Yokohama Prosecutors Office returns to “abandoning body” prosecution against Gregory Gumo

Gregory Gumo caseIs this the image of a guy who in his bio at LinkedIn stated (implying he graduated) he attended New York School of Law who has been sitting in a prison cell in Yokohama since last year July 29, 2015 arrested for being involved in the death of a Japanese woman? Or a guy who claimed he “helped a Japanese corporation expand and modernize?” A news article appeared February 1, 2016 on Gregory Gumo’s case in which Gumo remained silent in court with the prosecution unable to convict Gumo for the death of Mariko Akitaya who was wrapped in a vinyl sheet, tied with nylon rope, weighted with a concrete block then tossed out of a boat by Gumo. It appears now that the prosecution cannot prove with absolute certainty that Akitaya was alive before her body was thrown into the water in Miura despite the initial autopsy report indicating she had water in her lungs.

Mariko Akitaya (1973-2015)

Mariko Akitaya (1973-2015)

Imagine the state of mind of this guy when he wrapped Akitaya in a vinyl sheet then tossed her body into the water thinking she was already dead? In this article published below, the Yokohama District Prosecutors Office appears to be giving up on a murder conviction.  The lawyer for Gumo stated they needed more “conclusive scientific evidence” to prove with certainty whether or not Akitaya was dead before or after she was thrown in the water. The defense for Gumo apparently feels there is insufficient evidence to demonstrate Akitaya drown after being thrown in the water while trying to avoid an indictment for involuntary murder. In this court proceeding, Gumo again remained silent when asked if he was guilty or not. The trial will continue to prosecute Gumo for the “abandonment of a body.”

At some point Akitaya went into unconsciousness and that is when Gumo tossed her into the water in Miura. Did Gumo know whether or not she was alive or dead when he wrapped her in the vinyl sheet? Did he check her pulse or hear her faint breathing? What was this guy thinking dragging her out of the car, loading her body on a boat then callously tossing her in the water like taking out the daily trash? So, it appears Gumo goes back to his jail cell in Yokohama while the police and prosecutors go back to their original arrest warrant for “abandoning a body.” If indicted for “abandoning a body” what is the jail sentence on that? A few months? A year? The people who have contacted me over the months who know Gumo or came in contact with him despise the guy. Go read some of the comments at posts on Gumo’s case and people will see this. This guy is definitely one very deeply disturbed person.

News coverage: 検察側 殺人罪での起訴を断念か

Source: 日テレNEWS24

殺人罪での起訴を断念 三浦市女性遺棄







24 thoughts on “Yokohama Prosecutors Office returns to “abandoning body” prosecution against Gregory Gumo

  1. Abandonment of a corpse. Either she did in fact kill herself as Gumo says, or he played some hand in it but the cops cant prove it. As posited earlier by a very prescient commentator to this blog, water in the lungs was obviously not enough to prove that she was alive before he tossed her in the drink. Either way, this is absolutely the best result Gumo could possibly have gotten. He will now plead guilty. He might get a year or two, or more likely, he will be deported to the US.

    • Gumo didn’t comment about her death. He remained silent in both court hearings. That can’t be confirmed. “Very prescient commenter?” What is “prescient” about that observation? People who contacted me and including myself discussed whether or not this was conclusive evidence. It’s a bizarre case that could have only been carried out by Gumo considering the character of this guy.

      Witnesses have given testimony. My feelings are Gumo better be deported and escorted to the departure gate at the airport. Some people are afraid he might get vindictive with them.

      Nice moniker by the way: Obamabe. Very apropos.

  2. I wish there was a special Gaijin Court for assholes like Gumo who do shitty things that hurt the image of the rest of us. After the J judicial system is done, then we have our trial. What would be your verdict and punishment for Gumo, BD?

    • That is an excellent idea. Done through the related embassy of the country of origin of the perpetrator. Well, to be partial and “fair”, this Gumo character from what I have come to know about him, is a profoundly f–ked up individual which goes way back into his history. I don’t really have any expertise on how this effects the decision of courts or juries like in the U.S. in indictments and later sentencing, or if they take that into consideration. Maybe they do considering how liberalism has impacted law.

      Don’t want to judge and we can’t go back and make right what was wrong, but it is too bad at some point in his journey through life he didn’t have the living f–king shit pounded out of him to teach him humility and restraint. His history from what I have uncovered and from what people have told me is criminal and he should be in prison just on that alone despite there now being a dead woman involved. You can’t go through life f–king people over the way he did.

      Therefore, this blog. His life is screwed because this is all public record and discovery. When the Japanese kick him out he’ll be lucky getting a job back in the U.S. cleaning toilets at a local stadium – if the police don’t arrest him for his previous activities. The Japanese police will definitely let U.S. authorities know what plane he is on. For a tech-savvy guy he claimed he was his digital foot print indicates he is as dumb as a box of rocks. Let this be a lesson, in the digital age if you f-ck people over you will be exposed. If he wanted to f-ck people over he should have been on the TOR network.

    • Probably didn’t, you’re correct. He looks like a high powered New York lawyer in that image doesn’t he? Well, at least he gave me some fun going through his digital record. Astonishing how much shit he had littered just about everywhere on the internet. The Yokohama flim-flam man.

  3. Wouldn’t it be great if some community minded gaijin with some spare time and money filed a civil suit against Gumo for murder and for besmirching the image of the foreign community in Japan? Legally speaking it probably wouldn’t go anywhere, but it might get some press and it would convey an important message: We the gaigin, think this guy is a scumbag; we hoped that the courts would have been able to lock him up and throw away the key, but since that didn’t happen, we are doing what we can to mete out our own punishment. Similar in some respects to what happened with OJ.

    • Probably wouldn’t get much traction and a lot depends on the sensitivities of both the foreign community and the Japanese. Most have never even heard of this case involving Gumo. Those of us who are sensitive usually respond in different ways. That’s why I decided to blog this case. Point out weaknesses and “make things right.” A lot also depends on the different experiences foreigners living in Japan have I think. I guess we each carry our own insights and experiences don’t we, not to mention our being in Japan based on entirely different reasons.

  4. Yea I guess I have a skewed view of the foreign community. Pretty much everyone I know reads both the English and Japanese press or are journalists themselves. And many are leaders in business, media and culture. They all are following the case and they are all angry.

  5. Honestly, I cannot believe that Gregory Gumo will be tried on lesser charge. It is obvious that he had no intention of saving Ms. Akitaya even if he knew that she was still alive. As the Court record shows, she may still have been alive when he dumped her in the ocean since a large amount of water was found in her lungs. If that was the case, by wrapping her body with a plastic sheet and rope, attaching a concrete block and dumping her into the water, didn’t he murder her? How is it possible for him to get away with lesser charge?
    He admitted that he had been lying and dumped her body when he was arrested. He remained silent at the hearing, because he knows what he really did and the truth will come out once he starts to talk.
    The prosecutors has not ruled out trying him for murder at a later date. I really hope that they perform a thorough investigation and continue to pursue charges against him until justice is served. Otherwise, we will have more victims in the near future in Japan or US, if he keeps getting away with cheating, stealing, lying and hurting innocent people who just tried to help him.
    Did Gregory Gumo and his parents ever apologize to Ms. Akitaya’s family and other victims who got hurt by him? My heart and prayers go out to all of them…

    • I think a lot of people watching this case are shaking their heads too. But then I don’t rely too much on news stories because most news sources only provide a minimum of information. All the physical evidence indicates he was with Akitaya in his wife’s car, the tarp and rope were linked back to him, the boat he used was known by him, he was in his wife’s car and he was the last one seen with her on the CCTV security cameras. They were also seen together at a convenience store and at a restaurant that night. I mean, how much more evidence do the Japanese police need?

      In cases where water is found in the lungs during autopsies, this type of evidence has led to indictments which I have covered in previous posts. My feeling is the wife is connected to money through her father, and they might have deployed some of it to not necessarily defend Gumo, but to protect their family. Can’t be certain but anything is possible here. Imagine the reputation of his wife’s family who enabled Gumo all these years if he is charged with murder and given five to seven years?

      He’s the “Yokohama flim-flam man” and his arrogance and silence in the courts demonstrates the Japanese police haven’t broken him into submission or an admission as to his involvement I would guess.

      Have no sources released to me to indicate there were any apologies given to the Akitaya family. As I’ve indicated she’s been forgotten as her cremated remains are in a ceramic container located at some isolated cemetery in her hometown with a small cheap marble stone with her name inscribed on it.

      If Gumo is sentenced given a couple of months maybe a year, he will be released back into American society. Imagine this guy crawling around clubs again in America?

    • Everyone who has been following this case holds sentiments similar to yours. It is very frustrating. Unfortunately, the cops have not been able to prove anything. Usually in Japan, the cops are very good, often too good, at extracting a confession. More so than America and other countries where the accused gets due process, the emphasis here is on law and order. If it stinks then it is probably rotten. Go to jail. That is why this outcome is so surprising to us. My personal opinion is that, although he has remained silent in court, he has spilled his guts to the cops. Looking at his history, so thoroughly uncovered by BD, it is obvious that he is not smart enough or emotionally stong emough to have held anythong back from the cops. So I think He didn’t murder her or he would have confessed. They argued violently. He caused her to become emotionally distraught. He watched her take pills. She passd out. He panicked. He thought she was dead or maybe she was actually dead. He threw her in the water. The cops cannot prove if she was dead or not before he threw her in the water. Is he legally a murderer? No. Did she die because of him? Yes. Very frustrating.

      • Good observation. Gumo didn’t murder her yet he murdered her. Gumo was the one who lured Akitaya into his machinations of extracting money out of her, promising her marriage and what I want to know which hasn’t been released yet, is if Akitaya was pregnant. That might explain her anger and why it was alleged witnesses in the neighborhood heard yelling originating from Gumo’s home that night. On Akitaya’s LINE app messages were sent from her to her friend suggesting she was running out of money.

        The Japanese have attached “spider” to his name in news reports in Japanese. Perfect. The “Yokohama flim-flam spider man”. I am waiting to confirm how many children he populated earth with.

      • Why go through the trouble of disposing a body and risk being caught than call an ambulance and get it all over with.
        From what has been rumored, he had many affairs, and it’s impossible he would risk being jailed over being found out about his affair.

        The only logical reason to this is he really murdered her or she committed suicide but he wants her dead anyway for several reasons.

        I couldn’t call it panicking since he drove all the way to Miura, wrapped her body, attached a concrete and shit. He had a lot of time to think about what he’s about to do.

      • I went over a few of those scenarios in posts last year trying to piece together what must have been running through his mind. The fact that he has absolutely no personal responsibility leads me to think that’s the way he ultimately treated Akitaya: Ditch the problem.

        That scenario becomes all the more probable if Akitaya was pregnant which I think she was. Imagine Gumo tied to this babe who he got money out of, made promises of marriage to and then she found out Gumo was shucking & jiving her all that time? He needed to get out of his secure circumstances but that depended on his visa status. He wasn’t going to compromise himself with a substandard chick harassing him for attachment. Japanese women with a child in their womb turn towards security very fast.

        I wouldn’t call them “affairs”. They were encounters of f–king for financial opportunity. Fornicating for lust and money. Plus his psychology is all f–ked up. He wanted an unknown number of children to suffer like he did in life hard as that is to accept I think. He was ditched at birth. Twisted love. Profoundly disturbed. Comes back with a vengeance later in life. His teeth are in bad condition. Why? Drug use.

        I could go on and on…and the police aren’t releasing anything.

  6. Hadnt heard about the bad teeth. I also hadnt heard about the second narcotic substance (other than the prescribed sleeping med) found in her blood stream and reported in the latest j times article….Does anyone think they were doing drugs together? Where do we think he was doing hard drugs? Japan? Thailand? Singapore? It is actually pretty hard to get hard drugs in any of these countries, yes Thailand included, compared to the good ol USA.

  7. Dont think e and bad teeth have any correlation. Speed, crack, opiates, yes. The fuckwit probably just didn’t brush his teeth. Any idea what the second drug mentioned in the J Times article is about? Strange that this info would come out so late.

    • Probably, yeah, personal hygiene might have been deplorable. The police were interviewing as many people as they could connect to him and were apparently trying to get him on drug use/possession. Not sure of the drugs.

    • E users tend to have dry mouth. When mixed with alcohol or sweetened beverages like an energy drink, which is commonly the usual combination at nightclubs, it causes the teeth to erode. Hence the bad teeth. Plus most substance abusers have poor hygiene anyway.

      • Right, in several posts I published a lot of background in the club networks and businesses in New York where Gumo was spawned. The club/s he was alleged to be “managing/directing” just before he crawled into Japan, were raided by police for Ecstasy.

        N.Y. Club Busts Part Of Ongoing Crackdown

        Gregory Gumo and Aldous Huxley had something in common: techno trance music


        Greg Gumo, director of Tunnel, and the spokesperson for Roxy said the club raids would not affect their business.

        We’ve been extremely tough on sneaking drugs into our club for 10 years, and it’s never been a big deal with our crowd,’ the Roxy spokesperson said. ‘They like it because they know they’ll be safe. You would have to be a magician to sneak stuff in here. It is impossible.’

        Gumo said the negative press the club scene has received in recent months might hurt some venues but predicted Tunnel will not see a decline in attendance, especially because the club was not raided.

        ‘We run a tight policy here, and people know that,’ Gumo said.”

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