observations but just making note of what is going on in Japan with Japanese girls compared to how they thought and behaved even 20 years ago.

What would life be like without LINE?

What would life be like without LINE?

Text messaging plays a huge role in communicating with Japanese girls. Whether you’re texting to set up a meeting, in the hopes of rekindling things with a girl from the past, or just trying to keep the momentum moving forward on a tentative relationship, texting is an unavoidable part of staying in touch with girls in Japan. This is why Mariko Akitaya and Gregory Gumo were probably constantly in touch. It is just too easy to stay in touch with someone these days with messaging and all the apps that are available to communicate. The other thing worth noting too is that more and more Japanese women because of instant messaging and the ease of establishing a relationship online, are apparently meeting more foreign men online over the internet than are Japanese men. Takako Matsushita, a Japanese cabin attendant who has appeared on television and in magazine articles, offered her perspective on how Japanese women may get higher marks than Japanese men in the international dating market. And her message? “Japanese men need to watch out, or all the nice ladies in Japan may be snatched up by foreign men.”

bikiniIt’s just business right? Now let’s get back to the “leopard look.” As long is one isn’t a fascist who cares what they wear right? What is interesting to note about the leopard print fashion is that it is a fashion that came out of the UK which is where Mariko Akitaya attended fashion school. My curiosity is peeked here because these fashion prints are what people see first and come to immediate decisions about people.


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  1. He confessed on disposing of the body and he is indicted for it. He won’t be released as he will be convicted for it.

      • Most of the articles from various news sites have somehow disappeared. Don’t know why. Maybe they just dispose old articles. But here is one of them.


        As you can see in the article, there is the word 起訴(kiso), which means indict/prosecute.

        It still freaks me out how they were able to identify Akitaya-san by DNA test. That means they had her DNA on file somewhere. Do they have every citizen’s DNA on file too. Creepy. In America they have CODIS, but it is only for convicted criminals.

      • Although that linked news article is dated the 28th of August, meaning he admitted he disposed of the body to the police back then? From what I have read, it takes 3-5 days for a DNA test results to be returned but could conceivably be done a lot quicker under police expediency. What might have been possible is that Akitaya was pregnant which I have not heard anything on at all, and that she had a DNA test done which could have been obtained quickly by the police by going through her records and contacts as to what hospital she went to.

        DNA is a huge topic of discussion.

  2. Based on the reports from ミヤネ屋 news, she quitted her job to prepare for 妊活(ninkatsu – trying to conceive). Then she returned to work early 2015. If she was already pregnant at the time, then she already gave birth before her death.

    If that was the case, my THEORY is,
    she might have left her baby at a day care center and when she did not show to pick her baby up they filed a missing persons report. Then an unidentified body showed up in the morning of July 29th. Police searched through all the missing persons report and found that Akitaya-san matched the description.
    In effort to protect the child’s identity, the police just said they found her identity through DNA test.

    • “Trying to conceive?” Birth or abortion? Interesting idea and always thought there was a pregnancy involved. It’s been lovely weather the last day or so. Hope Gumo can see a little sunlight from behind his jail cell?

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