Elon Musk is an intelligence agency cutout to keep the global Lilliputians in a perpetual state of technological retardation

Elon MuskTED Talks are like a permanent virtual trade show for intellectuals and that’s why they are so nauseating. What is the intellectual viability of TED Talks? This is a question Benjamin Bratton asks. Bratton teaches visual arts at UC Davis in California. He says TED stands for: “middlebrow megachurch infotainment.” And he’s right. TED Talks is like listening to the ultimate in cultural nihilism. It makes me physically ill sometimes to watch presentations like the Ted Talks where intellectuals glamorize this “new world” they are creating using lies, half-truths, distortions and omissions, and as Benjamin Bratton asks: “Why don’t the bright futures promised in TED talks come true?” It’s all so cool and the phony “sharing and caring” crap makes me gag. The only thing TED Talks is about is money and power. That’s it. Myself as well as some of my friends are beginning to discuss how much we loathe the TED cult. It’s just so Al Gorey (aw shucks, my assistant fudged the data again). Dreaming of technocratic utopias….

“For others, TED is much more. It is a cult, and one which captures the middle and university educated classes into a ‘safe’ environment where men like Al Gore and Ray Kurzweil, or digital barons like Google, Microsoft, Cisco, Honeywell and Facebook, and defense contractor giants like DARPA can easily ply their wears and bump their shares. Few see it, and even fewer dare to ask: Does TED really achieve anything, or is it merely a corporate talking shop?”

Then after listening to Benjamin Bratton on the failure of TED Talks, I started thinking about a TED Talk I watched of Elon Musk, the alleged business magnate, billionaire and founder of SpaceX. Elon Musk’s SpaceX just successfully landed its Falcon 9 rocket.  Didn’t NASA successfully land a lunar module on the moon back in 1969 using basically the same rocket technology? So what’s the big deal? After carefully watching Elon Musk give his TED presentation on May 19, 2013 something didn’t seem right to me. First of all, Musk is being interviewed by TED Talk “curator” (his idea) Chris Anderson on Musk’s Tesla (Tesla Motors) electric car. Tesla was a brilliant man and his inventions are barely known, yet all we can come up with is a damn expensive electric car? The Tesla electric car is priced way beyond the consumer market so where does this leave us with Musk saying in his TED Talk he wants to “reduce dependence on hydrocarbons?” What an insult to Tesla.

Why didn’t TED Talks decide to interview Musk with a qualified engineer familiar with electric car technology who could have been much more critical of Musk’s alleged creation? Chris Anderson came out of Oxford (think “peak oil”), so that should arouse curiosity about what is going on here with TED Talks. After listening to this interview three years ago now, I started looking for material on Musk’s bio. Then I started thinking on a hunch the CIA might possibly be behind TED Talks. Sure enough, an April, 2015 article written by Russell Brandom suggested the CIA was behind TED Talks. Well, if the CIA was behind TED Talks and if Elon Musk gave a TED Talk presentation, then what is going on here? To answer this question ,it is highly suggested readers go to Miles Mathis’s website and read his essay on what he thinks is behind Elon Musk called “I Don’t Believe In Elon Musk.”

When readers go through this essay linked below carefully and start doing some checking of their own, they will discover that Elon Musk didn’t come up with his alleged Paypal company, and that the company In-Q-Tell is behind the CIA and its other spinoff corporations capturing technology so that a few wealthy insiders can become even wealthier. But it doesn’t stop there, what I think is going on is that the CIA, which is part of the national security state, is connected to a “breakaway civilization” and have developed a “parallel financial system” moving technology way beyond what we are even remotely aware of. Is this then the reason behind Musk’s SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket which is really 70 year-old technology developed by Wernher Von Bruan & Co.? While the real technological advances going on in space are way beyond rocket technology. Miles Mathis as readers will find out, suggests that the CIA’s In-Q-Tell corporation not only invested in Musk’s companies, but also created them, and that Elon Musk is an intelligence agency creation. Anyone with even a slight interest in this subject, or even curiosity as to what is going on here, might want to compare Musk possibly being a creation of the intelligence agencies as Miles Mathis suggests, to the “secret space program” to begin seeing how the global Lilliputians are being kept in a perpetual state of technological retardation:

I Don’t Believe In Elon Musk by Miles Mathis


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  1. I wouldn’t put very much stock in what Mathis says. He’s sloppy. He doesn’t do proper research. His conclusions about people and events suffer accordingly.

    Mathis imagines that Musk is “fake”. Mathis is also seems jealous of him. No wonder.
    Musk has intelligence, money, meaningful work, respect, and a beautiful wife and five children. He is everything that Mathis is not. Musk is lucid, concise and produces real results. And Mathis can’t stand it. So he creates a make-believe world in which successful persons like Musk are never right, or real, or alive.
    Mathis tries to discredit Musk in four ways:

    (1) He claims Musk is a homosexual.
    “…Musk always looks highly uncomfortable. The girls are often leaning away from him, as there. And look at his hand in his pocket. Discomfort signs all over the place”.
    Strange talk from Mathis, who was a ballet dancer, writes flowery poetry, reads girl magazines, and who is rarely photographed with any women at all. Signs of discomfort?

    (2) He claims Musk’s first wife was “fake” because she didn’t mention their five children or include their photographs in the article she wrote in Marie Claire magazine.
    Duh. Editors of magazines always cut out material. Nobody would ever print an article by a crackpot like Mathis, so what would he know about that?

    (3) He claims Musk’s children don’t exist.
    “I say that because if we do a people search on Elon Musk, we find no evidence of these children in the computers.”
    “We” find no evidence? Really? Well I did. It took me three minutes to find this, and it has a picture of all five children.

    (4) He claims Musk is “fake” because he isn’t listed on Intelius or InstantCheckMate
    “I say that because if we do a people search on Elon Musk, we find no evidence of these children in the computers. In fact, Intelius doesn’t even have an Elon Musk listed in California. Only his father, Errol Musk.”
    It took me seven minutes to find that Elon Musk is listed on Spokeo and also on:
    So why couldn’t Mathis do this?

    I will leave the last word, which applies directly to Mathis, to Musk himself…
    “Starting with a negative conclusion and backfilling the facts is a classic dickhead move—and a classic human fallacy.

    • Amazing what the internet places on our doorstep isn’t it?

      When I started looking at Musk’s background after viewing a few minutes of his TED talk, I started doing some poking around and found Miles Mathis’ material. Too late, there is a lot more going on here than just homosexual preferences, who are the children, where’s dad (The New Yorker image is totally staged), personal grudges and envy, and “back filling based on negative conclusions”.

      Interesting that the closer Mathis gets to In-Q-Tel, digital currencies (PayPal), China building a global GPS system (moving its currency), black budgets redirecting money towards space, off the books parallel financial systems, low earth orbit economy, low cost payment systems through satellite (more coming), the more intense the criticism while Mathis’ ancillary essays are pretty much ignored.

      Which reminds me, Japan just built a bunker-like facility which can manufacture eight satellites simultaneously. Wonder if SpaceX will launch them for the Japanese at US$60 million a launch?

      Yeah baby, we’re all Apple citizens now.

      Too many curiosities have been peeked and the cat is out of the bag. “They can see us but we can’t see them”.

      Thank you for stopping by.

      • Mathis is more fake than anyone he claims is fake.
        His bio on his website is full of falsehoods about his background which he apparently feels no one will check. These attempts to make himself seem accomplished and important through lying are pathetic. Typical are these quotes from his site:

        “As a young teenager Miles was one of the top junior golfers in the state, winning many regional tournaments.”
        >Actually, the searches I made of numerous lists of regional junior golf winners in Texas for the years 1977-84 do not show Mathis as a winner of anything.

        “He should be remembered by the takers of the PSAT, 1980, for questioning one of the answers on the math portion. The PSAT admitted its error and was forced to change all scores nationally.”
        >This is a blatant falsehood about the 1980 PSAT.
        An error was indeed found on the math portion of the test.
        Daniel Lowen, 17 at the time, discovered the error.

        “Miles’ strip Squib was was published for three years to wide acclaim and national awards before being picked up for syndication by King Features as part of The New Breed.”
        >There is no record in it’s archives of “Squib” being published by King Features, so I guess “picked up for syndication” is dishonest.

        Mathis lists the following under the “Education” section of his resume:
        “LYNDON B. JOHNSON SCHOOL OF PUBLIC AFFAIRS, Austin, Texas. 1984. ”
        >Mathis did no course work at this school. Listing it as an “education” credit is just more dishonesty.
        Mathis sure hopes you don’t check his facts.

        Mathis has had to cut back on his sockpuppetry after convincing and persistent callings-out on his phony 5-star reviews of his own books on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk. His loony conspiracy and science articles have been debunked in detail on
        https://milespantloadmathis.wordpress.com/, a blog he follows. After Pantload Mathis debunked his Sandy Hook article and revealed another conspiracy clown was being sued by the parents of one dead child, Mathis started putting notices at the beginning of his articles which stated that they were just his opinion. So, even Mathis doesn’t believe his own writings.

        I guess lying and hiding in the New Mexico desert and sockpuppeteering do not a successful conspiracy theorist make.

        According to Alexa there is a new list ranking the top 1,200 conspiracy websites in the world and Miles Mathis doesn’t even rank. Neither of his conspiracy sites are listed. Mathis claims that his websites are popular, that people are listening, and that his ideas are catching on.
        Evidence points to the contrary.

        Mathis is increasingly ignored because he is wrong. People are understanding that his “facts”, when checked, turn out not to be factual. If they are going to read fifty pages of one man’s verbose garbage it had better be factual. Mathis violates this principal in article after article.

  2. This article is mostly about the TED TALKS, but all the commenters focus on that idiot Mathis. Mathis is an idiot who believes he can BS everyone about his beliefs on Elon Musk being a CIA plant. Where is the evidence? As for the TED TALKS, I used to watch them all the time, but then came to realize that the owners of those talks only allow those they agree with, stage time to give their spiel. Most of the presenters are honest and do give us a view into what science is bringing to the fore. I stopped watching because I see that it is not honest in who it allows on stage.

    This article is no more than a hit piece by an angry man who hates intellectualism and the pursuit of new and exciting discovery.

    • Yes, but it is easy to simply state “Mathis is an idiot” without reading one of his essays from the beginning to the end. Welcome to the mind fuck of the internet.

      TED Talks are like a permanent, virtual Trade Show for intellectuals? And that’s why they are so nauseating?

      Musk at 44 years-old with a degree in business; degree in science; studied physics; engineer; inventor; business entrepreneur; business magnate; worth US$15 billion….BULLSHIT. He’s an intelligence agency creation.

      Elon Musk: Colonizing Mars, The A.I. Takeover & Simulated Reality

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