Gold only has value if it is in physical possession not gold certificates

gold coinsIf you are interested in gold you want physical possession, not gold certificates. Why? Because how do you know the physical gold actually exists? Most of the world’s gold has been moved to Iran, China, Russia and India. They are smart, they want physical possession and not paper assets as an “investment” saying you “own gold in a vault 5,000 miles away from where you live”. I don’t think greedy people will ever learn that a gold certificate isn’t worth diddly shit. Do people even realize, or do they even friggin’ care, about how much gold has been sold on promissory notes? The number is phenomenal. So who owns the promissory notes? What’s the total amount? That’s anyone’s guess. Or does anyone know how much gold has been sold that does not exist? I cringe at that thought.

The US Dollar is not backed by gold and if it was that would mean that physical gold would need to be on hand. Has anyone checked the vault inside Fort Knox recently? Is the gold there? I doubt it. The world is no longer accepting the US Dollar but they are accepting the Chinese Yuan and the BRICS currencies because they are backed by gold. Here is an interesting quote:

Throw in the fact that most countries no longer use the petro dollar, but are trading for oil in anything but, and 2016 is going to be a pivotal year in every sense of the word.

“Pivotal year?” One aspect of being a “pivotal year”, means countries will be trading in their own currencies and not in the U.S. Dollar. People around the world too will be taking possession of physical gold. Which makes me think of what records or documents went up in flames in the Almas Tower in Dubai as seen in the video clip attached to this post below? In another video clip there is a loud explosion then flames burst out of the Al Almas tower close to ground level. Nice incendiary. Watch the video below as gold certificates get incinerated? Anyone care to guess who was invested in Gold Holdings in Dubai?

Some analysts suggested it was Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Israel and the US. Guess we’ll never know, all their records just got torched. Hasn’t anyone learned by now that building fires of this magnitude and plane crashes are by far the best way to destroy evidence? I think we have a resource war going on here between these countries and Russia is the world’s leading commodity producer. Not only that, but Russia and China have just signed a huge space exploration agreement and they will need all the resources and commodities they can get their hands on for that little project. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m going to start taking Russian lessons.