Apple computers are the byte of death with Steve Jobs as the front man

The byte of death...

The byte of death…

Computer geeks always annoy me with their no-it-all arrogance and often condescending attitudes toward others who are not as savvy as they are with computers and software. And the worst are the gamers. I despise computer games which has always been my biggest angst against computer geeks and computer gaming in general. When the name Philip Don Estridge is brought up, most are completely ignorant who Estridge was or what he did. And he had nothing to do with games either. I am now convinced Philip Don Estridge was taken out on Delta Flight 191 (analog FADEC) on August 8, 1985. Larry Ellison who is CIA working through a CIA proprietary company called Oracle, was writing the database software for IBM mainframes before PCs were developed. Lou Gerstner took over IBM in 1993. Powerful guy who led the steering committee for the Bilderberg Group. Lou Gerstner’s brother, Richard Gerstner, ran IBM’s PC division until 1989 and resigned for health reasons.

Estridge’s “blue team” at IBM were planning on developing open source software and operating systems (that would have cost Microsoft and Apple billion$ in revenue losses; besides, Bill “Gatekeeper” Gates wouldn’t have ever become a billionaire and major vaccine promoter) to work with IBM hardware which would have prevented the military and NSA’s back doors being built into all Microsoft and Apple systems. I get this a lot from people: “You’re full of shit, the military isn’t behind the internet and computer companies.” Okay, well, if you really think that then have a look at this guy, Robert F. Dees, who by the way is running the presidential campaign for Ben Carson in the U.S. in America’s 2016 corporate CEO for the White House Show.

Robert F. Dees is a retired major general in the United States Army. A specialist on national security issues and he is currently the chairman of the Ben Carson campaign for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016. Wikipedia is not a good source to ply around at for getting the inside dirt. When you want really good insight you will have to to go beyond Wiki-shitia. Anyway, here is Dees bio:

He [Dees] was the vice director for operational plans and interoperability for the Department of Defense.[1] He was also Assistant Division Commander of the 101st Airborne Division; Commander, 2nd Infantry Division, U.S. Forces Korea; Deputy Commander of V Corps in Europe; and Commander, U.S.-Israeli Joint Task Force for Missile Defense. After he officially retired from the U.S. military on January 1, 2003, he worked for the next two years as the Executive Director of Defense Strategies for Microsoft Corporation.[2] In 2005, he became the executive director of Military Ministry,[2] focusing on soldiers coming home from the war with post-traumatic stress.[3] After writing the Resilience Trilogy, he was appointed and currently serves as Associate Vice President of Military Outreach and Director, Institute for Military Resilience, at Liberty University. Dees is also the Defense and National Security Advisor for Republican Presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson. He and wife, Kathleen (née Robinson), serve as volunteer leaders in numerous outreaches to the military, including Military Community Youth Ministries. On December 31, 2015, he was appointed campaign chairman of the Ben Carson presidential campaign, 2016.[4]

Steve Jobs BOLD BRILLIANT BRUTAL. . .FAKE...welcome to the matrix peasants

Steve Jobs
BOLD BRILLIANT BRUTAL. . .FAKE…welcome to the matrix peasants

Now go back to the image of Apple Computer’s logo, the apple with the bite taken out of it. What imagery does that symbol bring to your mind? Steve Jobs? I bet it does. Steve Jobs is a God to computer geeks and gamers who actually think they are arriving at liberty – technological freedom. Sorry geeks and gamers, Steve Jobs just got outed by Miles Mathis and I have suspected this for years. Problem was though, I could never conclusively come up with enough evidence. Partly because I am not very good at investigating and the other part of me that doesn’t want to admit I’ve been fucked by Apple computers. Don’t take my word for it though, read for yourself how Steve Jobs was a creation, a front man for the military/intelligence industry.

Steve Jobs – BOLD BRILLIANT BRUTAL. . .FAKE by Miles Mathis


4 thoughts on “Apple computers are the byte of death with Steve Jobs as the front man

    • Not sure if it is really about thinking or just going after the evidence. This isn’t the first time these celebrity types have faked their deaths. Jobs might have been exhausted from the lawsuit he was seen in court involved with and that might have been his way out which would make sense if he was just an Apple front man, which I think he was.

  1. Do you think he faked having cancer and lost weight to such a point that he could take being a sick man? That is a lot of effort!

    I take private tourist groups to Silicon Valley.

    I show them Steve Jobs’ Palo Alto home and his childhood home in Cupertino. But such is the power of myths that I could not even suggest this theory of his simply being a front man. This is what gets a person fired.

    On to the Zucjerberg house and then the Hewlett Packard garage and then Stanford university!

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