The mob versus the peasants and the Venetian velvet-tongued vipers – Japan complies

That order for a "hydrogen bomb" was a good one. What will they think of next?

“That order for a ‘hydrogen bomb’ was a good one. What will they think of next?”

The other day, it was alleged North Korea “detonated a hydrogen” bomb. Yeah right, and I’m testing some new Tesla technology to use to turn the apartment building I’m living in to a fine powdered dust with a resonant frequency device. On January 6, 2016 seismic waves picked up a lot of activity in North Korea and the news was put out it was North Korea that “detonated its first hydrogen bomb.” Think of North Korea as the local Asian whipping boy. North Korea (“Axis of Evil”) is an American CIA/alphabet agency (the CIA is the production company) scapegoat for EVERYTHING. And it appears that the Rothschild’s have a hate-on for North Korea because it has no private central bank (?). North Korea is an intensely protectionist country – which doesn’t sit too well with the globalists or the “Open Society” freaks (i.e. Soros), and besides, North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un, has a nice haircut. So every time the Anglo-Americans need a threatening event, they call on North Korea and North Korea as always delivers, this time a “hydrogen bomb.” I’m laughing my butt off here, really, I am. Now get me some kimche, peasant.

"That was brilliant now let's ink some deals here for more weapons, what say you Japan?"

“That was bloody brilliant now let’s ink some deals here for more weapons, what say you Japan?”

And look who is on hand in Tokyo three days after North Korea sets off a big BOOM to discuss North Korea going nuclear rogue? I wonder if the North Koreans are asking Japan about their equivalent big BOOM? Fukushima. The Venetian velvet-tongued viper himself, Philip Hammond. I’m not really sure which has more precision here? North Korea detonating an alleged hydrogen bomb, or Britain’s Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond, along with British Defence (British spelling because I like the British so much) Secretary Michael Fallon arriving in Tokyo three days later? The British Foreign office must have a special call in line to North Korea’s leaders to place their special requests: “Yes, North Korea, this is British MI6 at the British Foreign Office, can you please give us an imminent threat. Yeah, anything will do but make it bloody damn big and time it just before Hammond and Fallon’s arrival in Tokyo.” Right on schedule, Britain’s Fallon and Hammond in negotiations with their counterparts in the Japanese government and military, want British-Japanese cooperation on military technology. I swear, we’re all a bunch of fucking ignorant peasants. The British as the Venetian antecedents, have done this repeatedly throughout history. Play one country against another. Think the Chinese have forgotten all about the opium (HSBC Bank) wars with Britain against China after all these years? Britain’s Philip Hammond (Venetian viper) was in Japan making peace, I mean war, just as North Korea was blasting away underground with who knows what? The timing consummated Japan’s decision to rearm. Within days, Japan held major military maneuvers. It just occurred to me too that it might have been British news sources that first put out over the news wires North Korea detonated a big one? Needs verification but I wouldn’t be surprised in the least. Now, read this: “Empire Comes Back? UK Presses For Larger Military Presence In Asia”

Chuck having crumpets and tea with Xi Jinpong deciding on a new Sino-Anglo agreement

Chuck having crumpets and tea with Xi Jinping deciding on a new Sino-Anglo agreement

And not to be out classed by the British, look who shows up on Japan’s doorstep peddling weapons development: America. That’s to be expected though as Japan is merely the satrap of the Anglo-Americans. The United States and Japan have now “launched preparations for the joint production from 2017 of a new missile interceptor.” If it wasn’t for the generosity of the North Koreans detonating their big bomb last week, America and Japan wouldn’t need this new missile defense system. The argument conveniently goes: “…it is necessary to defend against North Korea’s ballistic missiles”, local Japanese media reported on Sunday, January 10th. True to Shinzo Abe’s word, military weapons and technology spending is getting ready for lift off. Thank you, North Korea. Ostensibly, Japan is concerned about China’s recent military expenditure and growth, therefore Japan will have to increase its defense budget annually to counter China’s military growth and any subsequent potential threat. Military threat from China? How could that be when China’s President Xi Jinping was in London last year October, 2015 negotiating for a new Sino-Anglo agreement.

So, while we have Britain’s Michael Fallon and Philip Hammond in Japan negotiating with the Japanese on military technological development and warning of potential threats from China and North Korea, China’s President Xi Jinping was in Britain last October, 2015 visiting with British royalty and drinking tea with Chuck. Maybe they were discussing the golf course over at Wentworth which is owned by the Chinese and who want to increase membership fees? Britain’s Philip Hammond has been called to negotiate with the Chinese over Chinese ownership of Wentworth and its membership who apparently are not too pleased with their golf membership fees getting raised. Remember George Carlin’s often over used quote? “It’s a big club and you ain’t invited.” The mob versus the peasants. Without the anxiety and induced trauma of a constant military threat, there would be no conceivable way to make advancements in weapons and munitions technology and enormous profits for Britain, Japan and America’s munitions and weapons manufacturers.

Here’s what I think is going down. British peasants are going to get pillaged and the British through HSBC bank are moving assets into China.