Ducati motorcycle pulls in for repairs and maintenance today

Ducati JapanDucati customer brought his Ducati in for some repairs and maintenance today as well as an oil change, and to check out the electronics on his bike. This machine has been finely tuned and if you have never heard a Ducati motorcycle, the sound of this one is the epitome of what a Ducati engine unmistakably sounds like. Ducati motorcycles run two to three times more in price and maintenance costs than they do in other countries, which means most often Ducati owners in Japan are in their 50s and above.  They are the only ones who have stability and higher incomes to pay for a machine like a Ducati.  This Ducati in the image above comes in at about US$40,000 in Japan. Now that the motorcycle shop has been open for more than a year, we are starting to pick up more Triumph and Ducati motorcycle owners.  We have started building trust with motorcycle owners knowing their motorcycles will be well maintained and taken care of without just tossing them out the door with high repair and maintenance costs. This is fairly common in other motorcycle shops around Tokyo.

Ducati JapanThe first year is always the most difficult establishing a business like a motorcycle repair shop and with Japan’s domestic sales of manufactured motorcycles continuously dropping, while sales of foreign manufactured motorcycles seem to be stable if not growing slightly. Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) takes a bite into motorcycle manufacturing in Japan? This and the fact that young Japanese boys don’t have much of an interest in riding bikes like this. That and the fact they don’t have any money. Time to start a return to a culture of motorcycle riding in Japan. One of the reasons for motorcycles being sold less in Japan is because TPP agreements included duty being dropped on motorcycles manufactured in Japan over 700cc engine displacement exported to the U.S.. Japan has exported about 120,000 motorcycles with engines of 251cc or higher annually to the U.S. market in recent years. Meanwhile, there is a high duty of foreign manufactured motorcycles like Ducati and Triumph imported into Japan. I guess Japan wants it both ways? Japanese motorcycle makers are trying to beef up sales in the United States and Asian markets to offset dropping motorcycle demand in Japan (costs are enormous), where sales dropped to about 410,000 units in 2014 from a peak of 3.28 million in 1982.