Some intelligence nostalgia from British espionage with Japan as an accomplice

MountbattenSince most have come to the conclusion by now the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 and some shit about a “day of infamy“, was clearly an ambush planned well in advance by the British, here are a few of those indicators suggesting this was the case with this unsavory event. In the image on the left, Lord Mountbatten (who was blown off his yacht by an IRA bomb in August, 1979; three cheers for the IRA) is standing with General Walter Short and Admiral Husband Kimmel in Hawaii in early 1941, when Mountbatten was there in Pearl Harbor casing the joint out for the subsequent “surprise attack” carefully manipulated into place by British espionage. The American version of events for the historical revisionists has Roosevelt being in the know about allowing the Japanese to attack Pearl harbor in order to draw them into a war, however, there is very little actually known about British involvement as well.

Pearl HarborWhen the U.S. Navy was stood down at Pearl Harbor, Japanese Mitsubishi Zero fighter bombers swung in low over the horizon and commenced ripping up U.S.Naval assets sitting in Pearl Harbor like toy ducks sitting in a bathtub full of water. While we’re on the subject of Mitsubishi aircraft, it was another Brit, this time Lord William Francis Forbes-Sempill who needs to be mentioned. This is William Francis Forbes-Sempill’s bio from Wikipedia:

William Francis Forbes-Sempill, 19th Lord Sempill AFC, AFRAeS, (24 September 1893 – 30 December 1965) was a British (Scottish) peer and record-breaking air pioneer who was later shown to have been a traitor [that isn’t a very likely scenario; probably espionage related to blown cover for cover] who passed secret information to the Imperial Japanese military before the Second World War. Educated at Eton, he began his career as a pilot in the Royal Flying Corps and then served in the Royal Naval Air Service and Royal Air Force during the First World War. In 1921, Sempill led an official military mission to Japan [in today’s parlance that would be a “technology transfer” to make war possible] that showcased the latest British aircraft. In subsequent years he continued to aid the Imperial Japanese Navy in developing its Navy Air Service.

SemphillSemphill was providing military secrets to the Japanese which it was alleged assisted Mitsubishi in developing its air assets in preparation for a future war. Although he was never found guilty of this espionage for the Japanese and the case subsequently dismissed, it was later forgotten because of Semphill’s connection to the British royal family. This is the cunning of British intelligence: “blown cover for cover.” The picture on the left is of Lord Semphill with Admiral Togo Heihachiro (the “Nelson of the East”) in 1921 introducing Japan to British military technology (“technology transfer”). Admiral Togo Heihachiro studied naval science in Britain for seven years before going on with his military career when he returned to Japan. Ever wonder if Heihachiro and Semphill didn’t discuss an invasion of Hawaii? Or knowing the treachery and cunning of British espionage, if the British didn’t lure Japan into attacking Pearl Harbor after Mountbatten returned to Britain after his reconnoitering Hawaii?

Hirohito What you will discover, that’s if discovery becomes important, is that much of Japan’s oligarchy including the royal family and military leaders were educated or spent considerable time in Britain. Emperor Hirohito’s brother, Prince Chichibu, spent considerable time in Britain in 1926 as well as in Germany learning about military warfare and was probably also making arrangements with oligarchs of Germany and Britain on Japan’s Operation Lily. In the image to the left, is Prince Hirohito standing with British Prime Minister Lloyd George in 1921. After the war, Japan’s oligarchy class were left unscathed and their assets were pretty much left in place as well as Emperor Hirohito being left on the throne. Can’t help but wonder what kind of collusion was taking place between Japan’s oligarchy and British oligarchy where both seemed to come out ahead after WWII concluded? That’s why they are awarded the Order of the the Rising Sun. Both the British and the Japanese share these military orders demonstrating collusion. This same British influence remains even today with the Governor of the Bank of Japan Haruhiko Kuroda, being educated at Oxford to keep Japan’s central bank operating on the same model as the Bank of England which is owned privately by oligarchs in Britain.

The following video clip is of Prince Chichibu in Britain taking his first flight. Prince Chichibu was also in Britain in 1937 probably there for the final stages of planning for the big event four years later at Pearl Harbor.

Prince Chichibu (1926)