Pedophilia and the child pornography industry in Japan is about to lift off with child dolls

pedoPedophilia in Japan is a taboo subject and is never discussed in public or in the news, and neither are incidents of pedophilia published in newspapers or magazines, but I am wondering, what is the incidence of pedophilia in Japan? Child pornography is illegal in Japan (yeah, sure) but allowed to go on in the manga industry. Personally, don’t really care who fucks who since it isn’t any of my business, but the idea intrigues me, not the fucking, but the idea of the prevalence of pedophilia in Japan. The manga culture in Japan is saturated with “pediophelia” which anyone can quickly ascertain by paging through any manga magazine off the shelf in any convenience store. The last I checked, there were 50 million convenience stores (seems like a 7 Eleven on every damn corner) in Japan with another 50 million anticipated to open, so the opportunity is there to have a look at a good manga magazine to observe what I am discussing. Child pornography is a huge industry in Japan but how much of it actually includes sex with children and filmed? I don’t really know because I don’t watch porn and don’t go to websites to look for answers. Is there a black market in Japan for child sex and on what scale is it if it does take place? What really startles me is that “Japan has just two of the world’s top 100 information-technology companies” (maybe one or two more since 2000), according to a Business Week survey, compared with “57 from the U.S.”. In one area of dubious distinction, however, competes with the best: child pornography.

In a growing number of “western” (and don’t ask me what “western” is because I don’t know) countries, pedophilia is banalized, becoming more and more mainstream, almost 100% accepted and kosher. In some European countries, a pedophile is never an offender but always made out to be a poor victim, protected by the law, Germany is taking the lead. And if this was not enough, Germany also takes the lead in “animal brothels” (zoophilia) also called “bestiality brothels” where raping animals is perfectly legal. No kidding, you can go in, pay your fee and then be offered your choice of a dog, pig, a sheep or even a baby goat to fuck. But the icing on the German cake is their grandest prize, the one they having been working on the hardest for many years now is to finally legalize incest. A German board set up to study incest said it was a “fundamental right.” So not only can you legally fuck animals in Germany, you can also have sex with your daughter too and not have to worry about being stigmatized in society.

child dollI’ve been telling people for years that Japan will be the first country to develop and go to market with a fully functioning programmable sex doll with completely life-like moving parts including vaginal apparatus. Notice it is always a male engineer designing a “female” object to fuck? The really creepy shit in Japan is the fetishization of young girls (because Japanese wives into their late forties turn into domestic battle axes?) using manga (anime) characters. The cute cartoon girls, or bishōjo, are “visual hieroglyphics in the language of otaku (obsessive) desire”. Tim Rogers, a long term resident of Japan commented that “anime is just a bunch of shit pandering to perverts and pedophiles. Anime heroes used to be people with amazing job descriptions; now they’re reasonably young men who find themselves miraculously sharing houses with a dozen girls aged six to nine, accidentally almost touching every other scene.” That was a comment from Tim Rogers back in 2010; it is far worse in 2016. And damn, did anyone else catch that news several weeks ago about the Japanese guy in the Philippines who it was alleged paid 12,000 Philippine women for sex and then was arrested for being in possession of naked child photos?

Okay, ready? Here comes the clincher. You can now buy a life-sized “child” doll of your sexual preference to bring home and in the privacy of your own apartment fuck it until your heart is content. I guess that’s a whole lot better than having your face removed by your homosexual lover? Well, if it means actual children aren’t being sexually exploited maybe this isn’t such a bad concept in child sex? Is there a place for pedophiles in society? What happens though when one of these child dolls only frustrates the pedophile? By the way, the porn industry is estimated to be at around US$20 billion annually with the average Japanese porn consumer spending roughly US$170 a year on porn. Want to meet the hardest working man in porn? Here he is, Shimiken, who has fucked anything imaginable including a 70 year-old pair of twins. Wonder if he has done any children?