Two powerful internet trends merge: social media (becoming more sophisticated) and social lottery

There is no longer the need for standing in line for lottery tickets and hoping you win

There is no longer the need for standing in line for lottery tickets and hoping you win

Online marketing has grown over the years into an enormous internet trade through eCommerce, and have read a lot over the last several weeks on the subject. Several weeks ago, I purchased tires off the internet for the car and saved ¥23,000 by replacing the tires myself (I have a pneumatic tire changer). Several years ago, I tried online marketing for about six months and couldn’t crack into it giving up thinking you had to have some really special internet and technical skills I didn’t have, or be some kind of a psychopath who figured out a way to prey on people online for even a minimum of taking even the slightest interest in whatever the product or service was you were trying to present. During the past several weeks of studying online marketing, I have discovered some statistics suggesting the average person with a cellphone (smart phone) will spend roughly four years of their life with their eyes glued to that device. Over the next couple of weeks after reading this statistic while studying online marketing, I started observing closer Japanese people riding the trains in Tokyo. Practically everyone observed were transfixed to their cellphones.  Without exception hardly even one person looked up to notice their surroundings with the exception of getting off the train.

Since I am convinced that Facebook is going to experience a major reduction in the numbers of people who come into Facebook over the next year and who are now participating, other social media websites will begin appearing offering better services with far greater opportunities at online marketing as these social media websites become increasingly more sophisticated and well connected. Back in 2014 was another incredible year in the world of social media. Instagram from what I have seen, reached something like 300 million users, surpassing Twitter and Facebook’s continuous algorithm updates pushing their organic reach to a plummeting death. This is the beginning of the end of Facebook. LinkedIn‘s new publishing platform giving users a powerful way to build their brand, and SnapChat which I have only recently come across, has established themselves as a bigger player by displaying advertisements and sponsored stories. These updates barely even scratch the surface of social media changes over the past year. What this means is that we are in for some serious changes in social media which is why I have once again, turned to social media and online marketing to have a go at this online marketing thing.

There have been two uniquely combined trends in social media and networking that have come together and they are social media and social lottery. Social media which has had phenomenal growth and will only see increased competition and sophistication, and online betting and lottery playing. Almost every country has a state lottery where billions of dollars are spent playing the lottery for that winning ticket in which the odds are against winning. In the U.S. alone in 2014, Americans spent a staggering US$70 billion on lotto tickets hoping their numbers would be the winning ticket. That is a staggering amount of money. Here in japan I think the figure is around ¥2 trillion spent yearly on lottery tickets. Social media has now become critical to the growth of any business survival, and not having a business presence on social media is like having a high tech IT job with no internet access. Social media has the word “social” attached to the front of this term. It means being social despite being isolated on a keyboard. What I see happening on the coming sophistication of social media is more empathy and cooperation, unlike Facebook where it is social chaos.

Two huge trends: social media as it becomes more sophisticated, and social lotttery

Two huge trends: social media as it becomes more sophisticated, and social lottery

This is where the social lottery comes in. Here is a chance to build an online world-wide “syndicate” of social lottery players consisting of a syndicate you build consisting initially of 49 lotto players. We all know the chances of winning the lottery are slim, but what if because of having a syndicate in place where once the 49 member syndicate is established, all the members in the syndicate have access to 400 lotto tickets (49 x 2 lottery tickets per week x 49 syndicate members) increases the chances of drawing the lucky number, and in addition, everyone in the lottery can share in the winnings? We already know that half the world’s population of 7 billion people have played the lottery at some point or another, and this will only continue because the lottery will not be going away anytime soon. There is just too much money involved.

With this lottery system everyone in the syndicate can increase their chances of winning the lottery significantly and the added benefit is that an individual can play this lottery free. I like beer and drink about ¥8,000 to ¥10,000 a month worth of beer. So what I have decided to do is, refrain from drinking beer for three months (90 days), and instead buy a ticket once a month for €66 (¥8,462). After 90 days of all out effort to establish an online lottery syndicate where there is no risk because you are not putting in your life savings or large amounts of money, that would secure an online very profitable social lottery network. Businesses are undergoing huge transformations because of the internet including the transformation going on with the lottery. And I don’t actually see this as playing the lottery, rather, I see this as a business to develop an online marketing presence where everyone in the syndicate can win because the lotto winnings are shared with everyone in the social media lottery syndicate.

My reasoning here going back to the opening paragraph where I described people on the trains in Tokyo buried in their smartphones, is why not build a social lottery “syndicate” with your connections on the internet through social media you are currently using? Everyone in your “syndicate” can then play the lottery free which is explained in detail, and in which everyone in the syndicate can potentially profit? While at the same time sharing images and experiences through this social media network? To do this, all I need to do in the next 90 days through all my social media contacts presently in place, is find just five people who see the long term potential of this idea. The potential here with this trend of social media and social lottery is phenomenal if it is properly studied (due diligence is available). Then these five people begin building their own social lottery syndicate which I have outlined in several pages on this blog beginning with social media and the lottery? The Chinese are well known as people who love to gamble and the online lottery business has barely even penetrated the Chinese market. All these countries in the Pacific-Asian region including Canada; Taiwan, Philippines; Singapore; Vietnam; Malaysia; Korea; India; Hong Kong all have lotteries where billions of dollars are spent playing the lottery every year. The trends are kind of fun to observe too. This a very exciting prospect indeed as it combines three of the biggest sectors online today:

1. Home based business opportunities
2. Social media
3. Lottery