2016: the year of the red monkey and opinions

Year of the Red Monkey

Year of the Red Monkey

I’m in trouble this year on the Chinese calendar for 2016, the year of the red monkey since according to the personality differences between the monkey and the rooster, the rooster does not like the opinions of the monkey.  So if you are the monkey character on the Chinese calendar and you post an opinion on this blog, it doesn’t mean I will agree with it. Well everyone, all the very best for the new year and a wonderful and hopefully productive year in 2016.

In today’s news for January 1, 2016: The number of Japanese people aged 20 years old, the legal age of adulthood in Japan, is set to reach 1.21 million today on New Year’s Day 2016. This number is down 50,000 from the previous year to equal the lowest level on record on January 1, 2014, Japan’s government statistics showed yesterday on December 31, 2015. This was reported by Kyodo News as Japan’s population continues on its downward trend. Will the Japanese government enact any meaningful and significant reform to reverse this decrease in Japan’s population? No, probably not. But what Japan’s industries in coordination with the government of Japan will do will be to move even faster towards robotics and technology to replace its shrinking population in the labor force.

Instead, what the Japanese government will do, will be to set up a “special board” to deal with the problem of the decreased number of females born into Japan’s royal family. It will be a “special expert panel” that will be organized by the Japanese government to address the decrease in the number of females being born into the royal family. Should this actually be a concern? Why not just let Japan’s royal family die out so we can get on to the reality of life? Apparently, the Japanese government bureaucracy are afraid of the lack of females being born into the royal family from becoming a “political issue.” There are seven female members in Japan’s royal family who are unmarried, and the problem I guess is that if they marry outside the royal family they would lose their status as Imperial royalty. Poor things.

Other news in Japan: Mascots have gone wild all over Japan. Wtf?