Last images of the year along the river up in the mountains

riverRode the bd-1 up into the mountains early this morning  along this river for a few last images of the year, as well as probably being the last ride since it starts getting colder about now. Some years ago, went rafting down this river and further up the river on one of its tributaries, a trout farm releases trout into the river every so often for local fishermen. Great fun on a summer afternoon to catch four or five trout then barbecue them along the river while drinking a couple of locally brewed micro beers. If you go further up this river, there is a restaurant that serves Ayu when they are in season.

river autumn When I used to brew beer, this is where I would come to get water which runs from the tops of these local mountains where a collection and filtering device including a long tube has been set up to collect ground water. The water is surprisingly clean and you can usually tell after looking through a glass container for any sediment of large particulates. Have been drinking this water for years using it to make tea and coffee and for drinking. Went over to a local Kirin distributorship and bought from them two large stainless steel containers they were discarding. I then rigged them up with spigots to get the water out easily without having to hold the heavy stainless steel beer containers up to pour the water. One of the advantages obviously by living close to this river, is that if there is ever an earthquake large enough that knocks out the water supply, I can always head over to this river close to the mountains where the water is relatively clean. I purchased a portable water filtration kit so all I need to do is pour the water from the river through this filtering device and it is clean enough to drink in an emergency.