Evidence of Japan’s increasing economic colony status and signs of social destruction

I was spending time earlier looking for news on Gregory Gumo, the American man arrested for the alleged murder (rearrested for disposing of a body) last year July, 2015 of Mariko Akitaya which I have blogged extensively about just after the incident happened. In the subsequent months, I have pretty much lost interest but wanted to check the news anyway for any news on Gumo’s court case. So after doing some looking around, I came across Japan Today in their Crime Section and was astonished to read the amount of crime that has been going on over the last two to three weeks. Go to Japan Today, and when you get there, scroll down to take a look at all the robberies, murder, attempted murder, elderly man strangles his wife, mother strangling three year-old daughter, man shoving chopstick into his daughter’s ear, dead body discovered, theft and extortion going on in Japan. And here is also more evidence which I’ve discussed before, the fact that enormous amounts of money is being taken out of the economy by people hording cash,  like this Japanese married couple in their 70s who just had ¥45 million stolen from their home on January 3rd. What people don’t realize is that like any other corporation that creates the economic system and money, this money is not the money of the Japanese people. It doesn’t belong to them and its purpose just like any other tool should be its use, or in the case of money continuously circulated. Hope the thief or thieves appreciate this and recirculate this ¥45 million back into the economy? Is social meltdown in Japan increasing which makes me think that war might be the only way out of Japan’s increasingly social tensions in this economic Anglo-American satrap pressure cooker?

In this interview with We Are Change’s Luke Rudkowski with economist Marc Abela in Tokyo, Japan recorded on July 20, 2015, Marc Abela who is a 25 year resident of Japan, discusses how America, and what is not discussed, also the British have complete hegemony over Japan. Abela also describes how Japan is an “extremely robotic, highly taxed with many layers of taxation which suffocates the population. The enormous debt Japan has which forces the BoJ to monetize debt which in turn purchases this debt.”  He also describes how Japan has been turned into a “U.S. military parking lot”. This is important because I didn’t think war was possible until I started reading the British are now interested in locating their military assets in the Pacific and Britain’s Phillip Hammond was in Tokyo looking to work on military technology with Japan. I am beginning to see evidence Japan’s military is being built up rather quietly for a potential military confrontation with China. Under the current circumstances where governments go to central banks to pay their debts and to operate, there will reach a point where that debt servicing is no longer possible. I am not agreeing with everything Marc Abela discusses in this interview but he is probably a lot closer to the truth than most care to admit.

The Social Economic Enslavement Of Japan