The fatal error of group think (consensus reality) on “global warming”

For all you global Lilliputians especially the Japanese caught up in the “global consensus” (group think) on “climate change”, and for those of you who read through my last couple of blog posts related to this subject while being mocked by a local commentator (“commenter” for his benefit), the following might be good adjunct material to deprogram yourselves. The Japanese have been heavily investing in coal mining as an alternative source of energy to fuel their energy needs, but the other day, major banks like HSBC (the world’s largest criminal bank), JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs announced a major exodus from investing in coal production. I guess this is because their is a glut in oil and massive new discoveries of natural gas deposits like the major discovery off the coast of Egypt in the Mediterranean. Japan by the way, was immediately onto this discovery and have invested in gas drilling infrastructure. Does anyone honestly think Japanese corporations (the eight largest trading families/corporations) are really concerned about “global climate?” I don’t. The Japanese play the game to get along. So anyway, back to “climate change”. Here is a video clip worth viewing which took place in the U.S. Congress the first week of December, 2015 on the fatal flaw of “group think” (consensus reality) on “global warming.”

Climatologist Breaks the Silence on Global Warming Groupthink