Nursing homes in Japan need reform by introducing children’s nursing schools

Nursing homes in Japan can be some pretty sad places to visit seeing older Japanese in wheelchairs lined up outside their rooms like a train heading for a central dining room for breakfast. Many of these elderly retired Japanese people have very little contact with the outside world and often give up hope sitting in their wheelchairs day after day drooling on a bib rarely smiling waiting around for death. At a nursing home I went to recently, an old Japanese man sat in his wheel chair in the hall outside his room staring off into space for four hours noticing him as I walked back and forth between the room I was visiting and the room down the hall. Japan isn’t known for a lot of creativity in nursing homes which are run by strict schedules and with very little contact with people especially children outside the nursing homes. Well, Japan needs to introduce the idea of locating children’s nursing schools inside nursing homes in Japan.  This idea would contribute to healthier attitudes and bring much needed happiness and joy to the elderly in Japan who are stashed away in nursing homes. This is going to become even a better idea as Japan’s population continues to age.

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