It’s the sun global Lilliputians and not humans re “global warming”

Looks as though we’re having a good day of commentary by my favorite (not really) commentator (Because commentators don’t just make one comment; commenting is what they do.) with the following comment worth quoting. Apparently, the commentator prefers to use the word “fuck” a lot in his commentary. I suppose its to get across his message better? Who knows. Anyway, the quote:

“There is no room for doubt BD: the Earth is undergoing a rapid and large warming trend. You like to read conspiracy into just about everything, but to deny the facts on this one is stupid and, at this point after so much conclusive scientific research has been done it is fucking immoral too.”

No “room for doubt” when records for temperatures only go back roughly 150 years? And there is that conspiracy accusation again. I think this commentator (controversialist?) is bored. Well readers, here’s what I see coming at us: a cyclical cooling trend and when it is finally recognized what a threat this really is, the “global warming” hoaxers are going to be dragged into the courts. Isn’t that right, Maurice? But since I am not a scientist and John Casey is, I will let readers listen to John’s discussion first before they take this commentator’s baseless commentary at face value on “climate change.” The universe is amoral, commentator, it doesn’t really care what the high priests of global warming present as their case for global warming to convince you. It’s the sun, global Lilliputians, not humans. The entire “global warming” scam is crumbling but that would be admitting being fooled wouldn’t it?

A John Casey Climate Change Debunk Video November 14, 2014

Just in case there might be a rare few perceptive readers who realize we should probably get on with the trenchant demolition of this “global warming” gnome:

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