Comparing fighters, budgets and military expenditures at the “edge of space”

The big difference between the Russian military and the American military, is that the Russian government owns the manufacturing of Russian fighter jets as state corporations, which means compared to the Americans, the Russians can manufacture a far more sophisticated fighter for half the cost of their American and Japanese counterparts. American defense contractors are provided contracts to manufacture weapons including aircraft from the Pentagon that provides funding through a compliant congress with America’s defense budget at an estimated US$600 billion per year. These billion dollar contracts go to American defense contractors with close connections to corporate generals inside the Pentagon. No better example of this than the failed American Lockheed Martin manufactured F-35 fighter that comes in at US$100 million per aircraft. The equivalent would be Russia’s newest fighter the Sukhoi PAK FA (T-50) that would annihilate the American F-35 in any circumstances in which these two aircraft would be pitted against each other over Europe. And now comes Russia’s Mig 29 which can reach an altitude of which as far as I am aware no American fighter can do. Japan has been developing their own fighter, the Shin Sen F-3 Stealth Fighter in addition to Japan’s Mitsubishi F-2 (owned partially by America’s General Dynamics) which is based on the American F-16 design. There are apparently 94 Mitsubishi F-2 airframes on order with an undisclosed number already delivered at US$127 million per airframe. Hope they never have to go up against the Russians.


Fly A MiG-29 Fighter & Break The Sound Barrier For £12,000

Fly above the clouds in the stratosphere at 72,000ft, reach supersonic speeds, hit 9Gs, experience weightlessness, AND take control of the MiG-29 too.

Could this be the best Christmas present ever?

The Swiss company behind the enterprise, MiGFlug, says this is “probably the mightiest experience in the world”. They explain:

“Depending on weather and temperature conditions, you can reach up to 20-22km altitude, though at least 17km is guaranteed.”

Would-be fighter pilots get the chance to fly in a MiG-29 Fulcrum to an altitude of up to 22 kilometres, breaking the sound barrier and reaching speeds of Mach-2 in the process.

“Only astronauts and cosmonauts aboard the ISS will fly higher at this point.”

If you sign up for the “Edge of Space” package, you’ll be collected from your hotel by a “charming interpreter” & your own driver who will accompany and transport you to the airbase before thorough medical checks and flight training takes place.

On its website, MiGFlug writes: “During the jet flight, if you wish to do so, you will even get the chance to operate the jet by yourself and perform stunning manoeuvres in the jet fighter aircraft. The flight consists of loops, rolls, Split S maneauvers, immelman turns and, depending on the aircraft and location, spectacular low-passes above the airfield as well as supersonic flights. Our pilots will adjust the flight to your wishes whenever possible.”

Here’s a YouTube video produced by MiGFlug advertising the “Edge of Space” flight.

Edge of Space Flight by MiGFlug