January 16, 1547 Ivan the Terrible assumes the throne and is later called back to stop oligarchs

Ivan the Terrible (Ivan IV Vasilyevich)

Ivan the Terrible (Ivan IV Vasilyevich)

In 2014, Princeton apparently completed a study (the study can be obtained for US$30.00) on the subject of whether or not America has turned into an oligarchy which seems to confirm the years of study Webster Tarpley has done on the subject when Tarpley pioneered his work on this history going back to the 1500s. Democracy is a religion tossed to the peasant class giving them the false idea they have any say in how their government is run and who they think represents them. There have been quite a number of studies done to demonstrate that democracy is used as a religion to take control of the peasant class to steer them in specific directions by the oligarchy in any country they have come to power in. Giles Fraser in an article on what democracy has become, stated that “democracy has become a religion that has failed the poor”, and was written for the The Guardian on May 8, 2015 asking: “Voting expresses our desire to belong. But is it worth belonging to a country that has become little more than an aggregation of self-interest?” The “aggregation of self-interest” is being carried out by oligarchs, and not only in America, but in Russia as well where Vladimir Putin forced powerful oligarchs out of Russia or had them arrested. But not only in Russia, look at how oligarchs in Ukraine have hired private mercenaries to protect their financial interests and control of Ukrainian resources. Webster Tarpley wrote a book on his findings titled Against Oligarchy describing the history of oligarchy as such:

Oligarchism is a principle of irrational domination associated with hereditary oligarchy/ nobility and with certain aristocratic priesthoods. At the center of oligarchy is the idea that certain families are born to rule as an arbitrary elite, while the vast majority of any given population is condemned to oppression, serfdom, or slavery. During most of the past 2,500 years, oligarchs have been identified by their support for the philosophical writings of Aristotle and their rejection of the epistemology of Plato. Aristotle asserted that slavery is a necessary institution, because some are born to rule and others to be ruled. He also reduced the question of human knowledge to the crudest sense certainty and perception of “facts.” Aristotle’s formalism is a means of killing human creativity, and therefore represents absolute evil. This evil is expressed by the bestialist view of the oligarchs that human beings are the same as animals.

Don’t have to go very far in America to find evidence of powerful oligarchical interests that are controlling the American political process and the private interests behind for example the Republican Party. Two American oligarchs, Haim Saban and Sheldon Adelson, have stated it is their influence and money that will place “Jewish tribal interests first in any election in America in 2016”. Hain Saban is an Israeli and American media owner, investor, musician, record, film and television producer. An accomplished businessman primarily involved with business interests pertaining to financial services, entertainment, and media, and with an estimated net worth of $3.4 billion. US$3.4 billion is paltry compared to other American oligarchs. Sheldon Adelson is an American business magnate, investor and philanthropist. He is the chairman and chief executive officer of the Las Vegas Sands Corporation (gambling) and his worth comes in around US$28.9 billion.

So Saban and Adelson are going to promote Jewish tribal interests over other groups in America? That is what Jewish oligarchs in Russia attempted too do, but were stopped by Vladimir Putin. That’s how oligarchy works: oligarchs finance and support groups central to their retention of power and money at the expense of other groups. The wealthiest person in America is Bill “Gatekeeper” Gates with an estimated US$79 billion in assets. According to Webster Tarpley: “Oligarchs identify wealth purely in money, and practice usury, monetarism, and looting at the expense of technological advancement and physical production.” Would anyone claim Adelson’s US$28 billion in gambling assets are a productive sector of society? How do you like democracy now? How much of that wealth taken out of the American economy is sitting in offshore accounts?

RussiaToday is January 16 and was the same day back in 1547 that Ivan the Terrible (Ivan IV Vasilyevich) assumed the throne in Moscow. Russia has a 1,000 year history, far older and deeper than America’s mere 240 years of existence as a country. Very few Americans including Russian scholars and intellectuals at America’s major universities have even a minimal grasp of Russia’s history, and often have demeaned Russia by slandering Russia’s culture and its people. One such example of the slander against Russia is Ivan the “Terrible”. There is a deep seated hatred and prejudice against Russia for its traditions, religion and customs. What was the slanderous and erroneous use of “Terrible” attached to Ivan’s name for? Because to bring Russia into a cohesive functioning state by centralizing power, he put an end to oligarchs and the aristocracy who sided with oligarchs to pillaged Russia for personal gain. It was the petty and greedy boyar class that Ivan IV Vasilyevich eliminated which is one of the reasons why he is so vilified. This is precisely what Vladimir Putin as done since 1990. And be assured, there will be no political coup involving Vladimir Putin. There never has been one in Russia’s 1,000 year history unless Boris Yeltsin is considered but he was only an Anglo-American tool used to pillage Russia of its resources. Ivan IV Vasilyevich worked to limit the power of Russian oligarchs of their exploitation of the Russian peasantry. And so today, January 16 Ivan IV Vasilyevich is honored because he was called back to the throne to end the rule of irrational and irresponsible power of monied oligarchs who obtained wealth and power for themselves used to exploit the middle classes for their own personal gain.


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  1. I agree with many of the points you make here about the US becoming oligarchical, and the historical references are interesting. But Russia, in spite of Ivan’s and Putin’s efforts, is the most oligarchical country on the planet right now and far much more so than the US (even though the US has been heading in the wrong direction since Reagan). Putin may have tried to control the oligarchs initially but the numbers show things only getting worse. The two data points to look at are the GINI coefficient and any internationally respected survey on corruption. They show increasing corruption and increasing income inequality (and increasing billionaires per capita). Fat guys getting fatter and the little guys getting screwed. Since communism ended, the oligarchs have taken over and Putin is essentially one of them. The biggest one.

    • As I commented Russia has a 1,000 year history completely alien to western intellectuals who have done nothing to try and come to a deeper understanding of Russia. I am a huge fan of Matthew Raphael Johnson, and he like no other western intellectual puts Russia in proper perspective.

      The unfortunate reality is we are never going to shake off oligarchs. They are a fact of life – and very dangerous when they go too far as we saw in Russia beginning in 1990 and now in Ukraine. They have pretty much taken over American institutions especially politically and on Wall Street.

      The Superiority of Monarchy

      I would have to know the source of that research into Russia’s oligarchs and if conditions are getting worse beore I could comment intelligently enough.

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