Your digital existence is being brought to you by the cube

Technocracy rising is driven by an occult influence very few people recognize or care to admit evidenced by the rise of digitized music like in the video clip below by some artist I never heard of, a Justin Bieber. That’s not Bieber’s real voice either since it has been “perfected” through digitization. The music is basically shit really, which clearly demonstrates based on the fact there are millions of views on YouTube of this digitized music, just what is accepted as “music” these days. It’s not really music when the only stimulation that comes from listening to this type of digitized music makes people feel good about themselves. It’s like a world of digital deception. A digitized fake existence worshiping the cube. Watch very carefully the digitized symbolic content of this video clip as it transforms your subconscious to cube (digitized existence) worship. The music is a Trojan horse. – #thatPOWER ft. Justin Bieber

The D-Wave computer housed in a black cube. The Quantum D-Wave 2 is 3,600 times faster than a super computer. Will it begin digitally “communicating” with Saturn?