“Death squads” are now operating on the streets of America “carbon capping”

Have death squads finally made their way onto the streets of America? No other country in the world do police gun down people like police do in America with 1,133 people shot and killed by police in American so far in 2015. During the first two weeks of December, 2015 police in America have gunned down 46 people and this is only the first two weeks of December. In the most recent police execution, two police are seen standing at a distance from a black man who it appears is walking away and not running from the police. Without warning the two police open fire, and although it is hard to count how many times the two police shoot, I counted around 30 shots fired at this black American. After going down, the man continues to crawl away as the police (corporate security registered at Dun & Bradstreet) continue shooting at him. One police can be seen dropping a clip out of his automatic and reloading. There really isn’t in my mind justification to shoot this man especially since he didn’t appear to be a threat to the police although admitting, we don’t know what happened prior to the video clip being taken.

My view is that the commercial private corporate system does not need “uneducated”, “unemployable” and “worthless” blacks in its private system of commerce any longer which is run by law merchants out of the City of London. They have no value and this is why the Department of Homeland Security has the directive to execute people like this man in the clip below with complete impunity. There have been 46 people shot dead this month alone and it’s only the first two weeks of December. Total “carbon caps” for 2015 to date: 1,133 which is 3.2 executions (I refer to them as “carbon caps”) per day. Last night when I checked, the number of people shot in America by police was at 1,130, and twelve hours later it jumped by three more police “carbon caps”. And look, I just checked (see link below) before posting this to the blog and the police executed one more American bringing the total to 47 executions for December, 2015.

If you want to keep track of the daily “carbon caps” by the police in America you can go to Police Killings – 2015

Warning: Graphic video content

Los Angeles deputies shoot and kill African-American man who is walking away from them

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