Russia to remove visa restrictions on Japanese tourists visiting Russia

Moving right along in our discussions about Japan distancing itself from the Anglo-Americans, Russia has announced it will make it easier for Japanese to travel to Russia by reducing visa restrictions on Japanese traveling to Russia. The Anglo-Americans especially through their media sources, are using every slander and lie imaginable to make Russia look bad in the eyes of world public opinion after Russia went into Syria and began destroying I$I$ (creation of the Anglo-Americans and financed by Qatar and Saudi Arabia) assets transporting stolen oil out of Iraq and Syria shipping it through Turkey. Well done, Russia, the current number of Japanese tourists visiting Russia is at about 60,000 a year and that number will probably double when these visa restrictions are reduced opening up areas where Russia will benefit from the money Japanese bring into Russia and for cultural exchanges which can mostly be healthy from Japan. And to commemorate this move on Russia’s part, a animation that I discovered made in Russia which is just lovely to watch which I posted at the end of this blog post.

Source: Russia Behind The Headlines

Russia ready for visa-free regime with Japan

December 22, 2015 by Alexander Korablinov

Moscow ready to relax visa rules for Japanese citizens.

Japanese tourists traveling by ferry to Kunashir, the most populous of the Kuril Islands. Source: Andrey Shapran

Russia is ready to relax visa rules or even fully abolish the visa regime with Japan, Russian Ambassador in Tokyo Evgeny Afanasiev was cited as saying by Sputnik News.

“We are still negotiating but we are ready for it (relaxed or visa-free regime),” Afanasiev was cited as saying at the Japan National Press Club in Tokyo.

The ambassador said a visa-free regime between Russia and Thailand helped boost two-way tourist traffic.

Around 60,000 Japanese tourists visit Russia every year with the same amount of Russians visiting Japan, Afanasiev said, according to the report.

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