Bomb goes off in toilet at Yasukuni Shrine

Have been watching the development of the political connections to Japan getting on board with this phony “war on terrorism” as dictated to the country of Japan and its leaders by the Anglo-American (Israel) creation of ISIS. The other day at Yasuni Shrine, a bomb detonated in a public toilet at the gates of the shrine. A bomb planted in the toilet at the gates of Yasukuni Shrine? To what affect was that supposed to result in? There is more going on here than some disgruntled Japanese planting a bomb in the toilet. The bomb was probably not very powerful and more than likely a crude pipe bomb of some sort with the far reaching over reacting police and Japanese government using this to further the Anglo-American agenda on the war on terrorism. This is all part of the posturing to pressure Japan into building its military as a way to offset its massive public debt and Japan’s restructuring its relation to the U.S. and Japan’s global geopolitics.

Terrorist attack in Japan: Yakusuni Shrine exploded

“Currently, more than 2,466,000 divinities are enshrined here at Yasukuni Shrine. These are souls of men who made ultimate sacrifice for their nation since 1853 during national crisis such as the Boshin War, the Seinan War, the Sino-Japanese and Russo-Japanese wars, World War I, the Manchurian Incident, the China Incident and the Greater East Asian War (World War II). These people, regardless of their rank or social standing, are considered to be completely equal and worshiped as venerable divinities of Yasukuni.”