Almost anything irrational governments can think of are now “acts of terrorism”

Always the ingenious little Japanese coming up with novel approaches to their “problems.” A four-propeller drone carrying “trace amounts of radioactive caesium”, was intercepted on top of Prime Minister Abe’s office in April, 2015. This apparently raised “terror concerns” in the capital. Police said, “radioactivity levels were only a maximum of 1 microsievert of gamma rays per hour, a level that is not harmful to humans”. “Terror concerns?” How so? It was probably a creative-thinking Japanese pissed off about TEPCO and the Japanese government’s substandard performance cleaning the shit up around Fukushima who sent the drone up? Good for him? The problem with this “war on terrorism” now is that anything these irrational governments can think of can be called “terrorism.” The police have developed a “capture net” which is attached to one of their drones and is being used to capture invading drones over Tokyo.  The drone with the capture net attached demonstrates the Japanese police can now say they are “fighting terrorism” with an “elite drone unit.” The global “war on terrorism” continues to create its enemies.