Japan’s Jumbo Lottery March, 2016 promises to be the biggest in Asia with ¥25 billion (US$206 million) available

From two posts back I guess it is fairly easy to tell I am interested in lotteries, or to be clearer, the psychology behind what drives people to purchase lottery tickets when the odds are 1 in 13 million(?) against winning the lottery. The other aspect too I find an interest in is the lottery business model. Is there a better way to play a lottery to increase the odds? Can a business be built around the lottery concept where everyone can win allowing people to play the lottery for free? Apparently, people accept those odds and layout on average ¥3,000 to purchase ten lottery tickets at ¥300 a ticket. People see themselves as an individual when they buy their lottery tickets and probably never look at the lottery from a “systems” approach. The systems approach would be seeing the lottery as a huge source of revenue in the trillions of Yen that goes on year-after-year every year. Now the thought that occurred to me is: what would the Japanese response be for example, if a “gaijin” (foreigner)  won the ¥400 million lottery this coming March, 2016? Maybe a few foreigners have won the lottery in Japan? I don’t know.

The business model for lotteries is brilliant capturing that human longing for getting something for nothing. What better of a concept to buy into than that? Studying the lotto and how to increase one’s chances of winning has even turned into a profession for some people. The figure that I last looked at suggests that half the world’s population has played some type of lottery. If that statistic is correct, then that would mean that half of Japan’s population has played the lottery right, or will play it, although I don’t think it goes over perhaps ten million Japanese buying lottery tickets every year. I looked for good numbers but couldn’t come up with a number that would suggest how many Japanese people purchase tickets for every lottery. I wonder what Mizuho Bank’s cut is on sponsoring the lotto and what company is the insurer?

Source: JapanJumboDraw

lotteryBe The Next Multi-Millionaire In Asia’s Richest Lottery Draw

Enter Asia’s Richest Prize Draw from anywhere in the World!

The Japan Jumbo Draw is the largest and highest paying amongst all Japanese Takara-kuji (“treasure” or “fortune”) Lotteries. In fact, with the exception of the Spanish El Gordo Draw, it’s the biggest Lottery Draw in the world.

And it’s a Draw very few people outside Japan ever have the chance to win.

Tickets in Japan’s Jumbo Draws are sold exclusively by the Mizuho Bank for a limited time period before each draw. And because the Draws are so popular, Ticket sales stop as soon as all Tickets are sold… often before the announced sales period is over. This naturally leaves little opportunity for foreign players to take part. In fact, until 2003, entry into the Japanese Jumbo Lottery Draw has never before been offered to players living overseas.

Next Draw:
March 01, 2016

Over 18 Million Cash prizes will be paid out in the Japan Green Jumbo Draw:

17 First Prize Payouts Totaling ¥6.8 Billion (Over ¥400 Million each)
68 Second Prizes Worth Over ¥680 Million (Over ¥10 Million each)
PLUS: At least ¥17 Billion in cash payouts for 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and other subsidiary Prizes!

The possibilities are truly staggering. And all cash prizes are paid out in a lump sum, completely FREE of Japanese Government taxes.

Most people will never get the opportunity to play the Japan Jumbo Draw – especially when they live outside Japan. You’re among the lucky ones. But please note that Tickets for overseas players are limited, and must be reserved well in advance.

So we need to know before March, 2016 if you’d like to enter the Draw


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