And now, some Harvey Thompson to take the sting out of life for Japan’s poor and homeless

LDP "special secrecy law"Here’s what Japan’s LDP government doesn’t want the world to know: Japan’s poor are increasing as the Japanese governments drops £1.3bn on a stadium for the 2020 Olympics. Come on Japan, why not achieve a little balance here in your national pride? We know the poor are hidden and all those single mothers on a pittance of salary just getting by every month, as well as those “nuclear gypsies” still roaming the countryside. As of 2015, there are still an estimated 260,000 Japanese people who are still effected by the disaster in Fukushima which is not being reported. Isn’t that nice, think I’ll just drop everything I’m doing in 2020 and run off to watch the Olympics that will be priced so high it will keep most people away. Looks like Blackstone is going to clean up in Japan too as the Olympics draw nearer. It apparently took awhile but some Japanese finally awoke from their ignorance about the enormous waste of food in Japan some years ago, and took the initiative to open up food banks to help feed the poor and homeless. And why is it The Japan Times has a monopoly on news in Japan on the internet when a Goggle search is done? When you click on The Japan Times site more than about five times, you no longer have access? Come on Japan Times, why not get us some good “state secrets” we can salivate over? We want some hard core investigative journalism. This is so typical of Japanese thinking.  And now, some Harvey Thompson, for all those Japanese people being trampled over by the LDP.

Here’s To Life by Harvey Thompson – 2011


4 thoughts on “And now, some Harvey Thompson to take the sting out of life for Japan’s poor and homeless

  1. Why do you think Blackstone will make money buying real estate? Personally, it seems like a pretty bold move to me.

    • Yeah, could be. Although I don’t see that as being connected to the real estate/rental market? Or it could be any number of things like QE. A drop in the bucket spread out over a decade is a pretty good chunk of money.

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