Japan TV tarento Becky gets media exposure after being exposed in a sex スキャンダル

BeckyTelevision in Japan is pretty much a wasteland at night with one food or game show after another almost every night and news hardly worth watching for shallow content. The other wasteland in Japan is J-pop, one “TV tarento” after another brought up through the agency executives for their “tarento” at entertaining the Japanese night after night of mindless programming. This morning on television I noticed the popular “TV tarento” (geinojin) named Becky (Rebecca-Eri Rabone?), was exposed by the media for getting some sex (sex スキャンダル) on the side with some married Japanese music producer four years younger than her. Becky signed with the entertainment company Sun Music Productions and anyone who has been in Japan long enough knows the entertainment business in Japan is pretty ruthless and controlled by the Yakuza. Huge amounts of money are made in the industry here for young people who prostitute themselves out to pop culture. Once you walk through that talent agency door you have no privacy. If anyone does not know this watch this video clip of Jake Adelstein coming to the defense of Ikumi Yoshimatsu.

Several years ago in an interview, Becky (ベッキー) said in public she didn’t want to get married because it would interfere with her decision to make a career as a “TV tarento” in Japan. After watching this clip below, which is a promotional clip, can anyone tell me with a straight face this chick can go through the prime of her life (she is now 31) and not want to hook up with some guy for some sex on the side? As a tarento in Japan and in a culture where there is no privacy especially if you are a TV tarento like this chick, you can be assured the media here probably had her every move staked out as to where she went, who she was seeing and who she was with waiting for that moment to expose her. Then the media jumps on the story and magnifies to the point now where Becky’s little sex (スキャンダル) on the side has national attention. Over the years this tarento Becky has appeared in more commercials than any other tarento in Japan. I give Becky about a year to recover and she will be back after a few deep bows and some apologies to her fans. And please Becky, no more fucking commercials.

Japanese cute TV tarent & J-pop singer, Becky ベッキー


4 thoughts on “Japan TV tarento Becky gets media exposure after being exposed in a sex スキャンダル

  1. Not wanting to waste more than a few minutes on this, I think the issue that you miss is that the guy is married. That’s the problem. Nobody really cares if Becky has boyfriends. Like you say, that would be completely natural and would be accepted by most Japanese. If the guy was single, sure the tabloids would try to make hay, but nobody would really care and it would not impact her career. But it is a well established but unwritten rule in Japan show business that single j female talents don’t screw married show business men. It is perceived as home wrecking and it will have a negative impact on her image. It ain’t morals, it’s business. These people are role models that the studios have invested heavily in . They need to keep a clean image or the agency loses money. It makes sense to me. What doesn’t make sense to me is the opposite situation you have in the U.S. where an out of control drug addict like Robert Downey Jr. is allowed to repeatedly play Ironman – a role model for kids. Re shitty Japanese TV: most TV is mindless in pretty much every country I have been to. Name a country that has better programming than Japan. They are all the same. Don’t blame the studios. Blame the public because the average person is stupid and wants to watch stupid shit on TV. Like George Carlin said, just think how stupid the average guy is and then realize that half of the people are even stupider than him.

  2. She is arrogant and thinks she is a diva.. Can you imagine the wife of her
    married lover is feeling now? She is heartbroken .Oh, and her outfit – that hair- when giving an apology press. All thought out by her management team. Shame on her!

    • I think a lot of people would agree with you – for those who think the lives of these Japanese TV tarento have any significance in their lives. Again, General MacArthur was correct: “A nation of children.” Yeah the outfit she was in all scripted by her PR people: conservative clothing and straight hair for the big TV confession.

      Fucking VANITY is just astonishing.

      She’ll cash out at some point and then disappear with her own restaurant and fashion line called: Becky’s. Money and celebrity status in Japan usually works out like this in the end. Like those arrogant musicians returning from their Hawaii retreats filmed at Narita.

      The musician’s wife caught in the mess here can contact me anytime she wants and we’ll put together a great story for her here on the one and only Tokyo Streets from a bd-1.

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