Senkaku Islands become the pretext for Japan’s increasing militarization

Japan is upping the ante over the disputed Senkaku islands in the Pacific and has decided to station 500 Ground Self-Defense Forces on the islands to “protect” them I guess. Although I don’t anticipate a shooting war between Japan and China, I do suspect this is being used as the pretext by Japan under Anglo-American rule and subservience (central banking control), to continue Japan’s military build-up and export of munitions and weapons manufactured in Japan. It wasn’t until Tokyo’s ultra-nationalist ex-mayor Shintaro Ishihara, returned from Washington DC in 2012 where he attended a seminar at the Heritage Foundation (Anglo-American think tank based on conservative ideas and ideology; yuck) that Japan suddenly started getting uppity with China over the Senkaku Islands. Prior to this, there was no real dispute over these islands between China and Japan. This aggravated difference over control of these islands is being used as the pretext for Japan to rearm and restructure its constitution (written by wealthy industrial elites in any country) for military buildup. There are some observers who have written suggesting Japan has more territorial claim over these islands than China. A threat needs to be created before the Japanese population will accept such seemingly aggressive and militaristic changes going on within Japan’s bureaucracies, military and powerful trading houses (Sogo shosha 総合商社) on steroids like Mitsubishi, Mitsui and Sumitomo, three of Japan’s largest trading houses.

The following article appeared at the Al Jazeera website and this news company is a propaganda arm of the BBC into the Middle East. In fact, when Al Jazeera started up some years ago financed by Qatar and located in Qatar, roughly 250 journalists from the BBC went over to Al Jazeera. When these journalists moved to Al Jazeera from BBC, one German reporter defected from Al Jazeera shortly after his move saying: “Al Jazeera was basically the Muslim Brotherhood.”

This news appeared
at AlJazeera

Japan to deploy troops near East China Sea islands

Nearly 500 ground troops will be stationed on a southern island as tension mounts with China over disputed territory.

November 26, 2015

Japan militaryJapan has stepped up defence readiness amid a Chinese military build-up and aggressive patrols near disputed islands [Reuters]

Japan is planning to deploy about 500 ground troops on a southern island as territorial disputes with China continue to escalate.

Vice Minister of Defence Kenji Wakamiya was in Ishigaki on Thursday to explain to Mayor Yoshitaka Nakayama a plan to deploy the soldiers on the island beginning in 2019.

Ishigaki has jurisdiction over the Japanese-controlled Senkaku islands, which China also claims and calls the Diaoyu islands. Japan has stepped up defence readiness with the Chinese military build-up and its aggressive patrols near the disputed islands.

Beijing insists it has sovereign rights to nearly all of the East China Sea and the South China Sea, a strategic waterway through which about one-third of all the world’s traded oil passes.

The disputed waters – also claimed in part or in whole by Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Brunei – have also become the stage for a tussle for regional dominance between Beijing and Washington, the world’s two largest economic and military powers.


8 thoughts on “Senkaku Islands become the pretext for Japan’s increasing militarization

  1. The plan to base 500 soldiers in Ishigaki 5 years from now is not exactly a major military move. Nor is it a major step in rearmament. Given the moves the Chinese are making, the Japanese response is weak and late.

    My contacts in government and at high levels in the Kisha Club all indicate that Abe is very soon going to be stopped, his attempt to reinterpret the constitution will be reversed.

  2. Not sure what it is symbolic of other than maybe Japan’s naivete and lack of understanding of Chinese intention and strategy. The Japanese should station 5,000 soldiers on every single island and rock that they think is part of Japan as soon as possible. Any place where the water is shallow enough to pump up sand from the seabed and create an island, they should do so now. Japanese private industry should be incentivized with tax breaks to establish infrastructure on all of these islands. Mos Burgers and Toyota dealerships. This is what the Chinese are doing and nobody is stopping them. What other choice does Japan have? I don’t look at this as a pretext for rearming. It has to be done. And if the US will not help (they won’t), then they need to do it themselves. Leadership in China and Russia is not bound by morality or law. US and Japanese leadership is. The Russians and Chinese are plating a New Game with New Rules: Move first. Show your power. Dont blink. Crimea, Northern islands, South China Sea – all gone while Japanese and American diplomats argue history, morality and law.

    • Japan really has no choice being run by the Anglo-Americans, so positioning 500 JSDF on the Senkaku islands is symbolic – something the Japanese are good at.

      Japanese corporations should be slammed with increased taxes especially since profit margins have surged. A big chunk of this is FOREX trading done with corporate profits through their banks. The profits are not seen and are large.

      The Japanese population would not tolerate “5,000 troops stationed on every chunk of land surrounding Japan.” It would politically fail. There really is no “private industry” in Japan. The Japanese government and industry are inextricably linked and one cannot move without the other. Toyota’s name is forever tarnished ever since their Hilux trucks have been showing up on the deserts of Syria and Iraq used by the I$I$ terrorist mounted cavalry on Toyota trucks financed by Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Toyota can piss off.

      Japan doesn’t have a choice – not of its own anyway. That’s why they will send corporate emissaries to grovel at the feet of LNG brokers in Qatar.

      Don’t know about the leadership in China but the Russians have demonstrated over and over again through diplomatic channels like at the UN to be transparent and forcing the rule of law especially concerning for example what is going on in Syria. Russia wants equitable trade – business – that is why Japan is in Russia constantly working on negotiations for gas and oil concessions and construction projects, and in return, Japan just invested US$100 billion (needs confirmation) in Russian infrastructure projects; so that Japan could be a beneficiary especially in the development of the city of Vladivostok which is becoming an important trade hub in the region. Russia taking Crimea was brilliant. Russia is playing a very serious political and economic “game” here while the Anglo-Americans with their satrap Japan are caught in a state of political decay and deception.

      The Japanese don’t take risks so again, the 500 soldiers are symbolic. And there is evidence Anglo-American influence is slowly being pushed out of Japan which means for the first time in seventy years the Japanese will be forced to begin military self-protection with very little experience of their own without Anglo-American leadership and constant provocations (Yasukuni intrigues).

  3. The Japanese public always welcomes anything that represents an intent to reclaim or defend territory. Do you remember the broad support for the purchase of 3 of the Senkakus by the Japanese government from a private owner? I am sure that soldiers and infrastructure on all of the islands would be supported by the Japanese. But the US would have problems with it as they see themselves as the policemen of the region. Haliburton and General Dynamics would have an issue with it.

    I dont understand your point about Toyota. Cars, unlike weapons, are a ubiquitous uncontrolled commodity. If your neighbor bought a motorcycle from you that ended up in the IS would you try to hold him responsible? Do you do background checks on all of your customers? It is a vehicle not a weapon.

    The US needs to be held accountable for arming the freedom fighters in the 80s who then became the Taliban. The Russians also left alot of weapons behind. Presently we should worry about who makes money from making and dealing weapons not cars. Terrorists will always figure out where to get cars.

    Vladivostok has been ‘in development’ since the 60s and is still a rusting junkyard compared to the super high tech Chinese ports in basically the same area. I know. I have been to Vlad and spend quite a bit of time in Chinese coastal cities. And what are the Russians going to export anyway? Oil? Seen the price lately?

    • Out of any population there will always be a small percentage that oppose moves by any government to re-militarize/militarize and that goes for Japan as well seen from the many Japanese who showed up out in front of the Japanese Diet protesting their opposition to Japan rearming. If Japan begins locating its military on these islands surrounding Japan there would be opposition if only nominally. The broad population of Japan doesn’t think to carefully or deeply except what is in their own personal economic interest just like in any other country.

      Bad analogy about the “motorcycle bought from a neighbor.” Toyota never issued any public statement about I$I$ picking up Toyota vehicles especially the Hilux used by I$I$ in Iraq and Syria until the Japanese were contacted by the Treasury department from the U.S.. Toyota gave the usual corporate answer: “We don’t know,” while more than 68,000 Hilux Toyota trucks were sold to Saudi Arabia in 2014 alone. Saudi Arabia and Qatar are financing I$I$ (so is the Swiss bank USB and several other banks), the Japanese government knows this, so does Toyota (they have an incredible corporate intelligence network set up in the region which I came across when I was in Qatar), yet Toyota never placed any “official” inquiry to the Saudi government; because Japan is Saudi Arabia’s largest buyer of oil. Therefore, piss off Toyota.

      They weren’t freedom fighters re: the Taliban/Mujahideen. They were mercenaries and primitive tribal fighters (weapons and drug dealers). No one fights for freedom. They fight for economic gain and personal privilege through financial rewards. The U.S. will never be held accountable. Governments (privatized) never are which is why they work so criminally well.

      All cities are hopefully in continuous economic development (except in the U.S.), however, in Vladivostok’s case, the financial investment is worth noting because the Japanese continue pumping millions into the region. Being in a city and observing physical buildings and infrastructure doesn’t necessarily make one privy to what is in store for the future. When I was in Qatar on three separate business trips I saw enormous construction projects every where in that country and it didn’t make me any more or less privy about construction plans for Doha and surrounding areas.

      Top ten Russian exports (Oil continuously fluctuates in price and so far, Russia seems to be gradually making inroads into ending Saudi Arabia’s price settings. This is why Saudi Arabia sent diplomats to Qatar where they met Russian diplomats this past summer to work out a settlement):

      1) Oil: US$288.4 billion (58.6% of total exports)
      2) Iron and steel: $20.2 billion (4.1%)
      3) Gems, precious metals, coins: $11.6 billion (2.4%)
      4) Machines, engines, pumps: $9 billion (1.8%)
      5) Fertilizers: $8.9 billion (1.8%)
      6) Wood: $7.6 billion (1.6%)
      7) Cereals (including wheat): $7 billion (1.4%)
      8) Aluminum: $6.3 billion (1.3%)
      9) Inorganic chemicals: $5.1 billion (1%)
      10) Copper: $4.9 billion (1%)

      Turkey’s wheat (cereals from the list above) imports from Russia have just been stopped apparently.

  4. The US being the US feels perfectly entitled to ask Toyota about cars sold to Saudi. The irony is that the US also feels ferfectly entitled to NOT explain to anyone where over $90 million in CASH disappeared in Iraq. As I said, they are cars BD. Who cares? The terrorists will get them someplace or another. The point is that the US should stop supporting Saudi. You are correct about that.

    I used the term freedom fighters because that is what the Mujahadin are called. You can argue all you want about personal gain etc., but the fact is that they were Afghani citizens trying to oust the invading Russians. You cannot disagree with that.

    Various groups have invested in and tried to talk up Vlad over the years. The problem is that Russia is corrupt to the point where nothing gets done. Vlad is fucking rusty and nasty. China is corrupt too, but things get done. Especially infrastructure.

    Your list makes my point for me. All Russia really has is oil and now they cant really make a business selling it. I wonder what price was used to come to that figure. On the open market, oil is now cheaper to produce (and therefor sell) in Brazil, Venezuala and Saudi. The Russians are fucked and that is why Putin is behaving like such an ass lately. Supporting Assad who poison gassed his own people, is an unacceptable thing to do for a world leader…dont you agree?

  5. I have a prettty big position in Brazilian oil-backed bonds just because they are set to produce the most efficiently and take market share as the Saudis control gradually unwinds. It is true that S has a budget deficit, but it is only about a years’ worth. They are going to run out of money and they need to sell oil at about $100 just to break even! They are currently selling at a loss and hoping for a rebound. I bought very high yield bonds at a deep discount because most traders didnt understand this. Everyone saw the price drop and freaked. The Russians are probably in the worst shape. Just look at the rouble decline and how it is in perfect lock step with the price of oil. It was obvious. Putin has enriched himself and let his country completely fail. What an asshole.

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