19 year-old Saudi is about to get his head chopped off and Saudi oil to Japan

So, here is my question for the Japanese government and Japan’s corporations that are inextricably connected making it nearly impossible to tell the difference between Japan’s government and Japan’s corporations? Will the Japanese government intercede by going through official diplomatic channels with Saudi Arabia to tell Saudi officials Japan looks with disfavor on the beheading of a 19 year-old Saudi  who was arrested four years ago? He was arrested for protesting against the criminal despotic House of Saud related to the “Arab spring.” The west now has an insidious relationship with and is deteriorating almost by the day.  Notice there was an “Arab spring” in just about every country accept these obscenely wealthy “monarchies” like Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE? This Saudi is now 19 being sent to a prison a long way from his parent’s home when he was originally arrested when he was 14 years-old.  He is expected to be executed any day now. Saudi Arabia has beheaded 151 people this year so far which is the most beheadings in 20 years. Demonstrates just how fearful the House of Saud has become.

Okay, here’s the deal Japan: Can we get an official objection to Saudi Arabia’s taking heads off?  Japan imports most of its oil from Saudi Arabia and has worked out a deal with Saudi Arabia to store oil in oil storage facilities in Okinawa reducing transportation and refining costs. In the economic area, Saudi Arabia is the most important supplier of crude oil to Japan, and Japan has become Saudi Arabia’s main partner in trade and investment. Japan is acting as a bridge to Asia for Saudi Arabia oil with these storage faculties now being made available to Saudi Arabia. Having a “60 year relationship with Saudi Arabia”, Japan imported US$46.6 billion in oil from Saudi Arabia in 2014. So why not the Japanese government and with the oil importing corporations in Japan through official diplomatic channels, request of Saudi Arabia the execution by beheading of this 19 year-old boy be stopped? The Japanese won’t. Not that they even know about this but it just demonstrates once again economic primacy and oil trade takes precedence over a measly life. And that Japan is willing to trade with a despotic criminal “monarchy” without even the slightest objection even when Saudi Arabia has been selling Toyota Hilux trucks to its terrorist army I$I$ without any formal complaints from Japan. Come on, Japan, is your country just like the Anglo-American countries going to remain silent? What a ridiculous question. Hey, remember Nanking in which two Japanese officers competed with each other (Warning: Really fucking graphic) to see who could take off the most Chinese heads which was reported in the newspapers back in Japan?

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December 19, 2015

Saudi Arabia set to Behead Teen for Engaging in Protest – Once Again, the West Remains Silent


In 2012, a 15 year old was arrested for taking part in a protest against the government – a result of the Arab Spring in 2011.

The oppressive Saudi Kingdom has held him captive since, and after much brutal treatment at their hands, he was recently scheduled to be executed.

Allegedly, he was beaten until he agreed to sign a “confession” for his alleged dissent against the totalitarian regime he resides under.

The UK and the US had promised to intervene to defend Abdullah al-Zahar’s (now 19) case, but have no success in swaying their faithful, oil rich ally in the Middle East.

The UK Foreign Office admitted that it had made ‘little progress’ in changing the Saudi’s mind.

Saudi Arabia has enacted many brutal policies to retain its control and extremist ideology over its people, and young Abdullah will be added to over 100 victims of execution committed this year.

Of course, Daesh (aka ISIL) is rightly criticized for its brutal treatment of civilians, and the US and UK will vilify leaders that serve no use to their aims, such as Saddam Hussein and Bashar al-Assad, yet Saudi Arabia remains devoid of criticism.

This again highlights the insidious relationship that exists between the West and Saudi Arabia.

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