Qatar in the news and recollections of being introduced to a “royal son” of gas

Former ruler of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani

Former ruler of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani

Last year on three separate business trips to Qatar that ended up in complete failure, on one of those trips I spent ten days with one of the sons of the Emir of Qatar, or at least he was introduced to me as one of the sons of the Emir of Qatar, who it was arranged with was supposed to introduce us to companies in Qatar that were interested in purchasing products manufactured in Japan. So naturally, anything that goes on in Qatar, I now have an interest. Not that I really care what goes on in Qatar after returning with unsavory experiences with this son of the Emir of Qatar, it’s just that every time I read or hear news on Qatar, like when President Obama hosted Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani to the White House in 2011 where Obama for the cameras blew smoke up the Emir’s gas-filled ass, I have to call this out as insufferable bullshit (listen to Obama in the linked YouTube clip).

The Qatari emir’s family, the House of Thani, “is one of the wealthiest royal houses in the world, profiting from the tiny country’s vast gas deposits which are estimated as the third-largest after that of Russia and Iran. This is why Qatar as well as Saudi Arabia are behind financing the I$I$ mercenary lunatics rampaging through Syria. Qatar does not like the idea of its near monopoly on natural gas production, especially if a pipeline is built out of Iran, that would jeopardize Qatar’s enormous infrastructure projects built off the labor of roughly 2 million foreign laborers.

Yesterday while going through the news feeds, I noticed that Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani suffered a leg fracture and was flown to Switzerland for care making an “emergency landing”. At least that’s the cover story, it turns out nine private jets owned by the Thani “Royal” family showed up on the tarmac at Zurich-Kloten in Switzerland. Nine jets for a fractured leg? I suspect something is going down in the gas kingdom and they have gone to Switzerland to formulate a strategy to get their gassified royal asses out of economic trouble. Despite being a night flight plan, the jets landed in Switzerland which does not normally happen out of respect of the Swiss who live near the Zurich-Kloten airport where the Qatari jets landed.

DohaWhen in Qatar last year on one trip traveling from the New Doha International Airport to the city of Doha sitting in the back seat of our host’s four wheel drive American GMC Sierra truck driven by the son of the royal family I spent time with, we passed by the royal residence of Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani and noticing the opulence was mind blowing. Later in the business trip while alone in a taxi, we were forced to stop in 47C temperatures for thirty minutes at a stop light with all the other traffic. We were forced to wait for a royal limousine chauffeuring someone in the Qatar royal family to first drive through the intersection before we could continue. That really pissed me off waiting in that heat like that while several armed guards were in the intersection preventing cars from moving, or protecting the royal gasses from any potential threats.

DohaOn my last trip to Qatar while on sales calls, out of curiosity I walked into one of the biggest companies in Qatar located in one of the oldest office buildings in Doha sitting on the other side of a main street from the shore the Gulf of Arabia.  Walked in to the small main entrance and asked the security guard at the desk how I might be able to get up to the offices to see somebody important. After showing me the elevators, I got in and exited on the fifteenth floor entering the most incredibly expensive-looking office I have ever set foot in overlooking the Arabian Gulf though a huge picture window. Could not believe how accessible CEOs of major corporations were in Qatar if you just walk in and ask to see them like I did on that last trip to Qatar.